Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1966

Chapter 1966: Only Defeat Is Accepted

If thats the case, Ill take him back with me, said the divine king. He handled the matter decisively and was about to take Mu Ku.

However, just when the divine king was about to make his move, the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect said suddenly, Pingtian, dont you feel like youre lowering yourself too much by moving against a Godking as a Primordial realm expert?

The divine king frowned at that. He said indifferently, Sang Tu, what are you trying to say? Do you want Jian Chen to fight a Godking as an Overgod?

Its rumored that although Jian Chen has not attempted the Overgods Plaque, he already possesses the strength to challenge the person who ranks first. Moreover, he defeated a Godking lately. As a result, having Jian Chen fight Mu Ku is relatively fair, the ancestor said indifferently. He looked at the divine king and continued, Although Mu Ku is a Godking, hes only an early Godking and not a supreme Godking either. As a result, if you take action, Pingtian, youll be lowering yourself.

Mu Ku! The ancestor looked at Mu Ku. His face was dignified to the point where he could not be denied.

Ancestor! Elder Mu bowed politely.

Mu Ku, on the battlefield between the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian and the Empyrean Demon Cult, your disciple ignored the bigger picture and attacked a person on her side despite the circumstances. As their master, you havent managed to restrain them properly, so you are responsible for your disciples mistakes. You need to give Jian Chen an explanation for this, the ancestor said.

Yes, ancestor! Mu Ku said politely. He did not dare to disobey.

Jian Chen, what I can offer you is a battle against Mu Ku, regardless of any deaths that may happen. What do you think? The ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect said to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen stood up. He looked at the ancestor with great interest. Not only did he show no fear, but his expression was also rather sharp. He said coldly, If thats the case, allow me to witness just how powerful the Godking elders of your Earth Spirit sect are.

Jian Chen glared at elder Mu as powerful sword intent radiated from him. He said coldly, Mu Ku, come fight me!

There was also a certain sharpness in elder Mus old eyes. He said, I also want to witness the supreme prodigy who can challenge the first place on the Overgods Plaque. I want to see whether you really are as powerful as you are rumored to be, where you can defeat Godkings as an Overgod.

With that, elder Mu made his way outside.

Mu Ku, only defeat is accepted in this battle! However, the ancestors voice rang out in Mu Kus head at this moment.

The secret message had come from an expert who had reached Infinite Prime many years ago, so even the divine king was unable to hear it, let alone the other elders present.

As a result, only Mu Ku heard the message.

Elder Mu immediately froze. His face rapidly changed a few times before returning to how it was before. He felt grief.

There were many platforms of different sizes in the Earth Spirit sect. They were specially provided for spars between disciples. Currently, Jian Chen and elder Mu stood before each other on the largest one. A barrier the ancestor cast down had surrounded the entire platform.

The barrier was so powerful that even Godkings would struggle to get through it. It would easily resist the shockwaves of battle that appeared inside.

Basically, all the elders of the Earth Spirit sect had gathered around the platform. Even the elders in seclusion had emerged to witness the fight.

If it were just a battle between Godkings, it would be impossible for so many elders to watch. However, a battle between a supreme Overgod who was powerful enough to challenge the first place on the Overgods Plaque and a Godking was attractive enough for all these Godkings to come to watch. Even Primordial realm experts would pay some attention to it.

Mu Ku stood on the platform with an extremely sunken face. The ancestors message continued to resound through his head. That message had basically severed any chance for him to survive, filling him with despair.

I never thought- I really never thought that when I suggested to my disciples to move against Jian Chen, not only would they fail to kill him successfully, but Id even end up doomed instead, abandoned mercilessly by the sect.

Didnt the humiliation of the disciples fall onto our Earth Spirit sects pride? My actions were to recover our pride so that other people would not make use of our name to propel themselves. But in the end, I ruined myself instead.

Elder Mu sighed emotionally inside. At that moment, he was filled with indescribable bitterness.

However, his gaze became extremely cold soon afterwards. The powerful pressure that belonged to a Godking radiated from him. Laws formed chains as they wrapped around him. He stared at Jian Chen in great interest as he thought, As a Godking, even if I cant win, I cant let Jian Chen have it easy in this battle. I will use my full strength.

Elder Mu moved. He wielded a wooden staff as he charged at Jian Chen with soaring battle intent. The terrifying power of his cultivation poured out from his body, and all of it condensed in the wooden staff at that moment. He extended it towards Jian Chen with the Godking level laws in an overwhelming manner.

Elder Mu did not hold back at all. He used his full strength, so the strike was extraordinarily powerful. When he extended his staff, the terrifying energy it contained actually affected the space within the barrier, making it twist.

The ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect and the divine king both furrowed their brows outside.

Naturally, the two of them could tell that Mu Ku was using his full strength. They did not know if Jian Chen would actually be able to deal with such a powerful opponent.

Although there were rumors that Jian Chen had defeated a Godking in the northern region, it was still a rumor in the end. There were details they did not know, such as whether the rumor had been exaggerated or whether the Godking was injured.

Being able to challenge first place on the Overgods Plaque was only a descriptor of Jian Chens strength. After all, he did not attempt the Overgods Plaque, so just how high he could rank on the Overgods Plaque and whether he really possessed the power to rival first place were unanswered questions.

Does Mu Ku plan on disobeying me? The ancestors heart sank slightly. Cold light flickered in his deep, dark eyes.

Jian Chens face did not change at all when he faced elder Mus aggressive strike on the platform. He wielded the Startling Rainbow sword as he protected himself with a layer of light, stabbing out with composure.

The strike was simple and ordinary, without any fancy tricks to it at all. However, it was exactly this strike that possessed the deep mysteries of the sword. It conformed to the Laws of the Sword and coupled with the devastatingly powerful Chaotic Force, its might had completely surpassed the level of Overgods, barely making it to the level of Godkings.

Even though it had only barely made it to the level of Godkings, it was enough to rival early Godkings due to the various advantages of the Chaotic Body.