Chaotic Sword God Chapter 197

Chapter 197: Small Mountain Village
Chapter 197: Small Mountain Village

Ten days later, Jian Chen could finally leave his bed and stand on the ground. Looking down to observe the clothing he had been wearing, he noticed that this had to be what Rosco normally wore, as it was rather big on Jian Chen.

Taking out a new set of clothing from within his Space Belt, he removed Roscos old clothing and immediately put on the new set. Then with a dumbfounded expression, he had finally realized something had happened to his skin.

His normally pale skin was no longer white anymore. It had once more turned a red colored like when the Thousand Immunity had first advanced a step. It was a strange sight to behold.

Seeing the color of his skin, Jian Chen was still for a moment. With such a strange sight like this, even after experiencing it once for a brief moment, Jian Chen was still confused.

After that, Jian Chen shook himself awake and thought about all relevant information he had obtained.

The anti venom from the Silver Striped Golden Snake should only turn my skin red again for a moment after it finally fuses together. Could it be that while I was resting for these 10 days, the Thousand Immunity finally reached a perfected state? Jian Chen thought to himself with some happiness.

From the time he had absorbed the anti venom from the blood of the Silver Striped Golden Snake until now, a year had passed. His Thousand Immunity had finally reached a perfected state. Right now was the moment he could finally say he had the Thousand Immunity.

From this moment on, I no longer have to fear any other venomous toxin I might come across as long as it doesnt outrank the Silver Striped Golden Snake in toxicity. Jian Chen thought happily. Throughout the entire area of the Tian Yuan Continent, the toxin of the Silver Striped Golden Snake could be regarded as one of the most poisonous. Everyone knew how toxic it was in nature, and there werent many other toxins that could beat it and thus were even rarer to come across.

According to the books, after reaching a perfected state, the Thousand Immunity will turn the skin red for a month before returning back to its original skin color. But the books didnt say that my skin would become this red. Jian Chen muttered to himself. It was a shame that he didnt have a mirror, otherwise he would have been able to see how red his face had become.

After changing into a new set of clothes from his Space Belt, Jian Chen folded the clothes from Rosco and placed them on the side of the bed before walking out.

With a creaking noise, Jian Chen slid open the old fashion door to see a good amount of sunlight splash into the room, illuminating it decently.

At the moment the sun was already at its highest point in the sky, meaning it was noon. Outside the room was a small courtyard that had plenty of cobweb like cracks running through the dirt ground. Just diagonally across from Jian Chen were some wooden houses, and even another runned down shack some distance away. Under the sun, a few young children were running around and laughing while they played.

Exiting the wooden house that had housed him for half a month, Jian Chen had finally seen what this place looked like. It was a small village by the mountains that had more houses than the eye could see, but the residents themselves could not be seen.

Rosco, todays harvest has been quite good. Its still only afternoon and weve already caught 2 wild beasts, this will be enough to feed our entire village for a few days.

Right, it seems we wont need to go hunting tomorrow. Well be able to eat and be merry for two days at the least to relax.

If our luck in the future is as good as our fortune today, then our future will surely be quite comfortable.

The sounds of two people chattering reached Jian Chens ears, who turned to look at the speakers, only to see Rosco and a few other limber looking people walking from some distance away. Above the shoulders of two men was the carcass of a giant wild beast. Just looking at one of these beasts could show that they weighed a hundred kilograms at the very least.

At this moment, Rosco had realized that Jian Chen was standing in front of them. With a faraway shout, he greeted him, Hey, youngster! Have your wounds healed properly enough for you to walk?

Jian Chen smiled and said, This one thanks uncle for his concern. After applying so much good medicine these past few days, my wounds have nearly completely recovered.

Roscos companions finally looked at Jian Chen for a moment before a person smiled, Rosco, Ive heard that some time ago you saved a man from the river. Could this be the person you saved?

Rosco nodded his head with a smile. Quickly, the men had all arrived next to Jian Chen as Rosco pointed his finger at Jian Chen. This little brother here is Jian Chen, although his age is quite young, you shouldnt underestimate him at all. His life was almost taken from him, with wounds that serious, I had believed that he would die. I didnt think that just after a few days, he would be standing right in front of us fully healed. This is something even I wouldnt be able to do.

Oh, is that right? This little brother here doesnt seem that amazing.

Hearing that, the few men all opened their mouths to laugh, but it was all in good nature.

Rosco looked to Jian Chen, Little brother, let me introduce you to everyone. This man right here is Fang Yungang, the man here is Cheng Liran, and the one there is called Qiu Chujie.

Jian Chen smiled as he cupped his hands in a sign of greeting toward these newly introduced men.

Youve returned? Oh! It would appear your harvests today were quite good to have two wild beasts hunted in such a short time! At this, a womanly voice called out from behind as a simple clothed woman with a rather ordinary looking face walked out from one of the homes.

Little brother, come. Let me introduce you for a moment. Rosco patted Jian Chens shoulder as he pointed at the middle aged woman coming at them. This is my wife, Fang Hui.

This one welcomes you, elder sister! Jian Chen greeted her with respect. This was the first time Jian Chen had seen what Roscos wife had looked like, even after half a month of staying in their home, he had only been able to hear what she had sounded like.

Fang Hui looked at Jian Chens face and smiled, What a handsome youth, Ive long known about the youth Rosco rescued, but this is the first time Ive actually seen you. I didnt think that youd be such a handsome youth, but why is your face so red?

Ah, thats right? Little brother, for the past few days Ive noticed that your face was getting redder and redder, are you sure youre alright? Have your injuries given you some sort of illness? Rosco asked with concern.

Dont worry, uncle. This must be the after effects of the medicine I used, Ill be fine. Jian Chen waved off Roscos concern.

Ah, thats good then. Rosco calmed himself before continuing to speak, Nows about the time to eat. Little brother, since youve healed up nicely, why dont you come eat with us?