Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1970

Chapter 1970: Huai Ans Personal Visi

Jian Chen looked at Kai Ya with extremely mixed feelings. The shock that Kai Ya had brought was just far too great. Many of them could not be comprehended with logic.

Her strength had increased so quickly that it was unbelievable. Her cultivation speed and ease of comprehending laws even made Jian Chen suspect that Kai Ya was the reincarnation of some supreme expert.

This was because according to his understanding, only a Primordial realm expert like fairy Hao Yue who retained all her memories could increase their strength so quickly.

Kai Ya, your cultivation has been smooth sailing. It could even be called without any effort with no exaggeration. You havent come across any bottlenecks at all. However, I must advise you to not cultivate too quickly, or your foundations will weaken, Jian Chen looked at Kai Ya and said sternly.

Kai Ya was not fairy Hao Yue after all. Jian Chen felt slightly worried about how quickly she had been cultivating.

He was worried that Kai Ya would suffer from extreme side effects from cultivating so quickly, which would affect her future.

She might even be doomed in the end.

Yeah, I understand that as well. As a result, I dont plan on cultivating for the next period of time. Instead, Ill devote myself to consolidating my cultivation, just in case it really does lead to any side effects, Kai Ya agreed. After hesitating slightly, she stared at Jian Chen with brimming interest and said rather energetically, Jian Chen, although Im a late Overgod now, I only possess the strength. I havent fought anyone before, so I dont know how powerful I actually am. Why dont we spar so that I can try my current battle prowess.

Fair enough. The Saints World is no different from the Tian Yuan Continent. You never had much battle experience on the Tian Yuan Continent. Now that youve come to the Saints World, theres even more reason for you to gain some proper experience. At the same time, youve gained such a great amount of strength in such a short amount of time. This strength also needs to experience battle after battle. Only then will you be able to use it with familiarity, Jian Chen agreed extremely happily before leaving the Tian Yuan clan with Kai Ya.

As Kai Ya was already a late Overgod, the shockwaves of the battle between the two of them would definitely be far more than the provincial city could endure. As a result, Jian Chen chose to spar far away from the city. He selected a remote mountain range.

Jian Chen hovered above the mountains and looked at Kai Ya calmly, Kai Ya, go ahead.

Jian Chen, be careful, Kai Ya said sternly. With that, her presence changed suddenly. At the same time, the temperature in the surroundings skyrocketed. Fire appeared around Kai Ya, flickering in the space and giving off terrifying heat. It dyed the surroundings red.

The thick layer of clouds in the sky directly dispersed at that moment. The terrifying heat from Kai Yas flames had vaporised them.

Jian Chen could not help but become rather stern as he stared at the Laws of Fire that filled Kai Yas surroundings. He thought, Strange. Kai Yas Laws of Fire seem slightly different from other peoples. Its as if her laws are even purer compared to the Laws of Fire from other late Overgods.

If there were some impurities within the Laws of Fire from other Overgods, then Kai Yas Laws of Fire would have no impurities at all. It is extremely pure.

Jian Chen felt extremely surprised once again. Kai Ya was simply extraordinary.

At this moment, Kai Ya moved. The flickering flames around her turned into an endless sea of fire, flying towards Jian Chen quickly with terrifying heat. The presence she gave off was even more surprising, directly plunging into the sky and shaking up the ground.

She sent out a palm strike, and the endless sea of fire moved with that. The flames all gathered together at that moment, compressing into the size of a hand. It shone with light as dazzling as the sun, preventing people from staring at it directly.

A gleam of light flickered through Jian Chens eyes. He became extremely stern. He did not use the Startling Rainbow sword. Instead, he also struck out with his hand like Kai Ya.

The palm strike was accompanied by Chaotic Force, which gave off a presence of destruction. The Laws of the Sword revolved around it, so his strike possessed both black and white.


The two strikes collided and produced a deep rumble. Terrifying energy shot off in all directions, and the mountains beneath them all crumbled, kicking dust into the air.

In the sky, Jian Chen and Kai Ya stood unmoving. Their hands remained pressed together. One of them shone with black and white light as Chaotic Force and the Laws of the Sword churned.

The other hand was dazzling, like the sun that had been shrunken. It was blinding and gave off a terrifying heat, turning the surroundings red as if even the air had been burnt.

Jian Chen shivered. Even though he had only used seventy percent of his strength in this strike, Kai Ya had managed to match him. This surprised him.

However, in the next moment, his hand moved such that only a few fingers remained extended. A beam of light three inches long shot out, and he directly slashed it at Kai Yas hand.

Even though the sword Qi had shot out from Jian Chens fingers, he was already using eighty percent of his strength, so the sword Qi could tear through almost anything. The Laws of Fire that had been suppressed in Kai Yas hand were directly cleaved in half by Jian Chen, causing them to split.

However, the Laws of Fire did not disperse. Instead, they turned into two flaming streaks of red light as they shot towards Jian Chen with unbelievable speed.

At the same time, Kai Ya sent out a second palm strike. It was covered with flames as it crushed towards Jian Chen with great might.

Immediately, Jian Chen seemed to feel a mysterious power fill his surroundings as if he had fallen into mud. All his movements dulled.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed. Kai Yas strike had completely taken him by surprise. Moreover, he discovered that Kai Yas usage of the Laws of Fire had already reached great mastery, and it was nothing like someone who had just comprehended laws.

Moreover, he could clearly sense that Kai Yas strikes seemed to possess some type of profound truth. Clearly, it was just a simple strike, but it resonated with the world as if each strike was a battle skill, making it extremely powerful.

Everything happened in a split second. Just when the two strands of laws shot towards Jian Chen at great speed, Jian Chen extended his fingers as well, sending out two strands of sword Qi to block the two attacks from Kai Ya. Afterwards, he brought his hands together. Chaotic Force churned, and a black strand of sword Qi a meter in length appeared silently. He stabbed it out with the presence of destruction.

Even though the two of them were sparring to check on Kai Yas strength, the two of them fought with great intensity. Booms rang out in the sky as the Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Fire mingled, colliding time and time again.

The mountains below had already been reduced to a mess. The countless specks of green on the mountains had been reduced to ash, and when some sparks fell down, the tough rock was even reduced to a red liquid in just a few short seconds.

Jian Chens strength had gone up from the initial seventy percent to eighty percent now. However, when Kai Ya used her Laws of Destruction, combining them with the Laws of Fire, she forced Jian Chen to use ninety percent of his strength, even making him draw the Startling Rainbow sword.

Kai Yas battle prowess had already surpassed the limits of late Overgod when she used the Laws of Destruction. It was basically approaching Godking.

It was not because the Laws of Destruction were too powerful. In terms of the simple rankings of offensive power, the Laws of Destruction were equal to the Laws of the Sword.

However, Kai Yas Laws of Destruction were the same as her Laws of Fire. She was able to display extraordinary might as if she possessed unimaginable understanding and grasp over both the Laws of Fire and the Laws of Destruction. As a result, she could unleash power beyond her cultivation level.

Jian Chen even suspected that his understanding and grasp over the Laws of the Sword were not as great as Kai Yas Laws of Fire and Destruction.

This was because Kai Yas usage of the two laws would seem perfect even in Jian Chens eyes from time to time. It was extraordinary.

Is Kai Ya born to use the Laws of Fire and Destruction? Jian Chen even experienced such strange thoughts.

However, at this moment, darkness descended. The world suddenly darkened as a huge, demonic cloud stretched over the sky, obscuring the sun and throwing the mountain range into darkness.

Jian Chen, you sure are bold. Youve offended our Empyrean Demon Cult, yet youre still not hiding properly in the royal capital so that the divine king can protect you. Instead, you come to this area of wilderness. A cold voice filled with killing intent rang out as the darkness descended.

The sudden change made Jian Chen and Kai Ya stop their spar. When the somewhat familiar voice rang out, Jian Chens face abruptly changed.

Huai An! Jian Chen growled. He became extremely grim and pushed Kai Ya far away without any hesitation. He called out, Run!

Jian Chen had never thought that as one of the three great vice-leaders of the Empyrean Demon Cult, Huai An would come personally for him. This immediately made his heart sink.

Huan An was a Primordial realm expert. With Jian Chens current strength, he could not even flee before someone like that.

Kai Ya did not run away. She arrived before Jian Chen again and raised her head at the sky. Her gaze seemed to be able to pierce through the dark clouds and see the figure hidden in there.

Seeing how Kai Ya did not run away, Jian Chen immediately panicked. He called out, Why did you come back? Go, leave this place as quickly as possible.