Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1973

Chapter 1973: Hunted Down By The Empyrean Demon Cul

Jian Chen coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood as he glanced at the three pursuing Godkings coldly. Then, he wrapped his left arm around Kai Yas waist and formed a seal with his right hand, using the Linear Lightning Release.

Kai Ya immediately shuddered when Jian Chen wrapped his hand around her. She looked at Jian Chen with mixed emotions. In her memory, there had yet to be a man who had held her like that aside from her father.

Moreover, she felt an intense repulsion towards a man touching her so closely like that.

The repulsion rose up, growing stronger and stronger as if a voice constantly reminded her to resist. It had almost shaken her will, which would lead to her directly resisting Jian Chen.

However, Kai Ya was in no position to think. She felt her body suddenly sink, and the surroundings turned into a blur instantly. The scenery around her shot past as blurry streaks of light.

Jian Chen had already used the Linear Lightning Release. He and Kai Ya were surrounded by light as they turned into a bolt of lightning and shot off into the distance with unbelievable speed.

They were so fast that they could not be described as covering a thousand kilometers in a split second. Instead, it was ten thousand kilometers or even several tens of thousand kilometers.

The eyes of the three pursuing Godkings of the Empyrean Demon Cult narrowed all of a sudden. Jian Chen and Kai Ya were so quick that it stunned them.

Their speed had basically surpassed the limits of what the naked eye could see. Their movement could only be caught with the senses of the soul.

Chase them! We cant let them escape!

One of the Godkings bellowed out and immediately used a secret technique with the other two Godkings. Their speeds also skyrocketed all of a sudden, turning into three blurs as they chased.

Jian Chens Linear Lightning Release was very fast, but the amount of time he could maintain it was far too short. They were unable to evade the senses of a Godkings soul in such a short amount of time.

As a result, even though Jian Chen and Kai Ya managed to flee to a point where the Godkings were no longer able to see them, they still remained in the area the Godkings senses of the soul covered.

Over a hundred thousand kilometers away, the light around Jian Chen and Kai Ya slowly faded, and their terrifying speed brought on by the Linear Lightning Release vanished. The three Godkings had vanished behind them.

However, they knew that they still had not shaken off the three Godkings. As a matter of fact, they could even sense three extremely powerful presences rush over in the distance. They would be able to catch up in under a minute.

Jian Chen, what do we do now? Kai Ya broke free from Jian Chens arm without showing any repulsion and said worriedly.

Go- Just when Jian Chen wanted to talk, he aggravated his wounds, so he experienced a violent fit of coughing. A few more mouthfuls of blood and organs spurted out from his mouth.

Even though he had only clashed once with the two Godkings, his opponents were late Godkings after all. Jian Chen suffered severe wounds from that. If it were not for his Chaotic Body, he would have collapsed long ago.

Jian Chen, how are you? You better heal first. Ill carry you, Kai Ya said in concern.

Jian Chen shook his head. He silently circulated his Chaotic Force to heal as he wolfed down a handful of healing pills and several Soul Recovery Pills. Only then did he say with great difficultly and weakness, Youre not as fast as them. Right now, the only way we can travel is for me to use my sword technique. Only then do we have a chance at escaping. As long as we make it to the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang, we can shake them off. Lets go! Jian Chen wrapped his left hand around Kai Ya once again while he formed a seal with his right hand, continuing to cast the Linear Lightning Release.

Faced with such desperate times, he could no longer care about the bodily contact between men and women. Escaping from the three Godkings was more important than anything.

Kai Yas feelings became extremely mixed. She would experience severe repulsion when Jian Chen touched her like that.

However, when she thought about the danger the two of them faced today, she could only suppress this repulsion helplessly.


As Kai Ya experienced mixed feelings, she and Jian Chen became surrounded with light once again. They shot off into the distance with lightning speed, covering several tens of thousand kilometers in a split second. They truly moved extremely quickly.

With their speed, even late Godkings would struggle to catch up. Even though the three Godkings had already used secret techniques, they were still unable to traverse several tens of thousand kilometers in a split second.

However, Jian Chens Linear Lightning Release was not perfect either. He was unable to maintain it for long, unlike the three Godkings behind them who could maintain their greatest speed over prolonged periods.

As a result, every time Jian Chen stopped after using the Linear Lightning Release, the distance he had created from the Godkings would be covered once again.

This forced Jian Chen to use the Linear Lightning Release constantly.

Fortunately, his Chaotic Force was consumed extremely slowly. Moreover, he had never run out of energy during a battle due to it being overly drawn out after he began cultivating the Chaotic Body. Otherwise, he would probably run out of energy from just using the Linear Lightning Release repeatedly as a late Overgod.

The earth stretched into the distance, and the rivers and mountains rapidly receded. As the two parties fled and pursued, they left the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian very soon, entering the boundary of the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang.

As they fled, Jian Chens wounds rapidly recovered thanks to the terrifying automatic regeneration of the Chaotic Body.

Even though he devoted all his efforts to fleeing, his wounds did not worsen at all. Instead, they gradually improved.

Kai Yas wounds took an evident turn for the better after ingesting the healing pills as well.

Jian Chen did not slow down. After entering the Divine Kingdom of Qingyan, he quickly found his bearings and shot off with the Linear Lightning Release again.

Behind them, the three Godkings tailed closely. However, they maintained a distance of several tens of thousand kilometers throughout, unable to cover it.

Even though it seemed extremely distant, experts like them could cover such a distance in under ten seconds.

As a result, Jian Chen did not dare to relax.

Before long, Jian Chen arrived in a remote mountain range within the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang. He took Kai Ya to a hidden valley with great familiarity and directly sent a strand of sword Qi at a smooth rock face.

With a boom, the wall was destroyed, revealing a cave.

With a flash, Jian Chen entered the gloomy cave with Kai Ya. He made his way to the end of the cave as quickly as possible.

There laid a perfect teleportation formation on the ground.

At the same time, a terrifying pressure appeared, causing all the mountains to tremor.

Now that Jian Chen and Kai Ya had slowed down, the three Godkings caught up immediately. They moved extremely quickly, where they had even become visible on the horizon as black specks.

Jian Chen was grim. Immediately, he entered the teleportation formation with Kai Ya, and with a wave of his hand, he tossed out a few divine crystals to activate it. The two of them vanished silently under an intense white light.

However, just when they were about to be transported away, Jian Chen tossed out a fist-sized transparent crystal suddenly.

When he and Kai Ya had completely vanished, the crystal exploded loudly. Not only did it destroy the teleportation formation on the ground completely, but even the cave collapsed.

The three Godkings arrived before the collapsed cave with sunken faces.

Theyve already fled through a teleportation formation, but the formation is not of a particularly high quality, so they cant be far. They shouldnt have escaped from the range of the senses of our souls yet, a Godking growled as demonic aura churned around him.

The three of them immediately expanded the senses of their soul as much as possible to search for the traces of Jian Chen and Kai Ya.

Jian Chen and Kai Ya had already appeared in an ancient mountain range within the Divine Kingdom of Datian.

A perfect teleportation formation laid there as well.

Jian Chen had cast down this teleportation formation after killing the three Overgods from the Empyrean Demon Cult personally. He created it as a path of retreat for the Tian Yuan clan.

However, he had never thought that the teleportation formations he cast down in the past would not be used by people from the Tian Yuan clan. Instead, it would serve as a path of survival for himself.

I never thought there was such a well-hidden teleportation formation in the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang. Thank god for it, or it would have been almost impossible to escape from the three Godkings, Kai Ya patted her chest within the gloomy cave as she said in lingering fear. She looked at Jian Chen and asked, Jian Chen, where are we right now? We should have escaped from the three Godkings, right?

Jian Chen remained grim. He shook his head in response to Kai Ya and said, Were currently in the Divine Kingdom of Datian. Although its extremely distant from the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang, theyre Godkings after all and late Godkings at that. Their senses of the soul are so powerful that they can engulf an entire divine kingdom without any effort. As a result, we still havent escaped from the range of their senses with where we are right now.

However, when Jian Chen finished talking, their faces both changed. At that moment, they could clearly sense extremely powerful senses of the soul sweep over.

Just the pressure from the senses made them feel like they bore mountains on their backs.

Theyve already found us. Lets keep teleporting. Id like to see if the senses of late Godkings can extend from the Divine Kingdom of Qingyang to the Heavenly Moon Empire, Jian Chen said coldly. He pulled Kai Ya into the teleportation formation and activated it again, leaving the cave.

Like before, Jian Chen destroyed the teleportation in the Divine Kingdom of Datian when they left to prevent the three Godkings from using it.

As a result, the three Godkings could only slowly fly their way to the Heavenly Moon Empire if they wanted to catch them.

Although Godkings flew extremely quickly, where it would not take them very long at all to make it to the Heavenly Moon Empire, this was extremely valuable time to Jian Chen.