Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1975

Chapter 1975: The Ninth Princes Arrival

In the next moment, the empress moved slightly and appeared before princess Taian like she had teleported. Before the princess could return to her senses, the empress had grabbed the jade pendant from the princess hand and studied it carefully.

Even though the pendant was made from something extremely simple, the exquisite carvings on it made the empress cold heart beat heavily.

In particular, when she saw the two words Xi Yu engraved on the pendant, her hand that held it began to shake involuntarily.

She could not be more familiar with the pendant. As a matter of fact, the appearance of the pendantthe exquisite carvings and the engraved wordshad already formed a brand that was stamped deeply into her soul. She would never forget it in her life.

This was because when she and Xi Ziyun had been hunted down by enemies and were forced to abandon their daughter, they had left a jade pendant exactly like this one with her. They did this so that they would be able to identify her in the future.

Even though the material was different, everything else was the same as the pendant she had left behind in the past. It was exactly the same.

Xianer, w- w- where did you get this jade pendant? Tears shone in the empress eyes as her trembling voice was filled with urgency. There was raw excitement in there that anyone could detect.

In that moment, the empress immovable heart seemed to explode like a volcano. Her feelings churned violently as she struggled to remain calm.

For all these years, she and the Xi Emperor had been deeply concerned, basically thinking about their daughter at all times. They had even sent people to search for her secretly during these two millennia, but they received no news at all. As time went on, their missing daughter basically turned into anxiety for the couple, making them experience eternal pain.

This was because they had failed to find any leads in these two thousand years. In a brutal world where power was everything, the two of them had no idea whether their daughter was still alive or not.

However, now that the empress who had almost become despaired suddenly saw a jade pendant similar to the one she had left with her daughter, the flames of hope were reignited.

She had suddenly found a lead regarding the daughter she had lost for two thousand years. This great surprise left the empress overjoyed.

Princess Taian stared at her emotional aunt in a daze. She felt very confused. She simply could not understand how a simple jade pendant could make her cold aunt react with such intensity.

As for Binger, she had become completely stunned. She stared at the empress blankly as shock filled her face.

In that moment, she even began to suspect that the empress she saw was an imposter.

This was because in her memory, the empress was cold and proud, making her unapproachable. She would treat everyone icily, and she would only be amiable when she saw sister Taian.

Yet now, she actually saw tears in the empress eyes and joy on the empress face. This was very unbelievable for Binger.

Even though princess Taian was very confused, she still asked, Aunt, do you remember the supreme Overgod I mentioned to you before? That supreme Overgod gave me the box, and he got me to deliver it to you or uncle personally. The jade pendant was the only thing in the box.

What? The jade pendant was actually the item in the box? Regret filled the empress face. Naturally, she could remember the matter with the box.

Originally, she did not care about the gift of an Overgod at all, but she had never thought that the item inside would connect her to the daughter she had lost over two thousand years ago.

No, I have to tell Ziyun something this important. The empress vanished, leaving behind the confused princess Taian and Binger standing in the garden.

In a majestic courtroom, the Xi Emperor in dragon robes currently sat on the emperors throne as he managed the affairs of the empire. Below him stood many subjects and officials. They all showed respect.

Ziyun, Ziyun At this moment, the empress voice rang out. She held the jade pendant in her hand as she shot over as a blur, attracting the attention of all the officials.

Xuaner, why are you so flustered? The Xi Emperor looked at the empress in confusion from his throne.

Ziyun, look, the empress directly passed the pendant to the emperor after arriving before him.

When the Xi Emperor saw the jade pendant, his eyes suddenly narrowed. He shot up from his throne as his terrifying presence erupted from his body without control. Like a turbulent wave, it wreaked havoc in the courtroom, forcing back all the officials and subjects.

Where did this jade pendant come from? The Xi Emperor asked in both an excited and trembling voice.

He was the mighty Xi Emperor, yet he struggled to control his emotions at this moment.

The empress explained the origins of the jade pendant in a few short sentences.

Lets go. Lets go see Xianer. After learning where the jade pendant came from, the Xi Emperor was even more hurried than the empress. He did not even bother to conclude the meeting of officials and directly disappeared from the courtroom with the empress, leaving behind the officials to look at one another.

Princess Taian and Binger remained stunned in the imperial gardens. Clearly, they still had not returned to their senses.

At this moment, there was a flash, and the dignified Xi Emperor and the empress appeared beside princess Taian like they had teleported.

Xianer, where is the Jian Chen who gave you the jade pendant? The Xi Emperor asked directly. His face was filled with a sense of urgency.

Ah, uncle! Only now did the princess return to her senses. She looked at the Xi Emperor that had suddenly appeared before her and was stunned once again. However, she responded very quickly, Uncle, aunt, when Jian Chen gave me the jade talisman, he was still in the Xuandao Empire. I am uncertain as to where he is right now.

Lets go. To the Xuandao Empire! The Xi Emperor moved swiftly, immediately leaving the Xi Empire with princess Taian and the empress to go to the Xuandao Empire.

The Xi Emperors group was naturally fairly impressive since he was leaving the empire. Two Primordial realm subjects followed him along.

After finding a lead on his daughter, the Xi Emperor was clearly nervous from worry. He had gone as far as to move personally, using his supreme cultivation as a Chaotic Prime to hurry everyone along. He basically tread through worlds, where they would flash past with each step. In just five or six steps, he had covered a tremendous distance and directly arrived above the imperial capital of the Xuandao Empire.

The personal arrival of the Xi Emperor shocked the entire Xuandao Empire. All the Primordial realm experts in the empire emerged from seclusion, welcoming him politely.

Aside from Tian Shuang, there were two ruddy old men among the Primordial realm experts of the Xuandao Empire. They currently bowed towards the Xi Emperor as they felt uneasy inside.

In the past few years, the Xi Emperor had made a name for himself from all the killing he did, so the Xi Emperors arrival had unsettled the three Primordial realm experts. They all recalled the past to see whether they had actually taken part in the hunt or not.

Is Jian Chen in your Xuandao Empire?

However, to the three Primordial realm experts surprise, the Xi Emperor asked for a person called Jian Chen right from the start.

The two ruddy old men become doubtful when they heard the name.

A gleam of light flickered through Tian Shuangs eyes, and she said after some thought, Xi Emperor, Jian Chen has already left our Xuandao Empire. If I recall correctly, he should be in a place called the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian in the southern region.

The southern region, the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian The Xi Emperor murmured before clasping his hands at Tian Shuang in gratitude. Immediately, he set off for the southern region with everyone.

The Xi Emperor did not take a teleportation formation. With his cultivation as a Chaotic Prime, he would even be faster than a teleportation formation if he moved through the Cloud Plane by himself.

Several figures flew through the sky with lightning speed above the Dongan province of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, directly flying into the provincial city and stopping above the Tian Yuan clan.

The person at the front seemed to be in his forties. He wore violet and gold robes, and he seemed rather dignified. He looked at the Tian Yuan clan from above coldly.

This middle-aged man was the ninth prince of the eternal Blood Sun Empire!

According to the information the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect provided, he had directly come to the Tian Yuan clan.

Ninth prince, the Tian Yuan clan is only a small clan. Are they really connected to the loss of the Flower of Ways? A Godking asked carefully from behind the ninth prince.

The ninth prince hovered in the air and stared at the Tian Yuan clan emotionlessly. He said, The person from the Earth Spirit sect told me anonymously through the jade slip that several decades ago, Jian Chen assisted the soul of a Primordial realm expert to obtain a few things Duanmu left behind in his dwelling, which also allowed her to recover her body. At that time, the Primordial realm expert was only an Overgod after recovering her body.

And recently, Jian Chen caught the eyes of the commander of the seventh army from the Empyrean Demon Cult, Yaxi Lian. A Primordial realm expert saved him in the end and even Yaxi Lian was captured. Its extremely likely that this Primordial realm expert is the one who had recovered her body under Jian Chens help in Godking Duanmus dwelling.

The ninth prince stood with his arms crossed and said slowly, Even if a soul that has newly forged a body was once a Primordial realm expert, its impossible for them to recover so rapidly, unless they use extremely precious heavenly resources.

The Flower of Ways just happens to be an extremely precious heavenly resource. As a result, I can basically conclude that the person who stole the Flower of Ways is the Primordial realm expert behind Jian Chen.

With that, the ninth princes face darkened and killing intent appeared in his eyes. He had already realised that the Flower of Ways had probably already been ingested, but he needed to make someone pay.

This was because without the Flower of Ways, it would take him forever to reach the Primordial realm. Even with his extraordinary talent, overcoming the bottleneck between Godhood and the Primordial realm was still difficult.

The ninth prince became more furious the more he thought about it. In the end, it transformed into raging killing intent, and he directly hurled at punch at the Tian Yuan clan.


The entire provincial city rumbled loudly, and the Godking level formation that had been recently cast down over the Tian Yuan clan completely collapsed from the ninth princes punch.

The formation was only enough to stop attacks from early Godkings, while the ninth prince had already reached the peak of Godking. He was preparing to break through to the Primordial realm. It was impossible for the formation to stop him.