Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1976

Chapter 1976: Exposed

With the destruction of the formation, the Tian Yuan clan was clearly exposed.

However, the Tian Yuan clan was no longer in perfect condition. The ninth princes attack was simply too powerful. Not only did it destroy the formation, but the powerful shockwaves of energy had also destroyed a third of the clan. It was a mess as far as the eye could see.

If it were not for the protective formation that blocked most of the ninth princes attack, probably the entire Tian Yuan clan would have been devastated by the ninth prince.

However, even with that being the case, many of the weaker servants and guards in the Tian Yuan clan were affected by the shockwave and became heavily injured.

The sudden occurrence had thrown the entire Tian Yuan clan into a mess. Many people ran about frantically. They all paled when they saw how the Godking level formation had already collapsed.

Xi Yu, Mo Ling, Ando Fu, and the other elders currently gathered together as they stared at the sky sternly.

Even Sacredfeather, Rui Jin, Hong Lian, Hei Yu, and the people from the World of Forsaken Saints emerged from the forbidden grounds. Seeing the ruined formations in the surroundings, they became extremely grim.

They all knew that the protective formation around the Tian Yuan clan was at the level of Godkings. There was both a trapping and killing formation there, so in the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, it could be regarded as extremely powerful.

Yet, when they saw the tough formation shatter without any prior signs, they realised just how powerful the offender was.

May I ask how our Tian Yuan clan has offended the seniors, where the seniors have to shatter our protective formation, Xi Yu said coldly from the Tian Yuan clan as she stared at the ninth princes group.

Sacredfeather arrived beside Xi Yu as well. He stared at the people in the sky emotionlessly as a vicious light shone through his sharp gaze.

The other elders of the Tian Yuan clan stood behind Xi Yu and Sacredfeather. They were the only two Overgods left in the Tian Yuan clan now.

The face of a Godking behind the ninth prince immediately sank when he heard Xi Yus cold questioning. He called out, How dare you! Do you know who youre talking to? This is the ninth prince of the Blood Sun Empire. Why dont you kneel in greeting now that the ninth prince is here?

The expressions of all the people in the Tian Yuan clan changed when they heard that. They could not help but look at each other. Many of them felt doubtful. They had no idea when the Tian Yuan clan had offended the ninth prince of the Blood Sun Empire.

Xi Yus heart sank all of a sudden. The ninth prince had come with ill intentions, which made her feel that something bad was going to happen. Offending the Blood Sun Empire would result in consequences that were even worse than offending the Empyrean Demon Cult.

The Blood Sun Empire was the ruler of the southern region, possessing a supreme status there. Before it, even the ancient empires with rich heritages like the Heavenly Moon Empire had to behave submissively.

Which one of you is patriarch Jian Chen? The ninth prince asked with a sunken face. His voice was icy cold.

Your highness, very unfortunately, the patriarch is not in the clan right now, Xi Yu responded emotionlessly with a clasped fist.

Not here? A vicious light flickered through the ninth princes eyes. Just when he wanted to say something, his face changed suddenly, and his eyes instantly became filled with heavy, cold killing intent. Raising his hand, terrifying energy gathered, instantly condensing into a huge hand that fell onto the forbidden grounds of the Tian Yuan clan.


The ground shook violently. The ninth prince had directly used his energy hand to wrench out a secret room hidden beneath the forbidden grounds.

The tough room shattered in the ninth princes hands.

This room was where Nubis cultivated in seclusion.

With the secret room destroyed, Nubis naturally fell out. At the same time, a Golden-striped Silver Snake that was several thousand meters in length but only as thick as a wrist appeared as well.

The Golden-striped Silver Snake had lost all its presence of life, and most of its vital essence was gone as well. Consequently, it appeared to be slightly shriveled now.

When the Godkings who had come with the ninth prince saw the corpse of the snake, their faces all changed. Killing intent surged from all of them uncontrollably.

No wonder we couldnt find Jin Mangs corpse in the Yin Mountains of Sevens Despair. Youve brought him here

The loss of the Flower of Ways is indeed related to your Tian Yuan clan

The Tian Yuan clan sure is bold to even eye the items of the ninth prince. Such crimes are so great that even destroying the entire clan wont be enough

The Godkings behind the ninth prince all spoke out coldly as they gave off killing intent. They were tempted to destroy the Tian Yuan clan instantly.

As for the ninth prince, his face became extremely sunken when he stared at the corpse of the Golden-striped Silver Snake. He had already become furious as killing intent built up inside.

If he doubted Jian Chen a little before, he was extremely confident about his guess now that he had seen the corpse of the snake.

Nubis stood up from the ground in a disheveled manner. He was slightly confused, but soon afterwards, he heard the furious shouts of the Godkings, allowing him to understand what had happened. His face immediately became ugly.

Suddenly, a terrifying pressure appeared. A Godking behind the ninth prince arrived before Nubis instantly and gripped his throat tightly. The light in the Godkings eyes shone viciously as killing intent surged. He said frigidly, How dare you absorb Jin Mangs essence? Jin Mang serves the ninth prince, yet youve treated his corpse like this. I will let you come begging to me for death.

As he said that, the Godkings hand clamped down. With a crisp crack, Nubis neck was reduced to pieces.

Even though Nubis had risen from being a God to early Overgod after absorbing some of the essence from Jin Mang, he was still extremely puny before a Godking. He was unable to put up any resistance at all.

Afterwards, the Godking grabbed the top of Nubis head in an attempt to forcefully draw his soul from his body.

Nubis eyes dilated. He watched the Godkings hand approach him as regret filled his eyes. He resisted with his full strength, but due to the huge difference in strength, it was a futile effort.

Will I, the great Nubis, die just like this? No, I refuse. I refuse. Ive only just come to the Saints World. Ive yet to see all the scenery the Saints World has to offer. I still havent reached the limit of my cultivation path, Nubis roared out inside. Before the threat of life and death, his instincts for survival stimulated all his potential.

At that moment, the blood in his body flowed hundreds of times faster than usual. On his face, his arms, and every inch of his body, the blood vessels that were hidden underneath his skin bulged as a faint golden light flowed in there.

At this moment, Nubis could clearly feel the power of his bloodline rapidly strengthen, making him feel like energy surged through his entire body.

However, it was still not enough to change the situation. Even after his bloodline had strengthened, and his battle prowess had increased, it was still not enough for him to escape from a Godking.

After all, he was only an early Overgod right now.

However, at that moment, Sacredfeather struck out. He instantly reverted to his original form, and a huge, white tiger hovered in the sky. It possessed two wings and was glorious.