Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1977

Chapter 1977: Xi Yus Rage

Extremely strong killing intent condensed on Sacredfeather, along with the Force of Slaughter. He raised his two wings high, and they fused into a blade. It slashed out with the killing intent from Sacredfeather.

Sacredfeather struck out with his full strength against the Godking. All his strength surged out without holding back anything. His presence was overwhelming.

Even though he was only an early Overgod, he was a Sacredfeather Tiger Emperor. His bloodline was extremely powerful. Coupled with the Way of Slaughter he had comprehended, his strike was extremely powerful. It had surpassed the amount of strength he should have been able to use right now.

The Godking who grabbed Nubis by the neck and was just about to wrench out his soul in a brutal method sneered disdainfully when he sensed Sacredfeathers attack. He scorned, An ant dares to stand up against a tiger? Die. With that, the Godkings hand that had originally reached towards Nubis head suddenly extended towards Sacredfeathers wings.

Sacredfeather had condensed all his power into his wings. The power of the Ways of Slaughter had been condensed there as well. However, when his full-powered attack came in contact with the Godkings hand, it was gripped tightly. The power within was unable to harm his opponent at all.

Its actually the Ways of Slaughter. Impressive, the laws youve comprehended are very powerful. Unfortunately, your cultivation is just too weak, the Godking said coldly. He looked at Sacredfeather coldly, and his hand tremored. An energy that was devastating to Overgods struck Sacredfeather mercilessly.

A bloody mist spurted out from Sacredfeathers mouth as he was knocked away powerlessly. His wings constantly cracked as white feathers floated in the sky.

Sacredfeathers wings collapsed powerlessly. Not only did they turn red from the blood, but even his body had been dyed red.

A Godkings strike was powerful. Although Sacredfeathers bloodline was powerful, it was unable to make up for the huge difference in strength between an Overgod and a Godking. Just a single attack had rendered him heavily injured.


Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu all called out. They arrived before Sacredfeather with a single step. Worry filled their faces as they immediately fed healing pills to Sacredfeather.

Hmph, has his highness allowed you to save him? A Godking behind the ninth prince said coldly. He gently closed his hand, and the space around the three of them immediately froze up.

This Godking had comprehended the Laws of Space. He could trap a whole region of space with a single thought.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu were all immobilized. Before a Godking who had comprehended the Laws of Space, they did not even have the power to blink.

A pained grunt rang out. The Godking who held Nubis by the neck had already pressed his right hand onto Nubis head. His face was extremely vicious as he formed a claw with his fingers. They had already dug into Nubis skin, slowly penetrating his skull.

Blood that shone with golden light flowed from the top of Nubis head, dripping down his face.

The Godkings hand slowly approached Nubis soul.

Even though Nubis bloodline had evolved and strengthened through his great unwillingness to die, it could only become as powerful as the bloodline of Sacredfeather Tiger Emperors at most. Even Sacredfeather was unable to withstand a single attack from a Godking, let alone him.

Even though the people in the Tian Yuan clan were furious when they saw Nubis situation, they really did not have anything that they could use to fend off a Godking.

At that moment, helplessness filled all of them.

This made Xi Yu absolutely furious. Rage filled her inside. Just as the Godking was about to touch Nubis soul, resolution suddenly appeared in her eyes. She ignored her personal safety and struck out fearlessly with determination.

Jian Chen had granted her a fortune out of kindness. Now that the Tian Yuan clan faced a disaster and the life of Jian Chens friend, Nubis, was in danger, she could not just stand by and watch this tragedy unfold as if she was unconcerned about the matter.

Xi Yu wielded a sword that shone beautifully. She fused with it and slashed at the arm of the Godking.

Hmph, the Tian Yuan clan sure has quite a few people who overestimate themselves, the Godking who held Nubis sneered. He turned around to look at Xi Yu and blew out a mouthful of air.


With that, a huge gale immediately appeared. Terrifying energy surged out from the Godkings mouth, striking Xi Yu with terrifying might.

Xi Yu came to a halt, but that was not all. Before the storm of energy, she could not help but retreat.

Tell me, where is Jian Chen? If you dont Ill kill the four of them first, the Godking who controlled the Laws of Space said coldly. As his hand gradually tightened, the space around Rui Jin and the others creaked audibly. Under the Godkings control, the space there had visibly compressed.

Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu, who were trapped in the space there, were compressed as well. Their clothes pressed tightly against their bodies as they resisted the compression. The pressure from all directions had made their bodies shrink visibly. Under the tremendous pressure, blood oozed from the pores of their bodies, dyeing their clothes red.

If this continued, the three of them would burst to death.

However, the three of them were unable to do anything about it.

No, it shouldnt just be the four of them. It should include these people as well, the Godking who controlled the Laws of Space said inattentively. He gently extended a hand towards the upper echelon of the Tian Yuan clan.

Instantly, the space behind Xi Yu froze as well. All the important members of the Tian Yuan clan had been trapped in space.

Among them included the ancestor of the previous Mo clan, Mo Ling, Xi Yus foster father, and even Mo Yan.

The entire Tian Yuan clan had become speechless. The arrival of the ninth prince and his people were like the shade of death, looming over the clan.

Argh! Xi Yus body trembled at this sight. Suddenly, she bellowed out, and flames expanded from her body. The flames did not give off any heat, but with the appearance of them, her presence actually skyrocketed. It surpassed early Overgod very soon and reached a higher level.

However, even though Xi Yus presence rose, and she had become stronger, her vitality weakened at a visible rate. Her long, black hair paled rapidly, becoming grey, and then snow-white.

The situation of the Tian Yuan clan had stimulated Xi Yu greatly, to the point where she would even go as far as to burn her own life and soul for greater strength.

Currently, flames burned around Xi Yu as her snow-white hair danced. She gave off an extremely terrifying presence.