Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1978

Chapter 1978: The Xi Emperors Daughter One
Chapter 1978: The Xi Emperors Daughter (One)

Xi Yu looked at the ninth prince with unconcealable rage and resentment. The ninth prince had brought on all of the disasters that the Tian Yuan clan faced today.

Ninth prince, I want to kill you! Xi Yu roared out furiously. She fused with her sword and stabbed at the ninth prince as hard as she could with the power she had gained from burning her vitality.

The sword shone, illuminated the entire city. The attack was like a comet through the sky, shining with great resplendence. It bore the color of life burning away as it moved out like it was unstoppable. It possessed Xi Yus determination to kill.

Seeing how Xi Yu attacked the ninth prince, the Godkings who had come with the ninth prince were all slightly stunned before revealing strange smiles. Scorn and disdain filled their smiles.

The ninth prince was not like those wastrels from other large organisations, who only relied on their statuses to have their way, while their own strength was weak. He was not the type to put on a strong front to hide his weakness.

In reality, the ninth prince was the most powerful and most terrifying person among them. He had reached the peak of Godking and was already making preparations for his breakthrough to the Primordial realm.

Before an expert like that, even if a Godking burned their life and soul, they would not be able to injure him, let alone a puny Overgod.

The ninth prince looked at Xi Yu coldly as if he was a great lord looking at an ant. He did not make any unnecessary actions in response to the strike that Xi Yu had put her life into. He only waved his hand gently like it was nothing, remaining composed.

Immediately, the surroundings changed. The ninth princes seemingly unserious movement possessed overwhelming power. At that moment, he was like the ruler of the world, where he could destroy the entire place with a simple raise of his hand.

Before Xi Yu could even approach the ninth prince, she sensed an irresistible force surge over. Before it, she felt like she was a tiny boat in the great ocean, so insignificant and fragile.


The sword in Xi Yus hand directly shattered when it came in contact with the force from the ninth prince. It turned into countless shards as a terrifying force passed through her arm, ramming into her body heavily.

Spurt! Xi Yu puked out a mouthful of blood and organs that sprayed into the sky. It dyed the entire place red.

Xi Yu was blown away like a broken kite.

As she was knocked back, her right hand that held her sword had already turned into a bloody mess, where even her bones had turned to dust. Afterwards, her entire right arm actually fell apart rapidly in the air. It vanished bit by bit.

A short while later, Xi Yus right arm had completely vanished, only leaving a bloody pile behind.

Xi Yu was knocked very far away. She only struck the ground heavily after slamming into the spatial barrier that trapped the important members of the Tian Yuan clan. Blood constantly spurted from her mouth.

Her presence completely dipped at that moment. It withered away. She was now at deaths door.

Behind her, the hair on Xi Yus foster father, Mo Xingfeng, had already become snow-white. He stared at Xi Yu, who had collapsed on the ground, as his eyes were completely bloodshot. They were filled with grief.

Although Xi Yu was not his true daughter, he had still raised her from a young age after all. They were so close that they were like true father and daughter.

However, the Godking who used the Laws of Space had completely trapped him there, utterly immobilized. There was nothing he could do at this moment.

A pained voice rang out, and Nubis skull had already been punctured. The Godking had forcefully extracted his soul.

At the same time, the spatial compression around Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu had already reached their limits. They bled from all their facial orifices while the bones across their bodies cracked audibly. Only Sacredfeather continued to endure the pressure painfully.

The three of them gritted their teeth and endured with their great willpower. They used all their strength to summon the origin energy armor they had brought up from the lower world. However, it was still useless. The armor instantly became covered with cracks under the compression of space before shattering into pieces.

The ninth prince watched this happen coldly. He said, Ill give you three seconds. Contact your patriarch and tell him to return, or tell me who the Primordial realm expert behind Jian Chen is and where she is. I can give you a quick death if you do that. Or The ninth prince glanced across the people of the Tian Yuan clan coldly, and he said with killing intent, Ill make you come begging for death.

Xi Yu raised her head and stared at the ninth prince in resentment. She said weakly, If you want to kill us, then kill us. We will never contact the patriarch. However, I can guarantee you that if you destroy our Tian Yuan clan, our patriarch will destroy your entire empire in revenge in the future. Xi Yu spoke stubbornly, choosing to die rather than to yield.

The ninth princes gaze turned cold. He extended a hand and brought Xi Yu over. He gripped her neck as he held her in the air and said, You sure have some pride. However, there are always times where the prouder a person is, the more miserable their outcome is. The ninth prince glanced behind him and said, Mo Yan, arent you the most skilled in methods of harvesting yin to replenish your yang? Ill grant this woman to you right now. Treat her well. With that, the ninth prince directly tossed Xi Yu over.

Behind the ninth prince, there were still two other Godkings who did not take part in the battle. When they saw the ninth prince toss Xi Yu over, a nefarious light immediately flickered through the eyes of one of them. He picked up Xi Yu with his arms, and he snickered, Your highness is wise. To kill such a beautiful woman would be quite a pity. Ill follow your highness orders and treat this woman well.

D- dont you dare! Xi Yus face changed when she heard their conversation. Determination filled her eyes as she wanted to blow herself up.

However, Mo Yan only pointed at Xi Yu gently and sealed up all her cultivation, severing her thoughts of blowing herself up. Then, he sniggered, Little beauty, you cant die so soon. Youve cultivated for all these years, but you must not have enjoyed the feeling of being loved by a man, right? But dont worry, itll happen very soon. Youll understand the joys of being loved by a man. Youll never forget the lovely feeling. Hahahahaha. With that, Mo Yan began to gently strip away Xi Yus bloodied clothes before everyone.

He did not move quickly. Instead, it was extremely slow. The nefarious light in his eyes shone brighter and brighter.

This sight utterly enraged all the people of the Tian Yuan clan.

However, they were all powerless against the ninth prince and his Godkings. They could not even protect themselves.

However, the space a thousand meters above the Tian Yuan clan suddenly rippled like water.

With the rippling, a few people appeared in the empty space.