Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1980

Chapter 1980: The Xi Emperors Daughter Three
Chapter 1980: The Xi Emperors Daughter (Three)

The Xi Emperor also surged with killing intent. His face became extremely sunken as he gently placed his hand on Xi Yus shoulder. Tremendous vitality parted from his body, entering Xi Yus body in an extremely gentle way.

With the channeling of the vitality, Xi Yu who had been at deaths door regained life in a short instance. Some color appeared in her dull eyes while her wounds quickly healed as well.

Even her right arm that had been destroyed began to regrow.

The severed arm was healing.

After all, this was the tremendous vitality of a Chaotic Prime.

This vitality was nothing to a Chaotic Prime, but to Xi Yu who was only an Overgod, this was a power that could change her fate. It basically gave her a second life.

Princess Taian and the two old men who had followed along also descended onto the Tian Yuan clan. At that moment, they stared at Xi Yu in shock.

Princess Taian looked at the bloodied Xi Yu in the empress embrace. The feelings she experienced were extremely mixed. If she had known earlier that the box Jian Chen had given her was a lead to her aunts long lost daughter, she would have forcefully given it to the empress regardless of the consequences.

I cant believe Jian Chen! Why didnt he directly explain such an important thing to me? If I could tell elder sisters whereabouts earlier, she would not end up like this, princess Taian was very displeased with Jian Chen.

As for the two old men who had come with the Xi Emperor, they experienced shock and disbelief.

In the Xi Empire, everyone already knew that the Xi Emperor had no children. This was a public fact. However, the Xi Emperor had suddenly gained a daughter now, which surprised the two of them very much.

At this moment, the divine king had arrived in the Tian Yuan clan as well. He concealed his presence and maintained an extremely low profile so low that barely anyone sensed his arrival.

However, when he understood the situation, he knew how to behave and remained quiet. He watched on from one side, looking at the couple and the two old men sternly. He was nowhere near calm inside.

He did not know who they were, but he did know that any single one of them possessed a cultivation level that greatly exceeded his own.

The arrival of a Chaotic Prime had utterly terrified the Godking who could control space already. His face paled, and he was no longer in the mood to deal with the people from the Tian Yuan clan. He immediately released the trapped space.

The important members of the Tian Yuan clan recovered their freedom, including Rui Jin, Hong Lian, and Hei Yu. All of them felt like they had just escaped death.

However, when they looked at Xi Yu who the empress embraced, none of them said anything. They were also stunned.

The original patriarch of the Mo clan, Mo Xingfeng, experienced extremely mixed feelings as he looked at the emperor and the empress.

As for the ninth prince of the Blood Sun Empire, he had become unsettled. He studied the emperor and the empress carefully. However, his gaze was fixed on the dragon robes that the Xi Emperor wore.

Dragon robes and a Chaotic Prime. Is he As a person who possessed authority in the Blood Sun Empire, the ninth prince was naturally knowledgeable. He completely exceeded the divine king in this aspect, so he quickly guessed the Xi Emperors identity, which caused his heart to sink.

Impossible! Doesnt the Xi Emperor of the northern region have no children? Why is there a daughter now? And the daughter is The ninth princes face became extremely ugly. The light in his eyes flickered with uncertainty. With his quick thoughts, he made a decision and began to back off silently. He wanted to leave without drawing any attention to himself.

No one can leave before I properly investigate if theres anyone else involved in my daughters wounds. However, just when the ninth prince moved, the empress cold voice rang out, and pressure immediately fell on the ninth prince.

The ninth princes body sank. Under the tremendous pressure, his legs directly sank into the ground, leaving only his knees visible.

Seeing how leaving silently would no longer work, the ninth prince could only raise his two hands with his full strength reluctantly now that he had run out of choices. He clasped his fist, I am the ninth prince of the Blood Sun Empire, and I greet the Xi Emperor and the empress. It really is an honor for our southern region to have you personally visit. If there are any places I can help, I am more than willing to.

The Xi Emperor? Empress?

The divine king was startled inside. The ninth princes identity had already surprised him enough, but when the ninth prince mentioned the Xi Emperor and the empress, he directly connected it to the eternal Xi Empire of the northern region.

The Xi Emperor? Is the Chaotic Prime in dragon robes the current emperor of the eternal Xi Empire of the north? Even with the divine kings composure, he struggled to remain calm at this moment. He looked at Xi Yu who laid in the empress embrace and was extremely shocked.

However, after the Xi Emperor and the empress learnt who the ninth prince was, they still did not budge. The empress stared at the ninth prince coldly and said, Are you among the people who injured my daughter? The empress voice was filled with killing intent such that people believed without any doubt that even if he was the ninth prince of the eternal Blood Sun Empire, she would still be bold enough to kill him.

The ninth princes face did not change. He clasped his fist, You are mistaken, empress. The emperor has already dealt with the person who injured your daughter. I am congratulating the emperor and the empress for your reunion with your daughter.

Dont lie. The person who injured Xi Yu and destroyed her arm was clearly you! Just when the ninth prince had finished speaking, Xi Yus foster father, Mo Xingfeng, said furiously from among the crowd.

Hmph, dont you tell dirty lies. If the Tian Yuan clan dares to slander me any further, I can wipe out your entire clan with a single word with my authority. Even the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian wont be able to save you. The ninth princes eyes turned cold, and he glared at Mo Xingfeng extremely sharply. The glance was like a sword, directly stabbing into Mo Xingfengs soul, making him tremble violently and pale instantly.

How imposing! The empress snorted coldly. She held Xi Yu with one hand as she directly swung her other hand at the ninth prince. She condensed a hand of energy that slapped the ninth princes face viciously, sending him flying.

The slap was extraordinarily powerful. Half of the ninth princes face had been reduced to a bloody mess while his entire jaw had been shattered. Blood covered his face.

The ninth prince and his mighty cultivation of peak Godking only seemed like an infant before the empress. He was unable to resist at all.

The souls of all the people from the Tian Yuan clan were extremely shocked from that. Previously, they had used the power of their entire clan, yet they failed to resist at all before the ninth princes people. They could only watch disaster descend.

Yet now, the ninth prince and all his people who were so powerful that they could easily destroy the entire Tian Yuan clan in their eyes was as weak as a child before the empress. All the people from the Tian Yuan clan felt like they were dreaming when they witnessed this dramatic change in the situation.

The empress knelt on the ground with one knee as she held Xi Yu. Xi Yus blood had already dyed her clothes red. The empress stared at the ninth prince that she had sent flying with killing intent, and she said frigidly, Is that true? Did Yuers wounds really come from you? Did you really destroy Yuers arm?

At that moment, Xi Yu had finally recovered after receiving the tremendous vitality of a Chaotic Prime. Her missing arm had regrown as well. She struggled and escaped from the empress embrace before standing up. She stared at the empress and the emperor in confusion.

The empress immediately looked at Xi Yu, and her glare softened instantly. A motherly light filled her eyes as she asked in concern, Child, how do you feel?

Yuer, tell father who injured you. It doesnt matter who they are or what status they possess, Ill take revenge for you. I wont let any of them go. The Xi Emperor supported Xi Yu carefully with one of his strong, robust arms. His eyes were gentle, and they were also filled with care.

Xi Yu gently broke free from the Xi Emperors arm and looked at the emperor and the empress in confusion. She slowly staggered backwards as she said gently, Who are you? I- I- I dont know you.