Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1982

Chapter 1982: People Of The Blood Sun Empire

The Xi Emperor spoke very softly, but his voice was powerful and filled with deep confidence. It was like there were very few things in the world that he could not do or resolve.

The light in Xi Yus eyes immediately returned when she heard the Xi Emperors words as her mind almost collapsed. As if she had seen a sliver of light in the darkness, she looked at the striking, middle-aged man in dragon robes. She asked in a hurry, C- c- can you really save Yaner?

The Xi Emperor looked at Xi Yu and said, Since the person called Yaner is so important to you, Ill make her appear before you again regardless of the price. Yuer, as long as you can be happy, I will do anything for you.

Xi Emperor

When the two old men who had followed along heard the Xi Emperors words, they immediately became alarmed. They wanted to warn him.

However, just when they were about to say something, the Xi Emperor raised his hand to shut them up.

The two old men looked at each other. The Xi Emperor was the current emperor of the Xi Empire. A qualified emperor would never place too much importance on his personal affairs. He would work towards the interests of the empire for everything. He would even give up on his children at crucial times.

However, the Xi Emperor did not value the interests of the empire at all. Instead, he did everything for his daughter. He could even say that he would do anything for his daughter.

As the person in charge of an eternal empire, they definitely could not say something like that. They could not even consider it.

The silent divine king and the Primordial realm experts of the Heavenly Moon Empire nearby were experiencing internal turmoil. Some of them even looked at Xi Yu in envy.

In the lands of the Cloud Plane, would there still be any person bold enough to provoke the lady called Xi Yu seeing how she could get the emperor of an eternal empire, a Chaotic Prime, to make a promise like that?

Senior, can you really save Yaner? Mo Xingfeng stared at the Xi Emperor as he asked with a trembling voice.

The Xi Emperor nodded, Although her soul is gone, fortunately, shes not very powerful, and her soul hasnt completely dispersed either. It has been scattered in this space with some fragments remaining. All you need is a Radiant Godking who has condensed the seven-colored flowers to save her. And my empire just happens to have a Radiant Godking.

With that, the Xi Emperor formed a seal with his hand. He sent off an edict into the air, which flew towards the Xi Empire of the northern region.

Thank you for saving my daughter, senior. Thank you! Mo Xingfeng was overjoyed as he expressed his gratitude several times.

Xi Yu also let out a breath of relief now that Mo Yan could be revived. Afterwards, she looked at the ninth prince and his Godkings. Fury immediately sprang up in her eyes, and she said through gritted teeth, The disaster of the clan was all caused by them. All of them should die.

The empress looked at Xi Yu and nodded lovingly. Then, she looked at the ninth prince and his people, and her eyes immediately turned cold. With a flash, the empress arrived before a Godking who followed the ninth prince. She directly extended a slender finger towards him, sealing up all his cultivation instantly. Then, she tossed him before Xi Yu like he was a dead dog.

From the start till the end, the Godking did nothing. This was because the difference in strength was just far too great. Before the empress, he was like an ant.

I never thought the empress strength would be unfathomable as well. Shes at the Sixth Heavenly Layer at the very least.

The divine king and the Primordial realm experts of the Heavenly Moon Empire all jumped inside when they saw the empress move.

The empress continued, capturing all the other Godkings the ninth prince had brought with him. She tossed them all before Xi Yu.

Even the ninth prince of exalted status, known to be the most likely successor of the current emperor, was not spared. The empress mercilessly sealed up his cultivation and tossed him before Xi Yu.

The ninth princes face became extremely ugly. He growled, Your majesty, I am a prince of the Blood Sun Empire. If you treat me like this, itll affect the relationship between our Blood Sun Empire and your Xi Empire.

Youre too noisy! The empress called out coldly and slapped the ninth prince again, striking his other cheek.

The slap sent the ninth prince flying once again while his other cheek had become bloody as well. His face was no longer distinguishable.

Moreover, the bottom half of his skull had shattered to pieces.

However, the empress treated it like it was nothing. She did not even glance at the ninth prince after doing that. Instead, she turned around to look at Xi Yu and said gently and caringly, Yuer, these people cant resist anymore. Do you want mother to avenge you, or do you want to deal with them yourself?

Xi Yu said nothing. She stared at the Godkings furiously as the arrogant, condescending scenes of the Godkings flashed through her head clearly. Killing intent immediately filled her eyes.

She absolutely resented these Godkings. If it were not for the timely arrival of the Xi Emperor and the empress, the entire Tian Yuan clan would have probably been slaughtered. As a result, she wanted to deal with the Godkings personally.

Xi Yu brought her hands forwards and a strand of resplendent sword Qi gradually appeared between her hands. She stabbed it towards one of them.

Calm yourself, Xi Emperor. Please show mercy!

At this moment, an ancient voice rang out in the sky. It was thunderous, and it rolled through the surroundings and lingered for a long time.

Space distorted in the sky, and a few figures suddenly appeared.

At the very front were two ruddy old men. They concealed their presences, so they seemed like ordinary people, making it completely impossible to see through their cultivation. However, as they stood there, the world around them seemed to pale and dull.

Behind the two old men was a middle-aged man in dragon robes. He appeared to be dignified and seemed to be somewhat similar to the ninth prince.

This was the emperor of the Blood Sun Empire, known as the Blood Emperor by others!

A few experts of the imperial family had come along as well, standing behind the Blood Emperor.

At the same time, in the distant north, three ancient stone towers quietly stood in the forbidden grounds of the Xi Empire.

The stone towers were not tall, but they seemed like they were connected with the world. Extremely powerful laws revolved around the surroundings of each stone tower.

Haoxuan, Haoming, go visit the southern region. Our Xi Empire cant lose in terms of impression no matter what, at this moment, an ancient voice rang out from one of the stone towers.

Ancestral emperor, Ziyuns long-lost daughter An ancient voice also rang out from another stone tower.

She has been found said the person in the first stone tower.

Been found? Finally! During all these years, Ziyun has almost gone insane for his daughter. He is finally able to get this off his chest The person in the second stone tower exhaled deeply as if he could finally relax.

The situation is rather complicated. With Ziyuns temperament, hell probably cause quite the trouble. The two of you need to go this time so our Xi Empire doesnt lose in terms of impression, but you also need to stop Ziyun from causing trouble that cant be dealt with. Go, the voice in the first stone tower rang out.

Yes, ancestral emperor!

The people in the other two towers responded. With that, the presences of the two stone towers suddenly changed, and the towers immediately became seemingly simple. The powerful laws that revolved around them had completely vanished.

The towers were already empty!