Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1983

Chapter 1983: The Xi Emperors Forceful Demands

The ninth prince who the empress had sent flying with a single slap finally stopped worrying when he saw the Blood Emperor and the two old men who stood in front of the Blood Emperor arrive on time. He rose up and flew behind the Blood Emperor as quickly as he could as if he had just been spared.

However, even though the reinforcements of the Blood Sun Empire had come, the ninth prince still seemed like he was fleeing for his life from how hurriedly he behaved. It was like the Xi Emperor or the empress would stop him if he were slightly slower.

Greetings to father, to the two ancestral emperors! The ninth prince behaved extremely politely as he said all these words with great difficulty. After enduring two slaps from the empress, his entire jaw had been destroyed, so his words were no longer audible.

The Blood Emperor stood dignified. He glanced at the ninth prince emotionlessly, without showing any care. Instead, he said in a sharp, deep voice, Stand behind us. He spoke firmly and decisively.

Yes! The ninth prince answered politely, but his heart felt very heavy. He knew that after what had happened here today, he was no longer as important to his father as before.

This filled him with bitterness. All he wanted to do was find the Primordial realm expert who had stolen his Flower of Ways, but he had never thought that he would create such a big mess, even alarming the ancestral emperors of the empire.

The Xi Emperor looked at the two ancestral emperors emotionlessly. His gaze was cold. He said, Youve finally come. Thatll save me a trip to the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire. But regarding the mercy I should show, who exactly should I show it to? Is it these Godkings? Or the prince who had almost killed my daughter? Or should I show mercy to your Blood Sun Empire?

The Xi Empire spoke icily, his voice filled with heavy killing intent. He was still extremely domineering even before the two ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire.

The two ancestral emperors remained calm against the Xi Emperors forceful words. One of them said, Please calm down, Xi Emperor. We roughly understand the cause of this matter. This is indeed our fault, but fortunately, the matter hasnt developed into a big mistake. Our Blood Sun Empire will compensate your beloved daughter for her injuries, so we hope the Xi Emperor can be the bigger person and not stoop as low as this junior.

The Xi Emperors face sank suddenly. Killing intent shone in his eyes as he called out coldly, When I came here, Yuer had already lost an arm. She was extremely heavily injured, and she was at deaths door. Moreover, the people of your Blood Sun Empire wanted to force yourself onto her whilst she was so heavily injured. Is that not a big mistake? Or are you saying that its not a big mistake once Yuer dies?

The more the Xi Emperor spoke, the more furious he became. At that moment, he was like an aggravated lion. He wanted blood.

The expressions of the two ancestral emperors did not change. They looked at the Xi Emperor calmly. One of them flipped their hand, and immediately, a droplet of green liquid appeared. It gave off a mysterious pulse.

Everyones soul trembled with the appearance of the liquid. Indescribable comfort welled up in the depths of their souls as if their souls were being strengthened.

Even the divine king and the Primordial realm experts of the Heavenly Moon Empire experienced the same thing.

The pulses that the liquid gave off could actually affect Infinite Primes!

T- t- that seems to be Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies. An Infinite Prime from the imperial family of the Heavenly Moon Empire called out. Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies was stuff of legends to these Infinite Primes.

The future accomplishments of a cultivator and how far they would manage to climb with cultivation was mostly related to their talent and affinity for comprehension.

The affinity for comprehension was especially important!

Along the path of cultivation, comprehending battle skills, comprehending the mysteries of the world, and grasping the laws of the world were all related to a persons affinity for comprehension.

The greater their affinity, the faster they would be able to comprehend battle skills, and the easier they would understand the laws of the world.

In the vast Saints World, there were countless people stuck at Reciprocity. They were clearly only a step away from Godhood, but they would never be able to take this step in their lifetime.

This would not be caused by a lack of talent, but rather a lack of affinity for comprehension. They would never be able to grasp the laws of the world and obtain the key to Godhood.

After reaching Godhood, each realm of cultivation required a corresponding amount of comprehension for the laws of the world. This was more than enough to demonstrate just how important the affinity for comprehension was for cultivation.

However, the Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies just happened to be an absolute treasure that could increase a persons affinity for comprehension. It could even tempt Infinite Primes.

This was because the increase in affinity the Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies brought was not temporary, unlike how Comprehension Tea only increased comprehension for a certain time frame. It was permanent.

If a droplet of Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies was given to someone with pour talent, it would make their affinity for comprehension shocking, turning them into a complete prodigy.

Xi Emperor, you should understand the value of this droplet of Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies. May I ask if this is enough to resolve your grievances? An ancestral emperor asked.

However, the Xi Emperor did not waver at all. He said coldly, The injuries to Yuer cannot be compensated by anything. Debts of blood must be repaid with blood. The Xi Emperor spoke confidently, without any hesitation at all. Then, he turned to look at Xi Yu and said, Yuer, do it. Kill these Godkings. Id like to see who dares to stop it. Towards the end, a powerful presence radiated from the Xi Emperor, crushing down on the two ancestral emperors in an overwhelming manner.

The two ancestral emperors who had remained calm for the entire time finally changed in expression slightly. They frowned faintly.

The Blood Emperor behind them glanced at the ninth prince slightly. A sliver of coldness appeared in his dignified gaze. He sighed inside and thought, My ninth son really has gone too far this time. Of all the people he could offend, he just had to choose the Xi Emperor of the Xi Empire.

Xi Yu hesitated slightly before striking out with confidence. She killed the Godkings without showing any mercy.

Faced with Xi Yus attacks, the Godkings who had their cultivations sealed were unable to dodge at all. They could only watch death approach them.

The two ancestral emperors from the Blood Sun Empire watched on and did not choose to interfere. They had some understanding of the Xi Emperors temperament. He was a vicious person who could commit madness for his daughter without looking at the bigger picture at all.

His massacre of the many Primordial realm experts in the Xi Empire and personal slaughtering of his brothers was the best evidence.

Even the authoritative Grand Imperial Protector of the Xi Empire had not been spared.

Against someone so vicious, there would definitely be a battle between Chaotic Primes if they interfered to save these Godkings.

Very soon, Xi Yu had dealt with all the Godkings who had come with the ninth prince. Sword Qi pierced their foreheads, dispersing their souls and killing them completely.

They did not possess a tough body like Jian Chens Chaotic Body. They could emerge unscathed from attacks of Overgods, but once their cultivation was sealed up, even Deities and Origin realm experts could hurt them, let alone Overgods.

Xi Emperor, are you satisfied now? Once all the Godkings died, an ancestral emperor asked.

Hand over the ninth prince, the Xi Emperor said emotionlessly. He spoke firmly, leaving no room for negotiation.

This time, the two ancestral emperors struggled to remain composed. Their faces changed slightly.

Even the Blood Emperor standing behind them revealed an ugly expression.

Ignoring the heinous deeds the ninth prince had committed, he was still a member of the imperial family, a direct son of the Blood Sun Empire. His life did not matter, but he did represent the Blood Sun Empire.

The hearts of the two ancestral emperors sank. They did not care about the life of the ninth prince. What they truly cared about was the dignity of the Blood Sun Empire.

If they really handed over the ninth prince, and the Xi Emperor killed him right in front of them, would their Blood Sun Empire still have any dignity?