Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1984

Chapter 1984: The Xi Emperor Declares War

Xi Emperor, we cannot hand you the prince. Youve killed the Godkings and gotten your revenge. Well compensate everything your beloved daughter has suffered from with this droplet of Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies. Lets just leave the matter at this. What do you think, Xi Emperor? said an ancestral emperor of the Blood Sun Empire. He had also spoken firmly, unwilling to hand over the ninth prince.

If their Blood Sun Empire really allowed the ninth prince to be executed over some injuries to the Xi Emperors beloved daughter, their status in the southern region would plummet.

The Xi Emperor did not accept it at all. He snorted coldly, The true person behind Yuers injuries is still alive, so how have we gotten our revenge? Blood Sun Empire, let me just ask you one question. Are you going to hand him over or not?

Xi Emperor, your daughter is completely fine now, so why must you demand so much for this matter? Do you really have to make a huge scene out of a petty manner? Why must you go so far? An ancestral emperor asked. The Blood Emperor did not even possess the right to speak before the two ancestral emperors.

My daughter almost died here. That is no petty matter. The Xi Emperors face was sunken. Killing intent filled his eyes. Afterwards, a rulers presence began to radiate from him. At that moment, he seemed like the ruler of the world. He stared at the people from the Blood Sun Empire coldly and said with an extremely dignified voice, If you dont hand him over, our Xi Emperor will declare war on your Blood Sun Empire.

The Xi Emperors words were shocking. That short sentence boomed like thunder, deeply stunning everyone present.

At that moment, whether it was the people of the Tian Yuan clan, the divine king, or the Primordial realm experts from the Heavenly Moon Empire, they were all shocked. They stared at the Xi Emperor in disbelief.

The Xi Empire and the Blood Sun Empire represented the northern and southern regions respectively. They were empires who reigned across an entire region. Once a battle between the two eternal empires erupted, it would directly develop into a battle between two regions.

The Xi Emperor would actually go as far as to declare war on the Blood Sun Empire for his daughter, regardless of the consequences. It made the expressions of all the people from the Blood Sun Empire changed drastically.

A madman. The Xi Emperor is a madman beyond control. Although his daughter was injured, isnt she standing beside him right now in perfect condition? Yet he still wants to declare war against our Blood Sun Empire. Doesnt he knew how severe the consequences would be once two eternal empires go to war against each other? The Blood Emperor looked at the Xi Emperor as he cursed inside.

Only the current emperor of the Xi Empire could do something as absurd as this.

The two ancestral emperors became stern at that moment. The emperors of eternal empires did not joke around. Since the Xi Emperor had said he would declare war, he definitely was not lying. He was ready to follow through on his words.

No matter how mentally sturdy the ninth prince was, he still paled at this moment. He had never thought that injuring an Overgod in a tiny clan would develop into a war between two eternal empires. This had frightened him.

As the cause of all this, Xi Yu looked at the Xi Emperor with extremely mixed feelings. She experienced a multitude of emotions. Even she could not properly describe what she was feeling right now.

It was even more evident for the important members of the Tian Yuan clan. They were completely dumbfounded.

The two ancestral emperors looked at each other as their eyebrows were locked together tightly. They felt quite the headache when they faced the Xi Emperor who completely ignored the bigger picture and would do anything for his daughter, even if it meant involving the entire eternal empire.

Ziyun, calm down!

At this moment, an ancient voice rang out. With it, the space beside the Xi Emperor rippled, and two ruddy old men emerged silently.

They were Xi Haoxuan and Xi Haoming who had hurried over from the Xi Empire. They were the ancestral emperors of the Xi Empire!

As for Xi Haoxuan, he was the father of the current emperor, Xi Ziyun!

The appearance of Xi Haoxuan and Xi Haoming did not make the Xi Emperors expression change at all. On the other hand, the empress immediately showed respect. She pulled Xi Yu over and bowed at Xi Haoxuan and Xi Haoming first before looking at Xi Yu. She said gently, Yuer, theyre your grandfather and great-grandfather. Why dont you greet them?

Dont. Yuer, hes not worthy of being your grandfather.

However, the Xi Emperor appeared before Xi Yu and said emotionlessly right after the empress spoke.

Bitterness immediately filled Xi Haoxuans face. He sighed gently as he studied Xi Yu with his eyes. There was some benevolence in his gaze as well.

Ziyun, theres too much involved in declaring war. You cant say that so easily, Xi Haoming said to the Xi Emperor sternly.

Im the current emperor and one of the ancestral emperors of the Xi Empire. I have the authority. If the Blood Sun Empire doesnt hand him over, then I can only declare war, the Xi Emperor said coldly. He showed no respect.

Xi Haoming also sighed when he saw how stubborn the Xi Emperor was. He felt rather helpless about the Xi Emperor.

As an ancestral emperor of the Xi Empire, he was a paramount existence. He represented the supreme authority of the eternal empire. If the current emperor dared to turn against him, he could even lay him off with a single word.

However, Xi Ziyun was rather special, special to the point where even Xi Haoming and Xi Haoxuan, his two seniors, had to let him have his way most of the time.

Ziyun, let me talk with the Blood Sun Empire instead. Ill try to reach a solution where were both happy, Xi Haoming said to the Xi Emperor.

In the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire in the southern region, Jian Chen and Kai Ya quickly made their way through the bustling streets. They hurried towards the centre of the city. It was closest to the imperial palace there, so it was the safest place in the southern region.

The Blood Sun Empire is the ruler of the southern region as the only eternal empire. The imperial palace is important in the Blood Sun Empire as well, so fighting is naturally prohibited. I hope this place can keep Huai An at bay, Jian Chen thought. Now that he had raised the attention of a vice-leader of the Empyrean Demon Cult, he felt like he was in great danger at all times.

After all, a Primordial realm expert was hunting him down. Although the divine king had kept Huai An busy, he understood that this was only temporary. The divine king could not buy a lot of time for him.