Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1990

Chapter 1990: An Agreement Of Ten Thousand Years

The two ancestral emperors of the Xi Empire, who had come from the northern region, Xi Haoxuan and Xi Haoming, were currently having a discussion with the two ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire. They conversed secretly through communication techniques. As such, aside from the four of them, no one else knew the contents of their negotiation, including the Xi Emperor, Xi Ziyun.

However, the Xi Emperor did not care about their negotiation at all. He did not care about the process. He only wanted to know the outcome. If the outcome dissatisfied him, no one could stop what he would do, even if two of the ancestral emperors of the Xi Empire were present, including his father.

In the past when he was still a prince, Xi Ziyun was refined and graceful. He was knowledgeable, skilled in both planning and scheming. He excelled in all aspects, earning his fathers high regard. However, the Xi Ziyun of the past just happened to be a pacifist, showing no interest in the position of emperor at all. He had not even considered contending for the position.

As a result, in the past, Xi Ziyun did not develop the power on his side like the other princes in the Xi Empire. He had always been alone as a prince, and he maintained an extremely low profile.

However, the matters of the past had made him lose his daughter, and it was also from that moment onwards that he changed drastically. He stopped being a pacifist. For his daughter, he had almost become insane, wildly taking revenge on his enemies who had hunted him down and caused him to lose his daughter.

This was more than enough to show just how important his daughter was to him.

In the eyes of other emperors, the interests of the empire were supreme. They were willing to lose their children for the empire.

However, Xi Ziyun was different. He was an emperor who could sacrifice the empire for his daughter!

Now that he had finally found his long-lost daughter, he would certainly do everything for her.

As the ancestral emperors of the two eternal empires negotiated with one another, the Xi Emperor and the empress revolved around Xi Yu as they showed great concern for her. At that moment, they did not seem like an emperor and an empress at all.

However, Xi Yu spoke sparingly when she was faced with the care and concern from the Xi Emperor and the empress. She stared at them with extremely mixed feelings. Even she struggled to describe the emotions she was feeling.

All of this had happened so suddenly. Just when the Tian Yuan clan faced a great disaster, the parents she had never seen before actually appeared and completely overwhelmed the ninth prince. At the same time, they stood up against the ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire. All of this was like a dream to Xi Yu.

It was as if she still had not completely accepted the dramatic developments from the bottom of her heart.

It went without saying for the reactions of the people in the surroundings. They seemed to have turned into stone long ago.

I never thought that Xi Yu of the Tian Yuan clan would actually be the daughter of the emperor of the Xi Empire. Sang Tu, you should be glad you did not become enemies with the Tian Yuan clan. Otherwise, the consequences would have been The divine king sighed as he communicated this to the ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect secretly.

The ancestor of the Earth Spirit sect experienced angst. Only he understood the reason why he had let the Tian Yuan clan go, even giving them a Godking from his sect to settle the grievances between them, and it was not because of Jian Chens talent. Instead, the woman in white had threatened him. Sang Tu feared her deeply, or even dreaded her due to her might. As a result, he had stepped down and dared not to target the Tian Yuan clan anymore.

If it had not been for the woman in white, Sang Tu would have never just let the matter be. After all, this affected the pride and prestige of his Earth Spirit sect. As a peak organisation in the Heavenly Moon Empire, the Earth Spirit sect naturally needed to protect their pride.

However, only after personally witnessing what had happened in the Tian Yuan clan did Sang Tu realise just how clever of a decision settling his differences with the Tian Yuan clan was.

However, Sang Tu seemed to think of something very soon. His face immediately changed, and his forehead became covered with cold sweat. Great unease permeated his heart as well as endless regret.

Suddenly, he remembered that the ninth prince had come to the Tian Yuan clan because of the information he had sent in the jade fragment. If the Xi Emperor looked into the matter

Sang Tu became unsettled when he thought of that. His heart was filled with fear. The fact that the princess of the Xi Empire had almost just died was directly related to him.

I didnt leave my presence or name on the jade fragment. Moreover, the details recorded on there are already no secret. As long as I deny all claims no matter what, even the ninth prince wont have any evidence to prove that it was me, Sang Tu secretly made up his mind.

At this moment, the negotiation between the two parties reached a conclusion. The two ancestral emperors of the Xi Empire arrived before the Xi Emperor. The emperors father said, Ziyun, the Blood Sun Empire is willing to compensate Yuer with the droplet of Spiritual Essence of Starry Skies and various heavenly resources. At the same time, Yuer can take an arm of the ninth prince. The matter will end like this.

The other ancestral emperor added as well, Ziyun, your father and I know that you are absolutely enraged. However, this matter hasnt developed into an unfixable mistake in the end. Moreover, the Blood Sun Empire is also an eternal empire. Their strength is roughly the same as ours. Lets just take their pride into consideration and not create a mess that cant be tidied up. It wont benefit our Xi Empire or their Blood Sun Empire at all if that happens.

The benevolent face the Xi Emperor had shown to Xi Yu immediately sank when he heard that. A paramount presence radiated from him, and he said coldly, No. No matter who it is, if they touch my daughter, I will make them pay with blood. If they want to protect the ninth prince, I will use my authority as emperor to declare war against the Blood Sun Empire!

Youre messing around! Xi Haoxuans face sank. He objected it greatly. Even Xi Haoming responded in a similar manner. In their eyes, the interest of the empire were everything. They could give up on their children for the sake of the empire, so how could they let the Xi Emperor do something as crazy as this?

Xi Ziyuns face was cold. He said emotionlessly, If thats the case, I will abdicate as emperor and cut off all ties with the Xi Empire. My wife and I can still avenge our daughter without using the power of the Xi Empire.

The expressions of Xi Haoxuan and Xi Haoming changed with that. Even the two ancestral emperors of the Blood Sun Empire revealed rather ugly expressions.

They could hear the determination in the Xi Emperors voice. It was the type where he would never stop until he achieved his aim.

Xi Emperor, why dont we do this? Well set a time frame of ten thousand years. With the talent of your esteemed princess and the nurturing of your Xi Empire, shell definitely be able to become a Godking in that time frame. After that, the ninth prince of our Blood Sun Empire can engage in a battle with your esteemed princess, and we can resolve all grievances through the fight. What do you think, Xi Emperor? An ancestral emperor of the Blood Sun Empire suggested.

Hmph, in ten thousand years time, your ninth prince will probably have reached the Primordial realm already. Our Yuer is only an Overgod right now. Even if she reaches Godking in ten thousand years, how will she be the ninth princes opponent, someone who has been a Godking for many years now? The empress sneered.