Chaotic Sword God Chapter 1996

Chapter 1996: The Wolf King Arrives

In the blink of an eye, two of the seven confident Overgods of the Swordswolf adventurers had already died. They had been slain in a single strike by Kai Ya and Jian Chen.

The people of the Swordswolf adventurers were not the only ones shocked. Even the observers below were dumbfounded.

Retreat! The five remaining people paled in fright. Now that they could not use their combined attack, they retreated as quickly as they could.

Jian Chen charged up. The Startling Rainbow sword turned into a blur as he stabbed towards a second person.

Jian Chens strike was just too fast. It had surpassed the speed that the naked eye could capture. Although the Overgods could sense it with their soul, they were powerless against it.


Jian Chens sword directly plunged into the head of a second Overgod. In less than a few seconds, Jian Chen had already claimed the life of two Overgods.

At the same time, Kai Ya had caught up as well. With a wave of her hand, the Laws of Destruction condensed, and she struck out without any mercy at all. Her palm strike struck a persons head and terrifying Laws of Destruction surged. It directly dispersed his soul and cracked his head.

Even though Jian Chen and his group faced the Swordswolf adventurers three against seven in the arena of life and death, their strengths were on completely different levels. Even though there were two late Overgods among the seven of them, they were regular late Overgods at most. Let alone the difference from supreme Overgods, but even the prodigies of some large sects were far more powerful than them.

As a result, the battle was one-sided, or more correctly, it was not a battle, but a one-sided slaughter. Instantly, only the middle-aged man who had approached Jian Chen first remained among the seven of them.

The middle-aged man was called Qing Fan. Even though he was a late Overgod, making him one of the most powerful among the seven, he could not help but pale in fright when he faced Jian Chen and Kai Ya right now. Chills ran down his spine while his forehead had already become covered with a thin layer of sweat.

Out of the seven Overgods, only he remained in the blink of an eye. Just who did they provoke?

Right now, Qing Fan was filled with regret.

Dont kill me, dont kill me. Brother, it was my wrong earlier. I, Qing Fan, will apologise to you right here and make it up to you. I hope you can be the bigger man and spare my life, Qing Fan basically begged with a trembling voice.

Spare your life? Jian Chen sneered. He glared at Qing Fan and said, Isnt your Swordswolf adventurers pretty powerful? Provoking us purposefully and forcing us into the arena of life and death. Were standing in the arena of life and death now, so why are you begging for forgiveness now?

Hmph. Dont get cocky because the people begging for forgiveness will become you very soon, at this moment, a growl filled with killing intent rang out. The scarred captain of the Swordswolf adventurers, the Wolf King, had arrived at the arena of life and death with his two other Godkings.

The three of them seemed to be striding along steadily, but they would cross hundreds of meters with each step. With just a few steps, the three of them directly passed through the barrier and arrived in the arena.

Once they had entered the arena of life and death, it would mean a death match had begun. No one could leave until victory was decided.


Qing Fans eyes immediately lit up with the Wolf Kings arrival. It was as if he saw a bright lantern in the dark night, gaining hope and confidence. As the attention of Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and master Chanlong was drawn towards the Wolf King, a vicious light flickered through Qing Fans eyes. He silently took out a dagger and stabbed it towards Jian Chens heart.

The dagger flickered with a gloomy blue light. It gave off an icy-cold presence, which was enough to cause people to feel chills. It had been covered with an extremely powerful poison.

Qing Fans sneak attack was unexpectedly successful. The dagger directly pierced through Jain Chens clothes, and the sharp blade landed on Jian Chens chest.

Qing Fan was secretly overjoyed when he saw that his sneak attack had succeeded. However, his face froze very soon as he stared at Jian Chens chest with widened eyes. Disbelief filled his face.

Although his dagger had stabbed at Jian Chens chest, it did not penetrate anything. It did not even make it through his skin.

In particular, the great resistance he felt in his right hand was like he had stabbed at a steel wall instead.

H- how is this possible? Qing Fan was extremely shocked inside. Jian Chen had blocked his sneak attack with his body alone. He had never seen or even heard of such a powerful body before.

However, before Qing Fan could think too much about it, a streak of light rapidly expanded in his eyes. A strand of sword Qi shot out from Jian Chens hand, piercing Qing Fans forehead.


The Wolf King cried out furiously from nearby. He had already charged over as a blur in an attempt to save Qing Fan from Jian Chen.

However, he was too late. The sword Qi from Jian Chens hand directly left behind a bloody hole in Qing Fans forehead. It had entered his soul and wiped it out on the spot.

The Wolf King howled out angrily, and his pupils became silver-white. The presence from him surged as he charged at Jian Chen murderously. His right hand turned into a claw as the laws of a Godking descended. He swung it at Jian Chens head mercilessly.

During all that, his five fingers had silently turned into five claws that shone with cold light.

Jian Chens face did not change. He remained calm and composed. He formed a seal with his hand, and a golden strand of sword Qi condensed. It shot off as a dazzling streak of light.


With a heavy sound, the sword Qi collided with the claws of the Wolf King, making his body tremble. He staggered backwards uncontrollably as a vicious slash appeared on his right hand. It left behind a white mark on his five long claws.

Since youve already entered the arena of life and death, only the victorious can leave, Jian Chen said coldly. He took a step out and appeared before the Wolf King like he had teleported. He slashed the Startling Rainbow sword to prevent the Wolf King from escaping.

I never thought Id meet a supreme Overgod here, the Wolf King was stern. He howled out, and his body rapidly swelled at the same time. In the blink of an eye, he had turned into a silver-white wolf that was ten meters in length.

Nine bone-like swords stood on the wolfs back. They shone with cold light as they pulsed with powerful energy.

The captain of the Swordswolf adventurers was not a human. He was a swordswolf.

Moreover, now that the captain had reverted to his original form, his presence had clearly become stronger.