Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2000

Chapter 2000: The Elders Summoning

In the blink of an eye, three days had already passed since the battle in the arena of life and death. During this time, Jian Chen had already made a full recovery thanks to the unimaginable regeneration of his Chaotic Body. However, he was unable to remove the power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline no matter what he tried. All he could do was leave it inside and suppress it with a portion of his Chaotic Force.

Afterwards, Jian Chen took out the Wolf Kings Space Ring and sent the senses of his soul into it to probe.

The Space Ring was filled with various items. Aside from the basic necessities, there were large amounts of divine crystals and pills, and there were various materials for forging weapons and heavenly resources for refining pills.

The Space Ring contained all the wealth of a Godking. Although it was nowhere close to Yaxi Lians wealth, it was still quite impressive to Jian Chen.

Hmm? Thats Cloudcurl Stone!

Theres even Essence Metal of Five Elements!

At this moment, Jian Chens eyes lit up, and he immediately became elated. He had once again found two materials for forging the twin swords in the Wolf Kings Space Ring. Without any hesitation, he immediately took away the Cloudcurl Stone and Essence Metal of Five Elements.

There are fewer and fewer materials I need for forging the twin weapons. However, due to the limits of my strength in the past, I was restricted to the region of the Divine Kingdom of Pingtian, so collecting the materials were naturally difficult. But as my strength increases, I can gradually increase my range of search. I believe itll become even easier to collect the other materials, Jian Chen thought. He was eager inside, eager to reforge the twin swords.

The Startling Rainbow sword has shattered. I need to find a suitable sword soon, or my battle prowess will be drastically affected. Jian Chen got off the jade bed and made his way out. Kai Ya and Chanlong stayed in the rooms right next to him.

When he opened the door, Jian Chen discovered a black-robed man standing outside. There was the symbol of a spatial battleship on his clothes.

Jian Chen understood this persons identity when he saw the symbol. He had learnt from master Chanlong that all the people who wore such attires were a part of the disciplinary team of the battleship.

Jian Chen became rather surprised when he saw a member of the disciplinary team standing outside his room.

Sir, the elders have asked for you!

The person said at this moment. His face remained emotionless, and his voice was forceful. He seemed cold.

Jian Chen hesitated slightly before nodding, Let me see my friends first, and Ill be right there. The fact that the elders of the spatial battleship wanted to see him did not surprise Jian Chen. At the same time, he did not turn them down.

Outer space in the Saints World was not as calm as it seemed. The dangers that lurked there even surpassed the dangers on land. The spatial battleship would encounter various dangers all the time. Even though the ship was covered with powerful formations, it could not guarantee complete safety.

As a result, experts would travel on each spatial battleship to protect it when it moved through outer space.

They were paramount existences in the spatial battleship. Others knew them as elders. At the same time, they controlled everything in the spatial battleship.

Afterwards, Jian Chen visited Kai Ya and Chanlongs rooms. He learnt that they were fine before following the black-robed person to the highest floor of the spatial battleship.

Jian Chen could not help but think about master Chanlong along the way. Jian Chen had no idea what master Chanlong was to him. They were not friends. Strictly speaking, they had even been enemies in the past.

However, due to Kai Ya who was wedged between them, their relationship became extremely confusing. They were originally enemies, but gradually, their grievances for each other seemed to disappear unknowingly.

Not to mention that it was Chanlongs assistance that allowed him to board the spatial battleship when Huai An was hunting him down.

Even though he knew master Chanlong had done this to save Kai Ya, he also managed to avoid Huai An through this. This made him feel like he owed master Chanlong a favor.

Were here. The elders are inside. You can go in yourself.

At this moment, the black-robed persons voice rang out. He had already arrived on the top floor of the spatial battleship unknowingly.

Jian Chen clasped his fist at the person who had brought him here before pushing through the door and entering. As soon as he went in, he discovered three old men seated inside.

As the old men had all concealed their presences, they seemed to be nothing special in Jian Chens eyes.

However, Jian Chen knew that these three seemingly ordinary old men were peak experts who had reached the Primordial realm.

However, when Jian Chen saw the red-robed old man, his eyes immediately narrowed. He seemed to remember that just when he was about to board the spatial battleship, a red-robed old man had fortunately stopped Huai Ans attacks towards him. He had stopped Huai An, which allowed him and Kai Ya to enter the spatial battleship safely.

Jian Chen immediately understood that the red-robed old man was the same person who had stopped Huai An in the imperial capital of the Blood Sun Empire. Immediately, he clasped his first and said, Junior Jian Chen thanks senior for saving my life!

Hong Mo smiled faintly, Theres no need to thank me. When I interfered before, it was not to save you. Instead, it was because I was tasked with protecting the spatial battleship. Naturally, I cant let any passenger be injured. Otherwise, my dignity would take a hit.

Hong Mo paused after reaching there. He studied Jian Chen seriously and praised, Jian Chen, you are very impressive and extremely outstanding. Youve actually managed to defeat a Godking swordswolf as a late Overgod, particularly a swordswolf that possesses a shred of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline.

With the power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline, there are very few people that can match up to him at a similar cultivation level. Once he uses that power, even mid Godkings are likely to die, yet youve survived. I never expected that.

Jian Chen could not help but become curious about the ancient Skywolf seeing how the power of the bloodline was mentioned again. He asked, Senior, is the ancient Skywolf powerful?

You dont say. The bloodline of the ancient Skywolf rivals that of the War God from the God clan. Its just slightly worse. Moreover, the ancient Skywolf used to be one of the Grand Exalts of our Saints World. Do you think its powerful? If it werent for the fact that the bloodline was very thin, you definitely would not be alive right now, the white-robed old man stared at Jian Chen with some evident annoyance.

Jian Chen had cost him an extremely valuable material. It was the main material for forging a god artifact, and he had collected it after great difficulty. In the end, he lost it to Hong Mo through the bet.

Jian Chen was astounded. He had never thought that the ancient Skywolf used to be a Grand Exalt of the Saints World!

The white-robed old man felt great displeasure towards Jian Chen since he had lost a valuable material. Looking at how astounded Jian Chen had become, he could not help but scoff, It looks like you dont know what kind of existence a Grand Exalt is. Allow me to give you, the junior, a proper lesson.