Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2001

Chapter 2001: Abnormal Movements Of The Bloodline

The white-robed old man paused before continuing, Above Godkings is the Primordial realm. I think you know that as well. The Primordial realm is split into three major levels, and these levels are Infinite Prime, Chaotic Prime, and Grand Prime.

Grand Prime is the final point of the Primordial realm. It is the last cultivation realm in cultivation. At the same time, they are existences that stand at the peak of the Saints World. However, Grand Prime only forms a realm of cultivation. There are obvious differences between power among Grand Primes. Its split into nine Heavenly Layers. The First Heavenly Layer to the Third Heavenly Layer are early Grand Primes, the Fourth Heavenly Layer to the Sixth Heavenly Layer are mid Grand Primes, and the Seventh Heavenly Layer to the Ninth Heavenly Layer are late Grand Primes.

Across the forty-nine great planes and eighty-one great planets, there are many experts who have reached Grand Prime, but they all basically range from the First Heavenly Layer to the Sixth Heavenly Layer, which are early Grand Primes and mid Grand Primes. Extremely few people can become late Grand Primes. As a matter of fact, there arent any late Grand Primes on many great planes and planets. There are even some without mid Grand Primes.

Logically speaking, the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime is the apex of the Primordial realm, but in reality, the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime is not the peak of cultivation. Some unprecedented prodigies are able to understand the endless mysteries of the universe completely, comprehending their laws to the utmost limit. As a result, they can continue from the Ninth Heavenly Layer of Grand Prime and reach a higher level.

Although that level still makes them Grand Primes, those who can reach such a level are inconceivably powerful. They are almost above the laws of the world as if they are the universe, which is extremely terrifying. In order to show enough respect for these experts who can attain something like this, and to separate them from the other Grand Primes, these supreme experts are known as Grand Exalts!

In the entire Saints World, only a handful of people possess the title of Grand Prime. The ancient Skywolf once possessed that title.

Reaching there, the white-robed old man looked at Jian Chen and said, Do you understand just how powerful the ancient Skywolf is now?

Jian Chen had some understanding of Grand Exalts from the sword spirits. However, the white-robed old man had just assumed that it was impossible for Jian Chen, a mere Overgod, to know about this.

Even with that being the case, Jian Chen was still doubtful after listening to the white-robed old mans words. He could not help but think about what he experienced in Anatta Grand Primes residence palace in the lower world. He asked, Senior, I once heard that the laws of the world are divided into a hundred percent. The hundredth percent is the limit, and all you need to do is comprehend to the limit, and youll become a Grand Exalt.

The eyes of the three old men seated there shone. They looked at Jian Chen deeply, and the white-robed old man said with some surprise, I never thought youd know such ancient information. Thats right, the laws of the world can indeed be split into a hundred percent, but this concept is extremely ancient, ancient to the point where even I have only heard legends about it. However, regardless of the concept, its just a way of understanding it. Theres no major difference in reality.

Thats right. For example, the Immortals World that opposes us has a different name for each cultivation realm, completely different from our Saints World. However, the laws they comprehend are the same as the ones in our Saints World. Its still the three thousand ways of the cosmos, said the red-robed old man.

As soon as he heard the mention of the Immortals World, Jian Chens heart shuddered. He became cautious naturally, and he hid the twin swords deeply away.

Fortunately, he was now different compared to before. As such, unless the three Primordial realm experts personally checked over his body carefully, they would struggle to detect the existence of the twin swords.

Moreover, as his strength increased in the future, his ability to hide the twin swords would become better and better.

Jian Chen, can I see the ninth bone sword of the swordswolf? The red-robed old man looked at Jian Chen calmly.

Of course, Jian Chen replied without any hesitation. Immediately, he took out the bone sword from his Space Ring.

The red-robed old man studied the bone sword for a while before sighing. He said in pity, Although it possesses the power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline, its just too thin. If it were slightly denser, I might have been willing to give you a good price for it.

The red-robed old man returned it to Jian Chen. He said in pity, Theres not much value to collecting this bone sword. The bloodline power in there is basically useless to me.

There was nothing that Jian Chen could say in response. In his eyes, since the bone sword contained a sliver of power from a Grand Exalts bloodline, it was priceless, yet to the red-robed old man, there was not even value in collecting it.

It was not just the red-robed old man. He discovered that the other two Primordial realm experts treated the bone sword indifferently as if it was nothing of value.

The power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline is extremely special. It cant be absorbed. Even if you give it to other canine magical beasts, theres nothing they can do with it because the power of the bloodline is innate. Its an innate power, the red-robed old man explained, perhaps due to the fact that he saw Jian Chens confusion.

These words enlightened Jian Chen. He could not help but think of the white tiger. When the ruler of the Beast God Continent wanted to obtain the white tigers bloodline, he could only take over the white tigers body through possession and not some other method.

This was because the power of the bloodline was indeed difficult to take. Aside from the possession of the body, there was basically no other method.

Afterwards, the three old men asked a few more questions, such as which sect Jian Chen came from or if he had any particular background.

Jian Chen had prepared answers for these questions beforehand. He mentioned fairy Hao Yue and spun a web of lies and truths, making his way through them.

The three old men did not trouble Jian Chen. After understanding some basic information, they dismissed him.

Hong Mo, what do you think?

Mo He looked at Hong Mo after Jian Chen had left.

Hong Mo nodded, This kid is impressive. Hes able to kill Godkings as a late Overgod. Once he becomes a Godking, hell definitely make it onto the Godkings Throne, but his cultivation is just a little lacklustre right now. If he becomes a Godking, we can place our hopes on him. The Neptunean Divine Palace opens once every ten thousand years. If we look at the time, itll be opening soon. Thats a battlefield of Godkings. If he enters as an Overgod, hell just be able to keep himself alive barely. We cant just waste the Neptunean Token we obtained after so much difficulty.

Lets just give up on the Neptunean Divine Palace this time and wait another ten thousand years. As long as Jian Chen is still alive, hell definitely become a Godking in ten thousand years. We can give the Neptunean Token to him them so that he can retrieve the items for us.

And during this time, I can send some people to investigate Jian Chens background and identity and see if hes been telling the truth or not so that we know whether to trust him.

Jian Chen sat down on his jade bed in his high class cabin. He held the ninth bone sword that possessed a sliver of the power from the ancient Skywolfs bloodline and studied it carefully. He sent the senses of his soul into the bone sword to check on the bloodline of the ancient Skywolf, to see whether the bone sword could remove the residual power in his body or not.

As the senses of Jian Chens soul entered the bone sword, he gradually found the power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline. It was only a thumb-sized cloud of red mist. Perhaps due to being too thin, it had not even condensed into a liquid.

Even though it was very thin, there was no doubt about its power. Jian Chen could clearly sense a desolate, primordial presence from the power of the bloodline. It seemed to contain the unruliness and feral nature of a wild beast.

However, Jian Chens face changed slightly at this moment. The power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline he had been suppressing in his body actually began to rampage wildly as if it wanted to break free from Jian Chens suppression.

With that thought, Jian Chen controlled his Chaotic Force to strengthen the suppression so that he could keep the power of the bloodline under his control.

However, Jian Chen was astounded very soon. As he suppressed the power of the bloodline, he discovered that the power of the bloodline in the ninth bone sword seemed to awaken. It left the bone sword and flowed into his body through his hands.