Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2002

Chapter 2002: Suppressing The Bloodline

The power of the bloodline within the bone sword moved extremely quickly. By the time Jian Chen detected its movement, it was too late for him to stop it. In a single instance, the power entered his body through his hands.

Jian Chens heart suddenly sank. Without hesitating at all, he immediately controlled his Chaotic Force to stop this power.


Even though there was just a sliver of the bloodline power, it could not be underestimated. When the two collided, a loud sound immediately erupted.

Spurt! Jian Chen vomited a mouthful of blood as his body shook violently. The collision of the two powers in his body turned his body into a battlefield. He had become quite injured as blood oozed out of his pores.

If it were not for his Chaotic Body, which was extremely tough, the force emitted from the collision of the powers would probably be enough to tear him to pieces.

The two bloodline powers rapidly approached each other in Jian Chens body. They pincered down on Jian Chens Chaotic Force as if they wanted to join together.

Just suppressing one of the powers had taken up more than half of Jian Chens Chaotic Force. Now that the two powers had pincered him, the pressure that Jian Chen experienced was different from simple addition.

As a result, Jian Chen only lasted for a few seconds before a hole appeared in his Chaotic Force blockade, allowing the two powers to unite completely in his body.

Jian Chen sensed how bad the situation was. Just the power that had been deposited in his body made him helpless before. Now that the two powers had fused together, it became even more powerful. His heart sank completely.

Before Jian Chen could think too much, a desolate, primordial presence suddenly appeared. After the power of the bloodline had fused together, it was as if it had become whole again. It gave off a boundless presence that surprised even Jian Chen.

Just a rough sense of the presence made Jian Chen experience an extremely ancient and distant feeling as if it had slumbered for countless years, becoming as old as the universe.

The effects of the presence had taken Jian Chen to an extremely ancient time. In a daze, he seemed to see an ancient Skywolf that filled up half of the cosmos, stepping on the suns and planets as it gave off an otherworldly terrifying presence. It raised its head and produced a long, high howl.

From the howl, space distorted and was destroyed. The laws of the world were thrown into a mess.

Spurt! Jian Chen vomited a mouthful of blood again. His soul had been shaken up violently. The blurry image that had appeared in his head affected his soul greatly.

In particular, the presence from the ancient Skywolf made Jian Chen feel like his soul was collapsing.

At the same time, the bloodline power in Jian Chens body shuddered violently. It rampaged through Jian Chens body destructively.

Jian Chen gritted his teeth as he guarded his head closely. He did his best to break his soul free from the influence of the desolate presence as he controlled all his Chaotic Force to suppress the power of the bloodline.

He had even used the Laws of the Sword with his Chaotic Force to suppress the power.

However, it was still not enough. After all, the two powers had become even more powerful after they had fused. Even though it was very thin, it possessed an absolute advantage in terms of quality. It was several times more powerful than Jian Chens current half-assed Chaotic Force.

Master, allow us to assist you!

At this moment, the voices of the sword spirits rang out in Jian Chens head. Afterwards, the base power of the sword spirits appeared in Jian Chens body, moving through him cautiously at an extremely gradually rate. It took part in suppressing the power.

Over the years, the sword spirits had always been slumbering to recover. Rarely did they awaken. It had to be mentioned that the sword spirits recovered at a far greater rate ever since Jian Chens arrival in the Saints World compared to on the Tian Yuan Continent. They had already recovered some of their strength. As such, even though they were nowhere close to their peak, they were still able to help out Jian Chen at a time like this.

However, due to their special identity, they could only hide in Jian Chens body. They did not dare to show themselves in the Saints World.

Even when they assisted Jian Chen in suppressing the power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline, they did it extremely carefully. They fully concealed their presences, without letting any of it leak out at all.

The power of the bloodline suddenly shuddered when it sensed the power of the sword spirits. As if it had detected a great threat, it immediately fell quiet. It was now filled with cautiousness and vigilance.

The power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline was indeed extremely great. However, the sword spirits possessed power at a higher level, as they originated from the yin and yang that had separated from chaos. They were spirits that had formed from strands of Yin Qi and Yang Qi. They were truly immortal and unkillable existences.

In the past, the backlash from the fusion of the two swords had even claimed the life of their previous master, a Grand Exalt, someone who truly possessed overwhelming abilities and was basically a part of the universe. However, although they were heavily wounded, the sword spirits survived.

In the end, with the help from the sword spirits, Jian Chen finally suppressed the power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline.

However, Jian Chen felt no joy at all, as not only did he use all his Chaotic Force to suppress it, but he even used the Laws of the Sword. He was basically using everything he had. In his current situation, he could not even move about.

At this moment, Jian Chens consciousness was affected once again. The desolate and primordial presence from the power of the bloodline made him see an ancient Skywolf that filled up half the cosmos. It stepped on the suns and planets as it howled once again.

Jian Chens soul shuddered heavily once again. The indescribably frightening pressure from the ancient Skywolf had deeply shocked him. Once again, he felt like his soul was collapsing.

This time, as there was no power of the bloodline running amok in his body, Jian Chen was able to clearly sense the might of the ancient Skywolf for longer.

However, this only lasted for five minutes before an intense sense of dizziness forced Jian Chen out of that state.

In that short moment, the power of his soul that had just recovered was completely drained. He felt like the world was spinning around him as his head throbbed, tempting Jian Chen to directly fall unconscious.

Jian Chen immediately took out a few Soul Recovery Pills and ingested them. Fortunately, he had purchased quite a few of them while he was the imperial capital of the Xuandao Empire. Coupled with the ones he had found in the Wolf Kings Space Ring, he possessed quite a few of them now.

However, Jian Chens eyes suddenly lit up when he ingested the Soul Recovery Pills. He was elated. He discovered that his soul had actually strengthened slightly.