Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2003

Chapter 2003: Breakthroughs Of The Soul

The droplet of power from the ancient Skywolfs bloodline can actually assist me in refining my soul such that not only will it become more consolidated, but it will even become more powerful? Jian Chen felt extremely surprised; this was quite an unexpected benefit.

Jian Chen ingested several Soul Recovery Pills happily and recovered the power of his soul as quickly as he could.

The recovery rate was extremely fast. A while later, Jian Chens power of the soul had completely rejuvenated, and without any hesitation, he immediately repeated what he did before, viewing the image of the ancient Skywolf the power of the bloodline created.

Immediately, the same image appeared in Jian Chens head. Jian Chen did not know why the desolate and ancient presence of the power would cause this. He only knew that its existence could increase his strength.

It was the same image as before, the same humongous and glorious Skywolf stood in outer space, radiating with a terrifying presence.

Jian Chens soul was shaken up once again. At that moment, he felt as insignificant as a rowboat in the surging oceans, where he would be smashed to pieces and sunken at any time. He felt like his soul was about to collapse.

With his previous experience, Jian Chen guarded his soul closely this time and paid close attention to it. Very soon, he discovered in great joy that although the power of his soul was being consumed rapidly, his soul was indeed strengthening.

The power of the soul can actually be strengthened like this? No. My soul is not strengthening from the pressure. Instead, the desolate and ancient presence from the power is fusing into my soul. The strengthening has to do with the presence, Jian Chen discovered the secret of why his soul was strengthening very soon. However, this made him furrow his brows. He immediately checked if there were any consequences from absorbing the presence.

However, Jian Chens heart suddenly sank after he checked. There was a sliver of evil, red energy in his soul. It had remained there from when he absorbed the energy of the crisis of the world back on the Tian Yuan Continent, having fused with his soul long ago.

Right now, he discovered that instead of him absorbing the desolate presence from the power of the bloodline, it was the evil power absorbing the presence.

It was just that due to the fact that his soul had fused with the evil power, his soul also benefited when the evil power absorbed the desolate presence.

So its all because of you that my soul is strengthening. Jian Chen fell silent. He had no idea whether to continue the absorption or to stop immediately.

A sliver of the evil spirits power had contaminated his soul, so it brought on too many unstable factors. It had once even affected his soul and made him lose his mind.

In the past few years, his strength had been increasing rapidly, so he had been able to suppress the evil spirits power to prevent it from affecting him during that period of time.

However, once the evil power grew as well, suppressing it would no longer be as easy.

This was unless he could maintain an absolute advantage in terms of power to keep it suppressed.

As Jian Chen hesitated, the thought of Huai An hunting him down crossed his mind again. This made him clench his teeth suddenly as he made up his mind. He continued to absorb the presence from the power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline.

Jian Chen entered a long period of secluded cultivation. Through the power of the bloodline, his soul basically grew every single day. However, the number of Soul Recovery Pills he needed each time gradually increased as his soul strengthened.

In just half a month, Jian Chen used up all the Soul Recovery Pills on him. Without them, it would take an extremely long time for the power of his soul to recover once he used it all.

However, Jian Chen had no intentions of stopping. He called Kai Ya over and gave her a large amount of supreme grade divine crystals to buy many Soul Recovery Pills and heavenly resources that could allow the soul to recover on the spatial battleship. Afterwards, he continued his secluded cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, two months had already passed. During that time, Jian Chen had consumed countless Soul Recovery Pills. Jian Chen had basically bought out all the Soul Recovery Pills and heavenly resources that could recover the power of the soul, directly causing their price to skyrocket.

After the two months of secluded cultivation, Jian Chens soul finally broke through to the level of Godkings. Even though it was only early Godking, he had reached the peak of early Godking, where he was only a single step away from reach mid Godking.

Of course, only the power of his soul had been increased. His Chaotic Force and comprehension of the Laws of the Sword remained at late Overgod.

However, there were some consequences as well. The sliver of evil power in Jian Chens soul had strengthened along with his soul.

The desolate presence from the power of the bloodline had become extremely weak, but Jian Chen still did not emerge. That one image of the ancient Skywolf treading on the celestial bodies and roaring had appeared in his mind countless times.

After two whole months of viewing it, the image was like an iron brand, stamped into the depths of Jian Chens soul such that he would never be able to forget it.

Jian Chen even experienced illusions as if he was the ancient Skywolf that trode on those planets and stars, producing a howl that could make the universe tremble.

Moreover, as he absorbed more and more of the presence, the illusion became stronger and stronger and occurred more and more frequently. In the end, Jian Chen could not help but copy the ancient Skywolf and let out a howl.


Suddenly, Jian Chen actually produced a long howl, just like a wolfs.

Jian Chen did not do this purposefully. Instead, it was because the influence from the image of the Skywolf was just too great over the past two months. It was to the point where he began treating himself as an ancient Skywolf subconsciously, so he produced the howl naturally.

However, when Jian Chen howled out, a terrifying force radiated. All the origin energy stopped flowing and space froze. Visible waves of sound expanded into the surroundings, where all the decor and appliances in the cabin were reduced to dust in a single instance wherever it passed by. The entire cabin shook violently.

If it were not for the protection of the formations, the sound waves would have probably destroyed the cabin.

Jian Chen opened his eyes. They were slightly dazed in the beginning, but his eyes suddenly narrowed afterwards. Only then did he abruptly realise what he had done subconsciously, which surprised him. He looked around and discovered that apart from the jade bed and cabin that formations protected, everything else had been reduced to dust.

What filled him with disbelief was that all the dense origin energy in the cabin had actually vanished completely.

Was the origin energy scattered by the howl I emitted accidentally? H- how is that possible? If thats true, just how powerful was the howl earlier? Jian Chens heart churned. He was perturbed.

However, in the next moment, an intense feeling of weakness overwhelmed him. Jian Chen immediately sensed that the power of the bloodline within him had almost been completely consumed. At the same time, his own vitality poured into it endlessly, transforming into new power of the bloodline to make up for the consumption.

W- whats happening? Jian Chen was completely perplexed. He was confused by what was happening. He seemed to be able to use the power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline.

However, did the three elders of the spatial battleship not mention that the power could not be absorbed? Even to wolves, it was useless because it was something innate. It was impossible for people born without it to use it.

Yet, why was he able to use it?

Is it also because of the evil power in my soul? Jian Chen thought. He simply could not think of a suitable reason to explain all this.