Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2004

Chapter 2004: Both A Blessing And A Curse

Jian Chen was not the only one shocked. The sword spirits felt the same.

How is this possible? Master has actually comprehended the ability of the ancient Skywolf through such a thin sliver of power? Master is a human, so this should have been impossible, Zi Ying cried out in disbelief. The power of the bloodline had completely settled down now. Not only did it pose no threat to Jian Chen, but it had even become something that Jian Chen could use, so there was no reason for him to suppress it any longer.

Zi Ying, you cant forget about masters existence. The world forbids it as taboo. Those things that should have been impossible have still happened with master. I think masters existence can turn the impossible into the possible, explained Qing Suo.

Zi Ying nodded in agreement, Now that youve put it like that, I do think that is somewhat reasonable. But since masters existence is forbidden by the world, it definitely isnt as simple as it seems. There must be some greater mystery hidden behind all this, or he would not be regarded as taboo.

Its just a pity that although were born from the universe, and we can foresee some things that even Grand Exalts who have comprehended the Way of Divination cannot foresee, its only the tip of the iceberg and not the whole thing. As a result, we dont know what secret is hidden in master, where even the universe forbids his appearance.

Master is still very weak right now. Hes not even a Nine-heavenly Xuan Immortal, so he naturally wont be able to alarm the universe. However, once master becomes powerful to the point where the entire universe has to take him seriously, or to the point where he can affect the entire universe, its very likely that master will be slain mercilessly by the laws of the world, Zi Ying was grim towards the end.

Qing Suo became grim as well from that. She said sternly, The laws of the world mercilessly slaughtering someone is very rare. Ever since we gained consciousness, weve never seen anyone survive being slaughtered by the laws of the world. Probably only people with the cultivation of old master can resist.

Zi Ying sighed, But its not easy to reach the same cultivation as our old master. He was one of the five Grand Exalts of the Immortals World, having reached the absolute limit of Immortal Exalt. Even those unprecedented prodigies may not necessarily become Grand Exalts. Moreover. Master cultivates the Chaotic Body. There have been many who had cultivated the Chaotic Body throughout the years, and there were plenty of talented prodigies among them. However, there has been no one who could cultivate the Chaotic Body to Immortal Exalt.

Zi Ying paused before continuing, But masters existence is forbidden by the world, so I believe master will create miracles. I hope that master can be the first person to cultivate the Chaotic Body to Immortal Exalt in all of history and reach the legendary great perfection of the Chaotic Body. Otherwise, hell definitely be slaughtered by the laws of the world.

Zi Ying and Qing Suo conversed secretly. Jian Chen had no idea what they were talking about.

Right now, Jian Chen was carefully inspecting the situation of his body. He placed most of his focus on the power of the ancient Skywolfs bloodline. Currently, the power of the bloodline was absorbing Jian Chens vitality to recover.

Finally, half a day later, the power of the bloodline had absorbed enough, and it stopped absorbing Jian Chens vitality. The tiny droplet of power was fully charged up once again.

Sensing the sense of weakness from his body and his connection with the power of the bloodline, Jian Chen felt bitter inside. He truly did not know whether the droplet of power was a curse or a blessing.

This was because in that half a day, the power of the bloodline had absorbed so much vitality that it would take him a whole year to replenish it.

And this was under the regeneration of the Chaotic Body. If it were someone else, they would probably need dozens of years or even over a century.

Afterwards, Jian Chen checked on the power in his soul that had come from the evil spirit. Before, the power was very weak. He could easily suppress it with his current strength, where even if the power of his soul was drained, the evil power would struggle to affect his consciousness.

After all, his strength had skyrocketed in the years he spent in the Saints World. He was no longer the puny Deity who had fought against the ancestor of the Lu family. Naturally, his strength drew further and further away from the evil power.

But now that the presence from the power of the bloodline had been absorbed, the evil power had benefited from it more than him. Even when the power of his soul had reached early Godking, the difference with the evil power rapidly shrank.

Jian Chen sighed gently. He really could do nothing about the evil power in his soul right now. All he could do was strengthen himself as quickly as possible.

After calming down, Jian Chen left his room. As soon as he arrived outside, he discovered Kai Ya walking towards him in a faint blue dress.

Seeing Jian Chen, Kai Ya was clearly surprised. Afterwards, she smiled gently and said, Jian Chen, youve emerged. I can feel that your soul is even more powerful than it was the past. It looks like youve benefited quite a lot this time.

Kai Ya, you can sense that my soul has grown stronger? Jian Chen asked in surprise. Right now, he had completely concealed his presence such that he seemed like he had reverted back to being an ordinary person. He did not use the senses of his soul at all, yet Kai Ya could sense that his soul had strengthened. Jian Chen was very surprised.

This was because in his current condition, let alone Kai Ya, an Overgod, but even many Godkings would not be able to see through him if they stood right in front of him.

Yes. Its not just you. I discovered that I can clearly see through many Godkings who had concealed their presences. I can see whether theyve been weakened or not, said Kai Ya.

Jian Chen stared at Kai Ya deeply. It was not the first time that the various unexplainable matters of Kai Ya had made him sink into his thoughts.

He just did not understand why she would change so drastically after waking up. She was still the same person as before, except her abilities had undergone an overwhelming change.

Jian Chen did not believe that the large amounts of heavenly resources she had ingested while unconscious caused all this, as it was impossible for all those heavenly resources to have such an unbelievable effect.

Kai Ya arrived before Jian Chen and said, Jian Chen, a large-scale convention is about to be held on the spatial battleship. Although its a convention, its really a trade of treasures between cultivators. I heard that the comprehensions of the Laws of the Sword a Primordial realm expert left behind will appear. I think thatll be somewhat helpful to you.

What? The comprehensions of the Laws of the Sword a Primordial realm expert left behind? Jian Chens eyes immediately lit up. He had already obtained the resources he needed to reach the twelfth layer of the Chaotic Body. All he lacked was comprehension.

Once he had made progress on comprehension and reached the major achievement of Sword Spirit, he would be able to break through with his Chaotic Body to the twelfth layer.