Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2007

Chapter 2007: The Old Womans Hatred

Jian Chen also clasped his hands, You praise me too much. I only managed to kill the captain of the Swordswolf adventurers through luck.

Brother Jian Chen is far too modest. If it were possible to kill Godkings through luck, then Overgods killing Godkings wont be a rare matter at all in the Saints World. Chi Xiang was amiable, and he smiled charmingly. Through his words, he clearly admired Jian Chen.

However, at this moment, many people in the surroundings heard Chi Xiangs words. They immediately became stunned as they all stared at Jian Chen with surprise and shock.

What? He was the Overgod who defeated a Godking in the arena of life and death?

He killed a Godking as an Overgod. Is he the supreme Overgod ranked first on the Overgods Plaque, Mo Cheng?

An intense discussion erupted in the surroundings immediately. Even a few Godkings paid attention to Jian Chen, and some of them even tried to befriend him. They were all extremely polite, without acting haughtily as a Godking at all.

Brother Jian Chen, Im staying in cabin 9 of the deck area. If you have the time, I hope we can talk again. Chi Xiang clasped his fist at Jian Chen before turning around and leaving the convention.

Chi Xiang, are we really going to just give up on the stone tablet like this? With your wealth, buying it shouldnt be anything difficult.

The Godking beside Chi Xiang asked after they had left the convention.

Chi Xiang smiled freely, Youre right, uncle Wang. With my wealth, buying the stone tablet is indeed nothing difficult. If one God Tier healing pill isnt enough, I can take out two, three, or so on. I refuse to believe it wont make the old woman waver. Originally, I also desired the comprehension of the Laws of the Sword, but I never thought that I would meet Jian Chen here and that he would be interested in it as well. If I contend with him, Ill definitely offend Jian Chen.

The comprehension of the Laws of the Sword from a Primordial realm expert is very precious, but Jian Chen is a prodigy on the Overgods Plaque after all. Although he hasnt attempted it, he definitely possesses the strength to rival Mo Cheng, first on the Overgods Plaque. I dont think its worth it to offend a supreme prodigy over a stone tablet that only possesses some comprehension.

The old woman who traded with Jian Chen left the convention at a certain time. On the other hand, many people surrounded Jian Chen. Many Overgods and a few Godkings had come up to befriend him. They were all extremely enthusiastic.

Jian Chen clasped his fist as he smiled apologetically. After exchanging pleasantries with all the people there, he suddenly thought of an idea. He immediately found a stone board and engraved all the materials he still needed for the twin swords on there as well as some of the unique characteristics of them. He wanted to take advantage of the convention to collect them.

This is Frigid Hell Iron. Brother Jian Chen, I happen to have a piece here.

This is True Dragon Wood. I have a piece. Since brother Jian Chen needs it, Ill give it to you.

Very soon, Jian Chen found two of the materials he needed, which made him extremely happy. Now, he had already collected most of the materials for forging the twin swords. All he needed was Scarlet Sun Wood and Heavenrinsing Dew.

Unfortunately, no one at the convention possessed the last two materials.

Seeing how he could no longer benefit any further, Jian Chen left with Kai Ya before the convention had ended. Afterwards, he entered seclusion once again and took out the stone tablet from the old woman. He comprehended the sword intent in there.

At the same time, in another high class cabin, the old woman sat on the ground as she held the damaged god artifact she had obtained from Jian Chen. She carefully inspected every inch of it.

Her shriveled hands trembled as she held the god artifact. Her gaze was confused at times and in a daze at other times as she reminisced the past. It was complicated.

As a matter of fact, there would be intense hatred in her eyes from time to time.

With so many mixed feelings, people could tell with a single glance that the god artifact was related to the old woman through some unknown connection.

Master, it has been so many years already. Youve fallen silent completely. I dont even know if youre dead, or if youve run off somewhere to hide. However, disciple never thought that I would see the god artifact you used to wear.

Clearly, this god artifact has been repaired. If Im right, the object used to repair it should be the extremely rare Spiritual Fortune Fluid that is rumored to be able to repair everything. Its just that the Spiritual Fortune Fluid used was clearly not enough. It only repaired the surface of the god artifact, so even though it seems fine now, its still mostly useless.

The old woman studied the god artifact closely. Her gaze was as profound as the endless cosmos at times, while extremely simple at other times. She was in a daze as she murmured, Even though the surface of the god artifact has been repaired, I can still tell that it was very damaged in the past. Master, the armor you wore was a high quality god artifact. Even some Grand Primes cant scratch high quality god artifacts, yet the armor has become so damaged. I struggle to imagine just how terrifying your opponent was in the past. I also cannot imagine whether you managed to survive the strike of such an expert.

The old womans expression suddenly became extremely vicious. All the wrinkles on her face became twisted as rage filled her eyes. She gritted her teeth, Master, do you think I should be grateful towards you, or should I hate you? If it werent for your guidance in the past, I never would have been able to attain my current accomplishments. But its also because of you that the divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng have hunted me down for millions of years. Even now, the pursuit hasnt ended, forcing me to change my presence and hide all the time.

Although I am at the Primordial realm, theres no peak organisation that dares to protect me from the pursuit of the divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng. Master, although you managed to mould the current me, Ive also been forced into desperate straits because of you.

Why are they, the divine generals of the Heavenly Palace of Bisheng, so muddle-headed? What did I do? I clearly did nothing, but because of master, theyve pursued me for so long.