Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2009

Chapter 2009: A Sense Of Danger

Standing on the huge deck of the spatial battleship, Jian Chen stared at the boundless space that was filled with stars. He could not help but gasp before raising his head. He could not help but splay his hands either.

This was the first time he had clearly seen the outer space of the Saints World ever since he had come here. It was also the first time he made such close contact with the boundless universe. Perhaps due to the boundlessness, Jian Chen felt extremely broad-minded at this moment. He felt like he was going to fuse with the universe, and he wanted to hug it.

Elder sister, look at what that person is doing. Hes standing there in a daze with his arms open, and his eyes are closed as well. So strange, at this moment, a rather young voice rang out.

Two females had just made their way onto the deck of the spatial battleship. One of them only seemed to be about seven or eight, making her still a child. She looked at Jian Chen curiously with her bright eyes.

The other female seemed to be in her twenties. She was beautiful, where her skin was soft and white. She possessed a slender figure. Although she was not exactly devastatingly beautiful, she was still extremely pretty.

The older female immediately covered the girls mouth. She lectured sternly, Xiao Man, have you forgotten what Ive said? It doesnt matter what weird things or people you see. You cant speak carelessly, or youll cause trouble for yourself.

Okay, sister! The girl called Xiao Man nodded obediently. She glanced at Jian Chen timidly before immediately walking far away.

Jian Chen opened his eyes and looked at the girl who made her way away. His gaze became gloomy, and he felt rather lonely.

The purity and naivety of the girl made him remember Xiao Ling.

I wont be able to return to the Cloud Plane soon. I hope Xiao Ling is safe in the Tian Yuan clan, Jian Chen sighed to himself. He looked around the deck of the ship before sitting down in a quiet region. He cast down a simple formation around him before continuing his comprehension. He hoped to comprehend something from the stars and thus overcome his bottleneck so that he could reach the major achievement of Sword Spirit.

The deck was extremely large and quite a few people had already gathered there. They either formed small groups who drank and spoke together, or they were like Jian Chen, comprehending the mysteries of the stars while simple formations surrounded them.

The formation around Jian Chen cut off all the sounds from the outside. He said he was comprehending, but really, he raised his head to look at the boundless cosmos. He looked at the countless stars above his head, and the countless stars and meteors around him that had been reduced to streaks of light from the speed of the battleship. His gaze gradually became glazed.

At that moment, he felt like he had fused with the cosmos such that they were one.

Of course, this was just a feeling. He was nowhere close to actually fusing with the universe yet.

However, Jian Chen could clearly sense the Laws of the Sword interwoven into the surroundings. It was like a sequence in the surroundings, just like a vein of the universe. It mingled with the other laws, forming a great, boundless net that created the boundless universe.

Although the ways of the world are divided by power, they can all become universal existences if comprehended to the limit. They can control the order of the universe.

The three thousand ways are the three thousand laws. Every single law takes part in composing the veins of the universe, the backbone that supports the world. They have their unique purposes and cannot be replaced.

Jian Chen silently gained this enlightenment. He seemed to grasp and understand something, but when he tried to comprehend it closely, he discovered it was nothing.

Jian Chen did not notice at all that when he comprehended the world, the Laws of the Sword were not the only thing he sensed due to being in this state. He could clearly sense the existence of the other laws that formed the world.

Such a matter was unimaginable.

As all people knew, cultivators needed to comprehend the laws of the world to reach Godhood. That was how they got past the gate to Godhood.

However, to control the laws of the world meant that their existence needed to be sensed. They had to see the laws first before slowly grasping them.

If even seeing was impossible, then grasping was naturally impossible as well.

Many Origin realm cultivators were unable to reach Godhood in their lifetimes because they were unable to see the laws of the world. As a result, they could not grasp them.

Some cultivators could grasp two, three, or even more laws at the same time. This was because they could sense their existence.

However, not only could Jian Chen sense the Way of the Sword he was most proficient in, but he could sense all the other ways as well.

However, Jian Chen suddenly felt a chill run down his spine at this moment. The chill had arisen spontaneously, forcing him out of that state.

Jian Chen opened his eyes and stared at the space. He was extremely stern. The sudden chill made him sense danger; it was like a great disaster was going to happen.

Jian Chen, why are you here? Ive been looking for you everywhere, when Jian Chen removed his formation, Kai Yas voice suddenly rang out. She had just arrived on the deck and quickly made her way towards Jian Chen.

Behind her was the white-robed master Chanlong.

Jian Chen looked at Kai Ya and saw her frantic expression. He could not help but ask out of curiosity, Kai Ya, what has happened? Whyre you looking for me in such a hurry?

Kai Ya arrived before Jian Chen. She became slightly lost from Jian Chens question and said, I suddenly felt slightly uneasy, so I immediately wanted to find you and master Chanlong despite being in seclusion. I found master Chanlong, but your room was empty. Chanlong and I have basically searched through the entire battleship to find you.

Jian Chen became sterner and sterner from that. He could not help but think about the spontaneous chill he experienced earlier from how Kai Ya suddenly felt uneasy.

Haha. Brother Jian Chen, what a coincidence. Youre actually here too, at this moment, a somewhat familiar voice rang out.

Jian Chen followed the voice and looked over. He saw Chi Xiang, who he had met at the convention, make his way over with a smile.

Its brother Chi Xiang, Jian Chen clasped his fist.

Chi Xiang looked at the stars and meteors that had been reduced to streaks of light in the surroundings and smiled, The stars are like a torrential rain of light. Its such a beautiful scene. Its only present on spatial battleships that are even faster than Infinite Primes. If we dont properly appreciate such a beautiful scene, itll be a great regret of life. Brother Jian Chen, why dont we drink while we admire this? I hope youd give me the honor.