Chaotic Sword God Chapter 207

Chapter 207: Conflict with a Giant Beast
Chapter 207: Conflict with a Giant Beast

As the tremors in the ground became more apparent, everyone grew more and more serious as they tried to find out what exactly was causing the tremors.

All the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries clenched their weapons as they stared ahead. They heard many sounds coming from in front of them, but they still couldnt see anything. Each one of the mercenaries knew that if what Jian Chen had said about a single magical beast was true, then this one was indeed a strong magical beast.

Everyone be careful, if we cant fight, then prepare to scatter! Hudolf barked in a serious tone.

Just then, a man with an expensive robe and a weak looking face came up from behind and moved next to Hudolf. Captain Hudolf, whats happening? I just heard something about a magical beast heading our way, is that true?

Sire Hari, you should move back for now. Were not sure if its safe yet, but based on the movements in front of us, its either a group of mercenaries on mounts, or a large amount of magical beasts. And its not just one magical beast. Hudolfs voice was calm, but his expression was extremely serious.

Can the goods be saved? The weak looking man asked.

Thats difficult to say! Hudolf shook his head, Sire Hari, you should prepare to run for now. In the case that theres a large group of travelers, then it wont be that bad. But if its a single magical beast.then Sire Hari, you should know the result.

Ai Hearing Hudolfs words, the man could only sigh heavily. Those goods were his and the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries was the group he had hired to protect him until Wake City approached. If the goods they were transporting were lost, then he would not be able to make up for the deficit, since this entire inventory of goods had been completely bought using the mans savings.

Jian Chen sat cross-legged within the caravan with his eyes concentrated in the direction ahead. However, compared to the others, he was much calmer. There wasnt a single trace of panic to be seen in his eyes.

At this moment, a small dust cloud could be seen from beyond the horizon. The dust cloud wasnt moving too fast, but as the dust cloud moved up and down, the mercenary group could feel the tremors in the ground get stronger. These shakes continued to spread further and further within a large perimeter of several kilometers.

By this point, everyone could finally see that the reason behind the dust cloud and tremors was indeed a magical beast.

Everyones faces grew whiter by a few shades. If it was a group of people that was causing the shakes, then they would have been able to make way for the group to pass, or even give some money for a safe passage. But with a magical beast, there werent any other options aside from fight or flight.

The large magical beast right in front of them appeared to be a large gorilla that was ten meters in height with brown fur. It stood up on two legs like a human, and walked similarly to a human as well. Step by step, it bounded towards them.

Thats thats a warbeast!

Seeing the large humanoid magical beast, Hudolfs face became priceless, and the furrow of his brows loosened significantly as well.

A warbeast, as the name implied, existed to fight. Not only were their physical defenses terrifyingly strong, but their strength was unparalleled and could overthrow city walls. These types of magical beasts were known as the Children of the Earth, the Pets of Mother Earth, or Natural Controllers of the Earth. A single footstep of these warbeasts could cause tremors within a hundred kilometers. If it was a strong warbeast or a group of them, then they could bring down a Class 1 Citys walls with their footsteps from a distance of 10 kilometers away.

Despite this, a warbeasts single target attack was pathetically weak, and they had an even greater weakness in speed.

There werent many warbeasts within the Tian Yuan Continent, but they werent extremely rare either. Practically every country had a few warbeasts under their command.

Captain, thats a warbeast. Its defense is strong, but its offense is relatively weak. What should we do, should we fight it, and force it away? A Loyal Spirit Mercenary asked.

No wonder there was such a strong tremor, it was a warbeast! Since its a warbeast, this will be easier to deal with. Hudolf laughed, Brothers, a warbeast isnt much of a threat to us, lets drive it back!


Immediately, a group of mercenaries jumped down from their mounts and dashed toward the large warbeast.

Jian Chen sat in the caravan as he estimated that there were probably only five hundred meters separating them and the warbeast. His mind raced as he tried to think of any good information on warbeasts.

A warbeasts strength is determined by its size. A warbeast that has reached Class 6 level will be around a hundred meters tall. A Class 5 Warbeast will be around fifty meters, and a Class 3 Warbeast would be less than ten meters tall. Judging from this warbeast, its a little over ten meters, making it a Class 4 Warbeast. Jian Chen muttered.

A warbeasts defenses are exceptionally strong. Even a Magical Crystal Cannon would be unable to do damage to it. The stronger it is, the more terrifying its defenses are. It would be incredibly hard to kill one. Even the dragon clan during the peak of the magical beast era was said to have been unable to match with the warbeasts defenses. Im not sure if I can penetrate through its defenses with my current strength.

Hou! Seeing a group of mercenaries charge toward it like a group of small ants, the warbeast let out a roar before stomping heavily on the ground.


As an oppressive roar rang out, the ground around the warbeast began to fiercely shake. A series of web-like cracks ran through the ground in all directions. Soon, the area within the large perimeter was covered in cracks.

The violent shaking of the ground had caused the caravans to sway violently. The force was so great that even Jian Chen wasnt able to control himself, and fell to the ground.


The caravans began to creak with a painful sound as the various commodities tumbled to the ground. Not too long after, dozens of caravans all collapsed.

This kind of earthquake didnt affect the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries at all. The group quickly arrived at the warbeasts feet and resolutely hacked at the warbeasts body with their Saint Force-filled Saint Weapons.

However, they didnt damage the giant warbeast at all. Even its fur had remained completely uncut.

Hou! The large warbeast snarled angrily. It lifted one of its large legs into the air before firmly slamming it down towards a mercenarys head.

That mercenary lazily rolled away and dodged the warbeasts foot. When the warbeat strongly slammed its foot into the ground with a seeming endless amount of force, the entire area shook violently once more. But what amazed everyone was the fact that when the warbeast lifted its leg, there was not a single trace of a crater to be seen from the blow.