Chaotic Sword God Chapter 208

Chapter 208: The Fearful Violet and Azure Sword Qi
Chapter 208: The Fearful Violet and Azure Sword Qi

The defenses of a warbeast are quite strong. Everyone put more strength into your attacks, combine them! Hudolf cried out as his Saint Weapon materialized in his right hand. With an explosive shout, a large amount of Saint Force surged into his weapon as he slashed down onto the warbeast.

Just as Hudolf used his entire strength on that one strike, it didnt have any effect. The warbeasts skin remained undamaged like before and not even a single strand of hair was cut.

Damn it all! Hudolf couldnt help but curse out loud. Why is this warbeast so strong defensively? Its just standing there for me to kill, but I cant kill it!

Captain, this warbeast is just too strong in terms of defense! Were not strong enough to harm its defenses, so what should we do, run away? A mercenary shouted to Hudolf.

Captain, this warbeast is a Class 4 Magical Beast! Even if a Great Saint Master can damage it, we surely cannot with our strength! Itd be for the best if we retreat! A gray robed middle aged man spoke to Hudolf from his side.

Thats right, Captain. We dont have any way of beating this warbeast!

Hearing his mercenaries opinions, Hudolf didnt hesitate. Immediately barking out a command, he shouted, Brothers, head toward the caravans, Ill hold the warbeast off!


Immediately a dozen men ran back toward the caravans at the back of the group. The moment they saw the caravans, each one of them became thunderstruck. Each one of the caravans had been broken apart from the shockwaves, making it impossible to run away.

Crap, what do we do now? With so many goods, I wont be able to store them all in all the Space Belts!

The mercenaries all felt a bit awkward as Hari began to panic and fluster about with concern.

Bang! Bang!

At that moment, the earth shook violently once more as the warbeast charged forward with heavy footsteps. Carrying with it an imposing air that had destroyed the caravans, its feet continued to harass the Loyal Spirit Mercenaries underneath it without any concerns.

Crap, its coming! Sire Hari, you should store the most important items into your Space Belt first. With so many things, its impossible to save them all! Seeing the warbeast come trampling over, one of the mercenaries shouted nervously to the weak looking man behind them.

But, but, these items are all precious! This is practically my life savings, if I give them up, I will take disastrous losses! Plus, my Space Belt isnt even that big to begin with, so I wont be able to carry much! Hari cried out bitterly as he looked at the ten broken caravans with a broken heart.

No one needs to panic. This warbeast here, leave it to me and Ill stall it.

Just as Hari and a few other mercenaries were panicking, a calm voice suddenly rang out. Every person closeby turned their heads to look at the owner of the voice only to see Jian Chen who hadnt bothered to participate in this battle until now.

The mercenaries and Haris face had a skeptical look to it as they watched the twenty year old Jian Chen walk forward. They clearly didnt believe the words he was speaking, and so a mercenary couldnt help but say, What did you say, Jian Chen? Youre going to stall the warbeast?

Jian Chen, this warbeast is unbelievably tough in terms of defenses. Not only that, but its also a Class 4 Magical Beast. Unless we have an Earth Saint Master here with us, then itll be impossible to fight this. Even a Great Saint Master will be unable to pierce through the defenses of this warbeast! An experienced mercenary explained to Jian Chen. He doubted Jian Chen due to his age and because of how strong the warbeast was.

As everyone called Jian Chens strength into question, he only laughed without explaining himself. Walking forward, his body suddenly flew like a bullet toward the warbeast a hundred meters away.

Jian Chens speed was exceedingly fast. In the blink of an eye he appeared right in front of the warbeast and the Light Wind Sword instantly materialized in his right hand. With a sharp amount of Sword Qi transforming the glow around the blade, Jian Chen thrust it in between the eyebrows of the warbeast.

Even as the Light Wind Sword made contact with the space between warbeast, it was prevented from going any further. Jian Chens eyes narrowed for a moment as he felt the large amount of resistance against his sword. For a moment, Jian Chen had began to doubt that this was a warbeast and was instead an incomparably defensive essence.

Hou! The warbeast let out an angry snarl as both of its eyeballs stared at Jian Chen with a bloodthirsty glare and threw a hand at him.

Turning his body in the air, he flew down to avoid the paw and landed gracefully on the ground. His eyes hardened as he looked at the gorilla type warbeast. What a strong defense, to somehow surpass my expectations by so much, no wonder the legends say that even Magical Crystal Cannons arent able to injure it.

However, his initial sword strike had left the faintest of traces upon further observation despite not landing a substantial blow on the warbeast. Although he didnt use his entire strength, Jian Chen knew that even with it, there was no guarantee that he would be able to split open the warbeasts defenses.

A warbeasts defenses were legendary within the Tian Yuan Continent and rumors had it that humans and magical beasts within the same level as the warbeast would be utterly incapable of damaging it. Even if a human were to use an extremely strong battle skill, it would perhaps be able to create a small amount of damage. The moment a warbeast reached the level of a Class 4 Warbeast, its defenses would also increase and even Earth Saint Masters would have a hard time killing it.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The warbeast followed Jian Chen with his eyes as each footstep it made shook the ground. Walking toward Jian Chen, it could feel the slight pain still from Jian Chens sword.

Jian Chen, hurry up and run! The warbeast is about to charge at you! Hudolf cried out.

However Jian Chen turned a deaf ear to Hudolfs warning and with a sharp gaze that was filled with energy he looked at the approaching warbeast, Jian Chens Light Wind Sword suddenly burst into a violet and azure glow.

Hou! The warbeast was right in front of Jian Chen now. With another roar, it lifted a leg to stomp on Jian Chen.

Jian Chen dodged the following step by moving to the side. Then jumped in between the warbeasts eyebrows, the Light Wind Sword stabbed forward like a flash of lightning.

This time, the moment the sharp Light Wind Sword made contact with the eyebrows of the warbeast, it was almost as if the defenses no longer existed. The Light Wind Sword easily stabbed through the warbeasts defenses straight into its skull.

The warbeasts defense was like a piece of tofu in comparison to the Light Wind Sword; the moment Jian Chen stabbed it with his Light Wind Sword he felt no resistance at all.

Ao! The warbeast let out a miserable cry that reverberated through the air. Slowly, the howls of pain receded as the giant body slowly crashed to the ground.

Jian Chen pulled out his Light Wind Sword from the skull of the warbeast as a few bloody drops fell to the ground.

Bang! The warbeasts gigantic body smashed against the ground, shaking the ground twice sending a ton of dust flying up into the air.