Chaotic Sword God Chapter 212

Chapter 212: Judgement Day for the Zhou Mercenaries (Two)
Chapter 212: Judgement Day for the Zhou Mercenaries (Two)

When Jian Chens calm promise reached the ears of every Zhou Mercenaries, their faces all changed abruptly. In an instant, every cold glare directed at Jian Chen was replaced with a furious anger and killing desire.

The scarred man had a look of fury as well as his expression grew dark. A very intense amount of killing intent emanated from his eyes as he stared fiercely at Jian Chen with a sneer, Kid, with just you, you have no qualifications to speak of such a thing. Someone, go and seize him. Let this ignorant kid understand how high the heavens are compared to the earth, let him know our Zhou Mercenaries are not someone to fight with!

As the man barked out an order, the surrounding mercenaries didnt hesitate for a moment as each one of them materialized their Saint Weapons and charged at Jian Chen from every possible angle.

Jian Chen let out a sneer as his body flickered out of sight. Just as the last of his body flickered away, the Saint Weapons from his enemies all hit nothing but air.

Jian Chen rapidly moved back and forth like a bolt of lightning as he lashed out with his Light Wind Sword. Easily stabbing mercenary after mercenary in the throat, his sword moved with a nimble grace, fast enough for the regular Saints and Great Saints to die without knowing it. Each one of them crumpled to the ground as they were killed.

Although it was Jian Chen against over a hundred men, the difference between the two sides was far too vast. So it had become a massacre for the Zhou Mercenaries. In fact, for Jian Chen, it was almost as if the Zhou Mercenaries werent even fighting back since they were utterly incapable of capturing Jian Chen.

Under the quick sword of Jian Chen, another two men met a quick death. Then in the time it took for one small breath, eight people died to his sword.

The battle lasted for another five small breaths before the group of a hundred men instantly fell down to half its original numbers.

The scarred man looked on at the massacre Jian Chen had made with a dazed expression. In just a matter of a few dozen seconds, Jian Chen had managed to kill fifty people inconceivably quick. What frightened the scarred man was how fast and efficiently Jian Chen had killed those men.

Jian Chen continued to flow through each opponent smoothly like water. With each movement he made, another man fell to his sword with blood flying through the air. The floor alone had begun to form a pool of mixed blood from each of Jian Chens victims.

The merciless slaughter continued for a little longer as each Zhou Mercenary cried out a battle cry continuously. Unsurprisingly, not a single one of them who exchanged a blow with Jian Chen had cried out in pain, since Jian Chen had cut apart their throats and rendered them speechless. Some of them werent even able to feel the pain before losing their life.

After another ten breaths, Jian Chen had finally come to a stop and ended the one sided massacre. At this moment, the entire courtyard was littered with the dead bodies of the Zhou Mercenaries. There had been a hundred of them, but after Jian Chen was done with them, all hundred of them were scattered on top of each other. Each one of the bodies had a single wound to their neck that let blood flow freely onto the ground, dying it a crimson red. The stench of the blood began to waft up into the air and would definitely make anyone vomit if they smelled it.

By now, it was only the scarred man with a dozen other men right behind him that were left. All of them had sluggish looks on their faces as if they couldnt believe what had just transpired.

There used to be a hundred people. However, in a short moment, all of them were killed thoroughly by a youth that was no older than twenty years old. Even though they had personally witnessed this shocking massacre, they still couldnt believe it. The eleven people were terribly frightened where they stood without a single voice escaping from them.

Jian Chen stared at the remaining people with a level expression before a merciless grin slowly replaced it. The first hundred people he had killed were only those of the Saint and Great Saint level. But these remaining people were the pillars of the Zhou Mercenaries who were all at least the level of a Saint Master.

Without sparing any time, Jian Chens figure went into motion as he flew toward the remaining dozen people. The Light Wind Sword flew in a silver arc and effortlessly stabbed into the throats of two of the men, claiming the lives of two Saint Masters with ease.

Now that Jian Chen had made a breakthrough into the Great Saint Master level, these Saint Masters were nothing more than weak ants in his eyes. Even his sword would be unavoidable to a Saint Master.

Jian Chen didnt have any intentions of letting a single Zhou Mercenary escape. After killing two of the Saint Masters at lightning fast speed, Jian Chens Light Wind Sword once again turned into a silver-white blur, enveloping the remaining people with his Sword Qi.

Pch! Pch! Pch!.

The Light Wind Sword came down another three times and in an instant, three Saint Masters had their throats pierced.

Up until this moment, the remaining few Saint Masters had been paralyzed. Each one of them then regained themselves with a look of abject horror and instantly moved to dodge Jian Chen in a strange attempt to distract him.

Stop, stop! If theres something you want to say, say it quickly! The scarred man cried out to Jian Chen in a frantic manner as he dodged to the side. Right now his expression was no longer that of shock, instead, horror and desperation adorned it.

Jian Chen stopped his massacre for a brief moment before staring at the few Saint Masters. Speak then, where is your captain? In the restaurant, Jian Chen had figured out that the captain of the Zhou Mercenaries was a Great Saint Master expert. Within this group of people, he had realized that not a single one of them were at that level. With this situation, that could only mean that the captain was not here. That wouldnt do, since Jian Chen wanted to kill the captain.

The scarred man let out a deep breath as he tried to calm his nerves. Unsuccessfully, he stared at Jian Chen and spoke with a trembling voice, Brother, I dont know what our Zhou Mercenaries captain has done to offend you to the point that you want to eradicate us all. Compared to before, the scarred mans attitude had taken a complete turn.

Jian Chens cold gaze turned even darker as he stepped toward the scarred man. Each step he took made the man even more nervous before Jian Chen said, Ill ask you one last time, where is your captain? Jian Chen had not bothered to pay attention to the others question.

Seeing how Jian Chen was approaching him, the man took a few steps back with some hesitation, Where ever the captain is, I know not

Hearing that, Jian Chens eyes flashed coldly and cared no more for the scarred man. Instantly appearing in front of him, the Light Wind Sword stabbed straight for the mans throat.

The mans face suddenly dropped as he tried to fly backward. In an instant a sword appeared in his hand as he attempted to block the Light Wind Sword. However, before he could even bring his sword into position, the Light Wind Sword had already approached his neck and buried itself deeply within. The bloody tip protruded through the back of his neck.

Seeing that the scarred man stood no chance against Jian Chen, the remaining few Saint Masters faces all paled in fright from the domineering power Jian Chen had revealed.

Run away! Find the captain; hes the only one that can avenge us! One Saint Master cried out in terror as he ran for the gates to Wake City.

Right, find the captain, quickly!

The other Saint Masters suddenly came to their senses. Without further hesitation, they each threw each other behind in their attempts to escape from the place.

Jian Chen slowly pulled the bloody Light Wind Sword from the dead scarred man. Looking at the escaping Saint Masters, he sneered before following them on their way out.

Not too long after Jian Chen had left, the group of people that had followed him from the restaurant suddenly appeared in a huge crowd at the Zhou Mercenaries headquarters.

However, just as this group of people saw the terrifying sight that lay beyond the broken gates, all their faces grew alarmed as they couldnt believe what they were seeing.

From the time it took Jian Chen to enter the headquarters to when he left, hadnt even been over ten breaths of time. In such a short amount of time, the headquarters had been littered with corpses of over a hundred men. Such a sight would astound anyone.