Chaotic Sword God Chapter 233

Chapter 233: The Number One Power in Wake City
Chapter 233: The Number One Power in Wake City

How queer, that was just a phantom image.

Following that surprised shout, Jian Chens figure began to slowly change before disappearing into the air. Following afterward, Jian Chen suddenly appeared out of nowhere five meters away.

In that one brief moment, only the Great Saint Masters had seen Jian Chen move to make a phantom image, everyone else had been unable to register his movements.

The man who had struck at Jian Chen was shocked, but since he had been through hundreds of battles, he forced his emotions back down and tried to slash at Jian Chen once more with even more Saint Force than before. The sharp blade of the axe made a loud Swish! sound as it flew through the air down onto Jian Chen.

Jian Chen stood emotionlessly as he awaited for the man to reach him. The Light Wind Sword had already long disappeared from his hands, but he looked at the man and spoke gently, Youve already lost!

The man looked at Jian Chen blankly, at Jian Chens words, he couldnt help but to stop for a moment as he asked with a perplexed look, Ive lost? How did I lose?

Smiling at the mans words, Jian Chen continued to look at him with a cheerful expression, Take a look at your neck.

At this, the man touched his neck gingerly with his fingertips only to feel quite clearly a small sliver of a wound on his neck. He didnt know when that wound had appeared, but he did know that it wasnt there before. The wound had only just cut open the top most layer of his skin so that he couldnt feel any blood leaking out or even any pain.

Realizing that even though he didnt feel anything, there was still nonetheless a wound on his neck. Instantly, the mans face paled as a layer of sweat began to appear on his forehead, Diddid you do that? He asked astonished, The man didnt know how he wasnt even able to feel the cut when it was made or when it happened. He did know however, that if the wound was any deeper, then he wouldnt be standing alive on his feet.

Laughing, Jian Chen nodded his head, Do you still wish to continue fighting me?

Da Hu, just give up, youre no match for the captain. If the captain wanted you to die, then youd be dead where you stood. Duo Kang spoke out. In his eyes, there was a rarely seen huge amount of admiration. Although he did not use a sword, Duo Kang fully understood that Jian Chens mastery of the sword had reached a level of perfection.

Yes! The man was an ex-member of the Golden Dragon Mercenaries and Duo Kang was his previous captain. The words of Duo Kang would surely be the same as imperial law to him, plus, the wound on his neck was already proof enough that if Jian Chen had wanted him dead, then he would be dead.

Jian Chen looked around at the other men, Is there anyone else who wishes to challenge me? My words still stand, if anyone can beat me, then the captains role will be given to them, as per my pledge.

The entire courtyard descended into a deafening silence as the previously chattering group of men stopped talking. The man that had just challenged Jian Chen was a Peak Saint Master which could be considered one of the more decent leveled expert rankings within Wake City. If an expert of that level couldnt go against Jian Chen who had only struck out once, then the vast majority of the group wouldnt be able to do any better. Therefore, the whole group began to approve of Jian Chen.

With one final look around at everyone, Jian Chen revealed a victorious smile and said, Since no one is speaking up, then starting today, you are all members of the Flame Mercenaries, and I will be the captain. Are there any complaints? Jian Chen exclaimed.

Ive no objections, I, Duo Kang, pledge myself to you. Duo Kang of the Golden Dragon Mercenaries declared.

I too have no objections. I, Seth, will obey the captains orders unconditionally! Seth of the Hot Blooded Mercenaries followed up.

After that, the rest of the mercenaries began to pledge themselves to the Flame Mercenaries. If their old captains had acknowledged him, then naturally they would follow suit and try to appease their new captain.

Afterward, Jian Chen brought Seth, Duo Kang, Charcas, Mo Tian, Qingfeng and the rest of the mercenaries to the Mercenary Union.

As long as they were to officially join his Flame Mercenaries, they would be able to accomplish missions for the sake of the mercenary group and increase their ranking.

If Jian Chen was determined to make the Flame Mercenaries the number one mercenary group within the continent, then the mercenary rankings were unavoidable. This would have to be the first step to accomplishing Kendalls last wish.

A group of a hundred men along with five of Wake Citys reputable members had quickly caused a disturbance in the streets. Each and every bystander looked on at the group with shock, and when they made out the figures of Duo Kang and the other Great Saint Masters, they couldnt help but feel excited as they talked among themselves.

Duo Kang and the other Great Saint Masters were undoubtedly the experts of Wake City. Each one of them was a leader of a hundred man strong mercenary group which could be considered quite powerful within Wake City. Although they were not seen on the streets often, since the five of them had shown their faces at the same time, such a thing would naturally cause everyone to look at them. Jian Chen leading at the front was the focal point of the attention as everyone began to wonder who he was.

The thing was, no one knew that Duo Kang and the others had already disbanded their mercenary groups.

After a long time of handling the official procedures, by the time Jian Chen and the rest walked out of the Mercenary Union, their statuses had already changed. From the captains of several different mercenary groups, they were now mere C ranked members.

At the same time, the Flame Mercenaries were now 600 members strong. Aside from Jian Chen, there were seven Great Saint Masters and six Saint Masters. Although this number wasnt big, they could already be considered the strongest power in Wake City. At this point, only the city lord of Wake City with his troops of 200,000 soldiers would be able to contend against the Flame Mercenaries.

Also, the news that Seth and the other four men joined an unknown mercenary group had spread like wildfire from the Mercenary Union. In a flash, this piece of information had caused the entirety of Wake City to be shocked. As for the never before heard of Flame Mercenaries, their name had quickly made its way around the entire city.

Jian Chen hadnt cared at all when the whole of Wake City went into an uproar over this sudden development, since he had long since anticipated a reaction like this.

After the procedures were done, Jian Chen and the group had immediately returned back to the Kai clans courtyards.

In the expansive courtyard, everyone was sitting down as Jian Chen began to explain a few things. Holding a Space Belt, he held it towards Kai Er and said, Theres a few monster cores inside, distribute a few to everyone and cancel any activities for now. Have everyone carefully increase their strength and make sure they are at their optimal state for the magical beast wave.

Kai Er took the Space Belt from Jian Chen and proceeded to distribute the inside items to everyone.

Jian Chen then took out seven fist sized Class 4 Monster Cores and proceeded to hand it over to the Great Saint Masters. For the next two days you will all also improve your own strength. However much you increase is however much youll need. This next magical beast wave will have a Class 5 Magical Beast.

The Great Saint Masters took the Class 4 Monster Cores, but the moment they heard the news of a Class 5 Magical Beast, Charcas couldnt help but gasp, What? Theres going to be a Class 5 Magical Beast?

Jian Chen nodded his head seriously, Thats right, there will be a Class 5 Magical Beast. It would seem that this magical beast wave wont be as easy to defend this time.

Everyone looked at Jian Chen with a serious expression as they digested his words, some had even gone deathly pale at the very mention of a Class 5 Magical Beast.

Captain, a Class 5 Magical Beast is indeed hard to defend against. Im afraid that this time Wake City will have a disaster, I cant even say that Wake City will be able to be saved this time. I suggest that we immediately leave the city. A petite looking man spoke with a tremble in his voice. The threat of a Class 5 Magical Beast had left a fearful effect on his heart.

Hearing this, Jian Chen furrowed his eyebrows and spoke, What are you afraid of? Its not as if the heavens are crashing down upon us. There isnt a need for everyone to worry about this Class 5 Magical Beast, I will find a way to deal with it.

Jian Chens confident words made everyone look at him in astonishment; some even stared at him in disbelief. Jian Chens words had made everyone think that Jian Chen was going to reveal his strength or that he had a way to deal with the magical beast. Even then, because of his age, some people were still very skeptical of his strength. So because of that, someone couldnt help but wonder, Could it be that he began to cultivate from within the womb?

The Flame Mercenaries still couldnt help but feel shocked for a moment before becoming extremely excited. An Earth Saint Master was undoubtedly one of the higher level experts of the Tian Yuan Continent. For them to have an expert of the Earth Saint Master level within their mercenary group, caused every person to have the same thought: if they were to stay in this mercenary group, then they would definitely be able to achieve success without too much effort.

Even the Great Saint Masters had a relieved look on their faces. It was no wonder that Jian Chen was able to fight against nine Great Saint Masters without any trouble before finally killing two of them with ease. This would be no problem for an Earth Saint Master.

Jian Chen didnt care for their reactions as he waved his hand, Go ahead and split for now. Carefully improve your own strength so that your chances of surviving the magical beast wave invasion will be increased.