Chaotic Sword God Chapter 234

Chapter 234: Battle Skill — An Unexpected Discovery
Chapter 234: Battle Skill An Unexpected Discovery

Afterwards, Jian Chen walked to a courtyard that the Kai clan had specifically made for him. Jian Chen sat at a table in this spacious and quiet courtyard and pulled out three Space Belts.

One of these four Space Belts was from Zhou Butong of the Zhou Clan. Two others were from Tianxiong Lie and Tiangxiong Daoyun.. Back when he had left the Tianxiong clan, Jian Chen had gathered the two brothers Space Belts. The day before, he had destroyed the Zhou clan and then immediately destroyed the even stronger Tianxiong clan so Jian Chen had spend a night recovering the Saint Force he had lost. This meant that he hadnt had any time to examine the contents within the Space Belt. He now finally had some time to spare and so he could look at Zhou Butongs Space Belt closely.

Jian Chen extended his arm to reach for the Space Belt and immediately looked at the items within. Inside the Space Belt, there was a small mountain of Class 1 and Class 2 Monster Cores; both numbering to around two hundred in quantity. By the side, there was a small pile of Class 3 Monster cores, though smaller than the mountain besides it, there were still twenty cores. Meanwhile, there were only two Class 4 Monster Cores.

Apart from that, there were four small piles of coins. Copper, silver, gold, and purple coins were all gathered in 4 neat little piles, and in Jian Chens estimation, there was a total of 10,000 purple coins worth of money. This must have been the daily allowance for the expenditures of the Zhou clan.

Aside from this, the Space Belt had a few other things like clothes, but nothing too precious.

After that, the Space Belts of Tianxiong Lie and Tianxiong Daoyun were examined. Tianxiong Lies Space Belt had plenty of monster cores. There were two hundred Class 1 and Class 2 Monster Cores, forty Class 3 Monster Cores and five Class 4 Monster Cores. There were 2000 purple coins and a purple card with an unknown amount of money associated with it. Tianxiong Daoyuns Space Belt on the other hand was more wretched. Aside from a hundred purple coins, there were only twelve Class 3 Monster Cores and a single Class 4 Monster Core.

After examining all three Space Belts, Jian Chen couldnt help but have a wide smile on his face. There was well over 10,000 purple coins in the three Space Belts, four hundred Class 1 and Class 2 Monster Cores, and sixty Class 3 Monster Cores. This wasnt a small amount of profit, but the most important thing was that there was a purple card with an unknown amount of money inside.

After that, Jian Chen took out the Space Ring he got from Zhou Butong from his Space Belt. This Space Ring was silver in color and had a simple decorative design that looked like something a woman might wear.

Jian Chen sized up this Space Ring in his hand for a moment before taking a peek inside. The Space Ring was a grade higher than a Space Belt in storage capacity. Its interdimensional storage was vastly incomparable to a Space Belt, and even the most expensive Space Belt could only hold a few cubic meters worth of space in storage. Although this Space Ring was not comparable in quality to the one given to him by his father, it was still fifty cubic meters large.

Within the vast storage of the Space Ring, there was a wide variety of expensive looking pottery. And in the middle, a single bookshelf with three sets of books towered over the other items. By its side, a slightly glowing purple card sat on the ground.

Jian Chen looked at the three books with a growing interest. He didnt have any hesitation and immediately looked through the books.

A record of valuable treasures!

Six words on the cover of the first book caught Jian Chens eyes and they brightened from what he saw. Calming down his rapidly fluctuating emotions, Jian Chen grabbed the first book to reveal the second.

Human Tier Battle SkillWind Control!

From those words, Jian Chens eyes dilated as his heart began to thump loudly.

A battle skill, this is somehow a battle skill! Jian Chen cried out in shock. He had never expected to find that Zhou Butong had been hiding a battle skill. On the Tian Yuan Continent, they were priceless treasures, and compared to the other cultivation treasures, even the lowest ranked battle skills were still priceless.

Jian Chens eyes went back to the cover on the book as he slowly exhaled. With some disappointment, he couldnt help but mutter to himself, Still, what a shame that this is only a Human Tier Battle Skill.

Battle skills were split into four levels. The highest was the Saint Tier, then the Heaven Tier, Earth Tier, and finally the lowest Human Tier. Within each tier, they were then classified by another three layers.

Slowly bringing his eyes away from the battle skill book, Jian Chen gazed upon the first book to see the four words Spirit of the Wind. This was a Human Tier cultivation method best suited for those with the wind Saint Force.

Shaking his head with disappointment, Jian Chen looked away from the Wind Control and Spirit of the Wind books. These items were things that many people wouldnt even be able to dream about, but to him, these were something that were of little use. When he was in Kargath Academy, he had access to even Heaven Tier cultivation methods so a Human Tier cultivation method wasnt something that could spark his interest.

Jian Chen set the treasured objects back on the table and then slowly started to read.

Time quickly went by as two days came and went. In those two days, Jian Chen and the Flame Mercenaries were all sitting within the Kai clan courtyards cultivating in peace. The news of a Class 5 Magical Beast had brought about a large amount of pressure on them all, so everyone was trying their best to improve their strength in order to help protect themselves during the coming battle.

Also in those two days, there were a series of strange looking men caught around the courtyards. With the appearance of the Flame Mercenaries, it had peaked the attention of both big and small factions of Wake City. That was because five Great Saint Masters in a single mercenary group could be considered to be a massive amount of power with just them alone. These five Great Saint Masters were also well known in Wake City, which caused every faction in Wake City to pay attention to the Kai clan.

Even though the Zhou and Tianxiong clan had been destroyed, with the impending magical beast wave looming overhead, it had affected the entire Wake City. Aside from the major powers, practically nobody else cared about it.

During that night in the guise of the pitch darkness, a gigantic flying magical beast suddenly landed on top of the city lords mansion. From the back of the magical beast, two figures descended.