Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2346

Chapter 2346: The Grand Exalts Descendent One
Chapter 2346: The Grand Exalt’s Descendent (One)

Jian Chen remained calm as he faced this barrage of attacks. He stood their leisurely, without losing his composure at all.

A resplendent light surged from his body as light gathered in from the surroundings. It was from the power of the Laws of the Sword. It engulfed Jian Chen, causing him to seemingly become a sword in that moment.

Afterwards, he used his body as a sword and went to receive the incoming god artifacts.

Sword Qi pierced through the air as all the light in the world seemed to darken, replaced by the light from Jian Chen. He seemed like the only existence there.


With a deafening sound, Jian Chen collided with the god artifacts while surrounded by light. Immediately, several dimming god artifacts were blasted away.

Jian Chen hovered in the air above everyone. The light around him did not dim at all; instead, it shone with even greater splendeur. He seemed invincible.

The other god artifacts could not help but separate and attack Jian Chen from all directions after witnessing how powerful he was.

Jian Chen’s eyes were cold. The Laws of the Sword condensed, gathering into a strand of sword Qi on his finger tip. He stabbed out nine times in a single instance as the sword Qi shone with blinding light.

Every single strike had astonishing might as if possessing endless power.

Every single strike moved with lightning speed, leaving behind blurs.

He stabbed out nine times in a single instance, striking the last nine god artifacts that came flying in from all directions with perfect precision. He was so fast that no one present managed to react to it.

This was because even the experts like the lords of the ninety-nine main peaks were unable to see Jian Chen stab out even with the senses of their souls.


Nine booms seemed to merge into one. Jian Chen had blown away the remaining god artifacts. They dimmed.

Afterwards, Jian Chen jolted, and the light that had condensed around him suddenly shattered. It turned into a myriad of soybean-sized specks that hovered around him.

Jian Chen extended his finger, and the specks of light immediately shot off. Like a meteor shower, they rapidly approached the attacks from the Radiant Saint Masters with sharp sword Qi.

Immediately, the wall of Radiant Swords and other Radiant Artes condensed from the Laws of the Hallowed seemed to be a piece of paper before Jian Chen’s barrage. They were all ripped to pieces, unable to approach him at all.

“Within the entire world, there is none unvanquished. Energy Suppressing Formation, suppress!” At the same time, over a dozen Radiant Godkings worked together to create a formation. It radiated with powerful energy as it fell towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen hovered in the air, allowing the violent storm of energy to batter his body. It made his hair flutter and his clothes ruffle. He seemed invincible. He swung his right hand, and a strand of sword Qi several metres in length shot through the air, striking the formation.

Boom! Immediately, the formation shattered, and the Radiant Godkings who supported it suffered an intense backlash. Blood sprayed from their mouths as they paled.

Afterwards, a few more strand of sword Qi shot through the air, shattering the few other formations.

In a single instance, Jian Chen had destroyed the combined attacks of all the Radiant Godkings effortlessly.

He was just too powerful right now, so powerful that he could kill a few regular Primordial realm experts. On the other hand, the most powerful ones here were only mid Radiant Godkings. The disparity in strength was just too great.

Even when they all worked together with over a dozen god artifacts, they were unable to make up for this huge difference.

“So powerful…”

“Chang Yang is far too powerful. Even the god artifacts can’t deal with him. How are we supposed to defeat him…”

“God dammit. He still has the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint. Are we just supposed to watch someone from the Martial Soul lineage take away the greatest treasure of our Radiant Saint Hall and do nothing…”

Many Radiant Godkings became dumbfounded with that. Jian Chen’s strength had exceeded all of their imaginations. Despite the gathering of so many Radiant Godkings and over a dozen god artifacts, they had failed to even touch him. How were they supposed to fight him like that? How were they supposed to take back the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint?

“Stop wasting your efforts. You’re not my opponent,” said Jian Chen from high in the air. Although his voice was calm, the terrifying presence he gave off weighed on the hearts of everyone present.

“Although you have over a dozen god artifacts, you’re all far too weak. You can’t unleash the power of the god artifacts at all, so you pose no threat to me. Harming me will be very difficult.”

All the Radiant Godkings fell silent from that. The faces of all the lords of the main peaks with the god artifacts sank and became ugly.

Donglin Qiushui and the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak experienced mixed feelings. They had never thought that the Chang Yang they had once interacted with would possess such terrifying battle prowess. It made them feel powerless.

Donglin Yanxue stood in the distance as she stared at the invincible Jian Chen blankly. She too experienced very mixed feelings.

“Hmph, it’s far too early to jump to conclusions!” The lord of the Scorching Sun Peak snorted coldly. He stared at Jian Chen with killing intent while his presence rose. It surpassed the level of mid Godking very soon.

“The lord of the Scorching Sun Peak is actually breaking through…”

“Gongsun Zhi is far too reckless. The mist within the Tower of Radiance hasn’t dispersed entirely. He can’t hide here forever. Isn’t he afraid of that great demon…”

Cries immediately rang out in the surroundings.

Unsurprisingly, the lord of the Scorching Sun Peak, Gongsun Zhi, had chosen to break through to late Godking at a time like this.

Originally, there needed to be a period of time before mid Godkings could break through to late Godking. However, the lords of the ninety-nine peaks had all kept their cultivations suppressed for tens of thousands of years or even longer. They had already reached the limits of their cultivation level. Breaking through only required a single thought.

That was the exact reason why Gongsun Zhi completed his breakthrough in a matter of seconds. He was completely unobstructed.

Gongsun Zhi’s strength immediately increased several times over with his break through.

“Even if you become late Godkings, you’re still not my opponent,” Jian Chen glanced past them indifferently.

“Hmph, what bold words! No matter how powerful you are, you’re still a Godking. I’m at the same level of cultivation as you now,” said the lord of the Scorching Sun Peak as he snorted coldly. He formed a seal with both hands and used a secret technique. White flames suddenly sprang up and roared on his body.

As the flames burned, Gongsun Zhi’s presence immediately began to rise once again. It rose even faster than when he broke through.

However, he became paler and paler. He became haggard as his life force became weaker and weaker.

Clearly, he had used a forbidden technique. He had paid a huge price in exchange for strength beyond what he was supposed to possess.

Jian Chen also frowned slightly at this moment. He did not look at Gongsun Zhi. Instead, he looked at the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint in his hand.

The imprint had suddenly become scorching. It trembled in his hand as if it was trying to break free.