Chaotic Sword God Chapter 2347

Chapter 2347: The Grand Exalts Descendent Two
Chapter 2347: The Grand Exalt’s Descendent (Two)

Staring at the trembling imprint that was trying to break free from his grasp, Jian Chen’s eyes shone brightly. He became both surprised and doubtful.

Afterwards, he glanced at the distance, looking past the group of Radiant Saint Masters. The light in his eyes flickered.

He was uncertain about the reason behind the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint behaving like this, wanting to fly off by itself. However, there was something he was certain about; he knew that the sudden behaviour of the imprint was related to a Radiant Saint Master among them.

“Whatever! Our priority is to protect the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint…” At this moment, another person called out. Another Hallowed Saint Master who had reached the limits of mid Godking began to break through. He became a late Godking resolutely.

He was also one of the lords of the ninety-nine peaks. He was powerful, having suppressed his cultivation at mid Godking for a very long time. His breakthrough at this moment was effortless, completed in a matter of seconds.

Moreover, he was also one of the sixteen Godkings who wielded god artifacts.

The bold breakthroughs of the two and their fearless spirit influenced many of the nearby Radiant Godkings. After seeing that, they all bellowed out in high spirits.

“The mist of the Tower of Radiance will completely disperse before long. At that time, we’ll be able to stay in the Tower of Radiance for long periods of time. There’s no need to worry about that great demon. We have nothing to worry about…”

“Only by becoming late Godkings can we unleash more of the god artifact’s power and deal with the threat of Qing Shan…”

Immediately, powerful presences burst out one after another. At that moment, many Radiant Godkings made up their minds. They all broke through.

Of course, every single person who broke through in that instance had kept their cultivation suppressed for many years. They had already reached late Godking in terms of comprehension, so breaking through only required a thought for them. They met no obstructions or difficulties.

Of course, not all of them were like that. Basically every single person who possessed such a cultivation was a lord of the ninety-nine main peaks.

Donglin Qiushui sighed gently. At that moment, she could only break through reluctantly, or she would become a joke within the Radiant Saint Hall as one of the ninety-nine lords of main peaks. She would be known as someone who feared death if she did not.

Even the Donglin clan behind her would probably be humiliated.

In that short moment, over forty late Radiant Godkings appeared. Almost half of the ninety-nine lords of main peaks had broken through.

“Kill, take back the imprint…” The lord of the Scorching Sun Peak, Gongsun Zhi, bellowed out. He ignited his essence blood, burning his vitality to unleash more power from his god artifact. He charged towards Jian Chen aggressively.

After Gongsun Zhi, the fifteen other wielders of god artifacts all used secret techniques to boost their cultivation at quite a hefty cost. They unleashed even more power from their god artifacts and attacked Jian Chen simultaneously.

“Unless you break though again by condensing a soultree and reach the Primordial realm, you still pose no threat to me,” Jian Chen said coldly. Even though these people had grown more powerful, even though the god artifacts were stronger than before, he still did not take them seriously.

He only took a single step, and he crossed the several kilometre distance to appear before them like he had teleported. He did not use the Laws of the Sword this time. Instead, he directly threw a punch.

Not only did the punch contain the power of his Chaotic Body, but it also possessed the Laws of Strength. Under the amplification of the Laws of Strength, the shocking punch became even more terrifying.

The punch shot out and caused space to rupture. He directly struck a god artifact, sending it back to where it came from; the weapon pierced its master’s chest.

Afterwards, Jian Chen threw out consecutive punches. The power was extremely terrifying, causing space to tremble. All sixteen god artifacts were knocked back, causing them to dim.

Aside from Donglin Qiushui, all the other god artifact wielders had been knocked away while blood sprayed from their mouths.

However, at this moment, certain globules of the fallen blood directly flew towards Jian Chen as if it was under the guidance of some mysterious power.

More correctly, it flew towards the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint in Jian Chen’s hand.

A gleam of light flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. He clenched the imprint tightly in his left hand as he sent out a strand of sword Qi with his right. He cut the globule to pieces before incinerating it all with Chaotic Flames.

Even though the blood had been burnt to nothingness, Jian Chen could still sense an invisible power that managed to survive. It could not be found with the senses of his soul. He only managed to discover it with his special soul. It was absorbed by the imprint in his hand.

Immediately, the imprint shone brightly at it became even more scorching. It shook violently in Jian Chen’s hand.

The Grand Exalt’s legacy was an imprint of consciousness, yet in that moment, Jian Chen actually felt like the imprint of consciousness had sprung alive after absorbing the power from the blood.

“You’re actually the one who’s making the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint tremble!” Jian Chen suddenly looked at Gongsun Zhi. He was shocked because the blood from earlier came from Gongsun Zhi.

However, after Gongsun Zhi’s blood was incinerated by the Chaotic Flames, even the mysterious power had become extremely thin. It was even so thin that the power of the bloodline within it had almost collapsed.

However, Gongsun Zhi’s face changed drastically. He stared at the imprint in Jian Chen’s hand in shock before ravishing in joy. He was overjoyed.

This was because he had suddenly discovered that an extremely obscure connection seemed to be established between him and the imprint.

At this moment, the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint in Jian Chen’s hand struggled even more. It seemed to have become a scathing brand, doing all it could to break free from Jian Chen’s control.

Although Jian Chen had passed the test and removed the imprint from the stele, the imprint did not seem to recognise Jian Chen anymore.

The resistance from the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint became greater and greater. Jian Chen knew that if this continued, the imprint would break free from his grasp in the end. He bellowed out and no longer paid anymore attention to the Radiant Saint Masters. Instead, he suddenly pressed the imprint against the area between his eyes and began to accept what was inside.

However, he encountered resistance. The consciousness within the imprint rejected Jian Chen’s entry as if it did not accept him.

Jian Chen snorted coldly inside and used Martial Soul Force. A strand of it flowed under his control and approached the imprint.

As expected, as soon as it sensed the approach of the Martial Soul Force, the consciousness within the imprint no longer stood in his way, letting him in.

Jian Chen’s soul immediately took advantage of the situation and entered, permeating the imprint. He sensed the tremendous information inside.

He did two things at the same time. As he comprehended and absorbed the information within the imprint, he suppressed the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint with all that he had.

This was because the imprint constantly shook. It wanted to break free from Jian Chen’s restraint at all times.

“He has already begun accepting the legacy. Quick, kill him!” Gongsun Zhi’s eyes turned bloodshot. He had already established an obscure, mental connection with the imprint, so he believed he had gained the recognition of the legacy. The legacy belonged to him. Now that Jian Chen was forcefully comprehending the imprint and absorbing the legacy hidden within it, he saw it as Jian Chen directly taking his possessions brazenly.

How could he let this slide?