Chaotic Sword God Chapter 236

Chapter 236: The Soaring Sword Qi
Chapter 236: The Soaring Sword Qi

Jian Chens Qi had interweaved with the envoys Qi in midair in a way reminiscent of two dangerous beasts tearing away at each other without relenting.

In contrast to where Jian Chen and the envoy where, the garden around them was assaulted by a strong gale which only grew in size with each passing moment.

The kindly envoy nodded his head with yet another smile before increasing his output even more. In a moments notice, the perilous situation Jian Chen was in had suddenly intensified.

Jian Chens face immediately hardened as he felt the Qi increase in pressure. It was only just recently that Jian Chen was fighting at an even level with the man, but straight away, Jian Chen felt as if the entire area around him had frozen and he was trapped within. Unable to break free of the restrictions, even his clothes had been tightly pressed against him due to the envoys Qi.

Jian Chens throat released a small growl as he quickly increased his own Qi. Quickly, it began to reach a peak, but the amount of Qi the other man was still controlling Jian Chen and so he was unable to break free. Despite all of his best efforts, the amount of strength being imposed onto Jian Chen was similar to being tasked with climbing an unclimbable mountain.

These two envoys were of the Earth Saint Master class while Jian Chen was only at the Primary Great Saint Master level, therefore it was impossible for him to try and compete with either of the two.

Although Jian Chen wasnt able to move even a fraction underneath the overwhelming Qi, he was still unyielding to the man. His inner Saint Force continued to circulate as it tried to counteract the foreign Qi surrounding him. Underneath Jian Chens legs, the ground began to split away into several cracks. From the center of his feet, a series of spiderweb like cracks began to develop in every direction. After the stone had broke, Jian Chen was slowly starting to sink into the ground.

Seeing how the envoy from Monarch City was treating Jian Chen, Yun Li couldnt help but have an anxious look on his face from the side. In his heart, he had already been convinced that Jian Chen was the young son of an influential clan somewhere with a potential that could only be seen once every hundred years. If a youngster like him was able to reach the Great Saint Master level, then it was hard to tell exactly where his real limit was, or what heights he could reach. If this envoy were to offend Jian Chen, then he wasnt sure exactly what problem would later occur. Most importantly, if Jian Chen were to harbor a grudge after this, then a headache of a problem would definitely occur and trouble would happen.

Despite the worry on Yun Lis face, the two envoys in front of him were not people he could afford to offend. So, after a single attempt at placating the two, he didnt say anything more and in fear of angering them, he stood by the sidelines once more.

The envoy was trying to test Jian Chens strength and so they continued to increase the pressure onto Jian Chen. At this moment, both of Jian Chens legs were breaking through the dirt, making him sink into the ground. Jian Chens face was incomparably white as if a heavy stone was still pressing down onto his body. Just breathing was a difficult task for him, but he continued to grit his teeth and persevere and his eyes grew colder by the second as killing intent grew with it. Clearly, the actions of this envoy had invoked Jian Chens killing intent.

The envoy was still smiling at Jian Chen with a gentle look, almost as if he were a kindly old man looking after his domesticated livestock. However, by this point, the ever increasing amount of Qi pressing down on Jian Chen was so much he wasnt able to move even a fingernail.

This must be the true extent of an Earth Saint Masters strength. With just his Qi, Ive been unable to move; how terrifying! I cant even compare to him as a Great Saint Master. Jian Chen thought to himself in shock. The difference between an Earth Saint Master and a Great Saint Master was like the difference between heaven to earth. There was just a huge line that separated between them.

Just as Jian Chen was barely able to control his breathing, suddenly the azure and violet glows of light within his dantian suddenly emerged from his body in the form of two glows of light around his head. They looked to be the two handles of a sword that were currently stabbing into his head.

At the same time, an unbelievably strong amount of Sword Qi flew outward almost as if it were appearing out of nowhere. In a split second, the entire garden was filled with Sword Qi and every unit of air was condensed with it. The feeling was quite sharp, unlike the gentle caress of a simple stream of wind. In fact, the feeling was similar to being sliced by multiple swords with a stinging sensation.

The moment the Sword Qi flew out from Jian Chens body, the flowers all around the garden began to dance wildly as the next moment, a storm of dust covered the entire area. With a second look, not a single stalk of grass or flower was left remaining.

Abruptly, the stone pavilion echoed with a rustling sound, as the entire storm of dust covered the sky in every direction. A short moment later, the outside of the pavilion couldnt even be seen anymore thanks to the dust which completely covered everyones line of sight.

Whatwhat type of power is this? Hurry up and get back! The two envoys no longer had their calm expression on their faces and immediately flew backward to escape from the perimeter of the Sword Qi.

Even Yun Lis reaction wasnt too slow and he immediately leaped backward as well. His entire face was filled with anxiety before shock quickly overtook it.

Just as the two envoys retreated, the two azure and violet colored swords suddenly disappeared from sight back into his body in a single instance. Following their disappearance, the shroud of Sword Qi receded as well leaving behind the remnants of the flower garden with scars everywhere.

The two envoys and Yun Li stood hundred meters away in shock as they looked at Jian Chen with disbelief. However, in comparison to earlier, Jian Chen was in a sorrier state than before as the ground beneath his feet were filled with cracks. From the three mens faces, a decent amount of tiny wounds with blood barely leaking out could be seen. Though, they werent fast enough to retreat before some of their hair had been cut into pieces and floated away into the wind. Even their clothes had been ripped and began to stain with blood.

Jujust what type of power is this, how could it be this terrifying?! The gentle looking envoy cried out with shock and a healthy amount of fear reflected on his face.

In that split second, both envoys had used their Saint Force to protect themselves, however, something absolutely shocking had happened then. This mysterious type of power had seemingly ignored their defenses and went on to injure both of them. Even more shocking, they had felt countless of tiny blade like objects cut into them all over their bodies. Their thighs,waists, arms, hands, face, forehead, and chest had all been cut in some way and almost became a bloody mess.