Chaotic Sword God Chapter 259

Chapter 259: The Xia Clan’s Dispatch
Chapter 259: The Xia Clans Dispatch

With those words, the entire hall went quiet as everyone grew serious. The twenty men began to grow nervous as they watched their patriarch. As high ranking members of the Xia clan, they knew of the deep and personal friendship between him and Liu Zheng. After his death, each one of them had found it very difficult to report it to their patriarch.

The serious stare in the patriarchs eyes grew colder as he suddenly stared daggers at everyone. At this, everyones heart suddenly jumped.

My lord, this matter would be best explained by the young lord. Only he will be able to give a clear and detailed explanation of the matter. A middle aged man spoke out nervously with a forehead filled with sweat.

Have Xia Liu come straight away. The patriarch ordered.

A person immediately left the room in order to fetch the young lord Xia Liu.

After a while, the fearful face of Xia Liu entered the hall and kneeled down, Grandson Xia Liu sees honorable grandfather!

The patriarchs eyes landed onto Xia Lius body, his previously cold eyes grew softer and softer by the moment before speaking, Liu Er, just what exactly happened? Who was the one that killed your uncle?

Grandfather, you must take revenge for uncle Lius death! Xia Lius face became sorrowful before describing the detailed story of just what had happened between Jian Chen and the Xia clan. Embellishing the story, he pushed all of the blame onto the Kai clan and Jian Chen and had even painted Jian Chen out to be a maliciously evil person so that he himself was abstained from guilt. However, he did not try to hide Jian Chens strength at all since killing Liu Zheng was already proof enough of his strength.

After Xia Liu finished talking, the patriarch went silent for a moment as he began to think to himself. His eyes then flashed dangerously as he finally spoke to his grandson, Liu Er, this man named Jian Chen killed Liu Zheng in a single sword strike, is that right?

Grandfather, this is absolutely true! If you dont believe your grandsons words, then ask the guards! Each one of them saw it for themselves. That Jian Chen is too much; not only does he not even think of the Xia clan as being worthy he also doesnt think were on an even level as him, he openly curses our Xia clan! Grandfather, you must not allow him to get away, uncle Lius death must be avenged! Xia Liu cried out in anguish, his hatred for Jian Chen had already made its way all the way to his bones.

My lord, the one named Jian Chen is truly too much. If we do not do anything about this, then I fear that our Xia clans might will be impacted by this in the future. A middle aged man spoke out.

I agree, my lord, this matter is not something we can ignore.

We must take revenge for Liu Zhengs death

The seated group of men began to talk among themselves. Although Liu Zheng had been killed by a single strike, not a single one of them were worried; they had absolute confidence in the patriarchs strength.

The patriarch clasped his hands together and spoke out to the nervous crowd, The father of Liu Zheng and I have been friends for countless of years. His father has saved my life, and when he himself was dying, he entrusted Liu Zhengs healthy life to me. Now that he has been killed, it doesnt matter how strong the culprit is or who they are. This is not something I will easily forget. Furthermore, Liu Zheng himself has done many things for our Xia clan, his contributions are endless. Therefore, I cannot allow his death to go in vain. Zheng Hua, go and hire a few quick minded men to go to Wake City to scout out for information. Before we take action, I want to know their strength to the finest detail.

Yes, my lord!


The next few days were relatively peaceful as the after effects of the magical beast wave had finally died down in Wake City. The entire city was already back to fully healing and was booming once more.

The prize reward for any information on Kendalls family had affected many people. Everyone had coveted that monetary reward so multiple people would try any possible method for the sake of getting a little of that money. However, after several days, Jian Chen hadnt heard a single piece of verifiable information since so many people had tried to sneak away with the money with fake information.

During the same time, Jian Chen had stayed within the Kai clan without taking a step out of it. Commander Duo Li would come by once a day to report the news regarding the search, and the three men from the Tianhua Sect would come by often to find Jian Chen and talk to him. Following several days of talking, Jian Chen and the three men couldnt help but become closer friends.

Jian Chen had managed to talk about the Xia clan with the three men at times. Fortunately for him, he had learned that the Xia clan only had a single Earth Saint Master who had made that breakthrough ten years ago. His talent at cultivation wasnt that outstanding, so he should be at the Second or Third Cycle at this pointwhich was not a major threat to Jian Chen.

During his cultivation, Jian Chen had dispatched some Flame Mercenaries to spy on the Xia clan. Although they wouldnt be able to see their every move, they would at least know if a large amount of troops were being moved about.

Thanks to these few days of cultivation without interruption, Jian Chens strength had increased at a terrifying rate, right now, his strength was at the Middle Great Saint Master level.

In the evening, a travel weary youth slowly made his way to the Kai clan and quickly ran straight to Jian Chens little courtyard without stopping.

Captain, this morning, a large amount of troops were seen moving out from the Xia clan toward Wake City! The mercenary panted in deep breaths.

Jian Chen maintained his sitting posture as he cultivated, but his eyes looked at the youth calmly, How many people are there and when will they arrive?

Theres a total of three hundred men, but because of their numbers, they wont be able to travel very fast. If they travel through the night, then they will arrive by midnight. If they take a rest, then they will arrive tomorrow. The mercenary said seriously.

Jian Chen waved his hand without any expression, You may leave.

After the mercenary had left, Jian Chen had sat in his bed for a moment as he muttered to himself. If the Flame Mercenaries fight against the Xia clan now, then it would be like striking a stone with an egg. We cannot sit around for our death, so it is best to strike first. If we can strike at them during the night, then our casualties will be limited.

Thinking about a plan for the next few minutes, Jian Chen then brought the seven Great Saint Masters on their Class 2 Magical Beast Mounts out of the city.

A kilometer outside of Wake City, three uniformed men suddenly moved into Jian Chens path. These three men were Qing Yun, Qing Mu, and Qing Shan of the Tianhua Sect.

Haha, brother Jian Chen, where are you heading off to? Qing Yun said with a smile toward Jian Chen.

Jian Chen cupped his hands together, Ah, brothers Qing Yun, Qing Mu, and Qing Shan. Since its night time, we have some matters to take care of.

Qing Yun laughed, If my guess is correct, then brother Jian Chen is going to deal with the Xia clan?

Jian Chen nodded his head without a single word.

Qing Yuns face grew serious for a moment as he continued to speak, Brother Jian Chen, do not take this as me underestimating you, but the strength of the Xia clan is not weak at all. They have ten Great Saint Masters while everyone else is at the Saint Master level. Furthermore, the patriarch of the Xia clan is personally leading the troops. With just the eight of you, even if you win somehow, there will be a heavy price to pay.

Hearing this, Jian Chens eyes narrowed. The troops that the Xia clan was leading was truly beyond his expectations.

Qing Yun continued to smile at Jian Chen, Although brother Jian Chen will find it difficult to fight against the Xia clan with eight people, then if you add the three of us, then this will be an easier matter. Will brother Jian Chen accept our help?