Chaotic Sword God Chapter 260

Chapter 260: Assassination Operation
Chapter 260: Assassination Operation

Startled, Jian Chen quickly tried to recover and smiled, If brother Qing Yun wishes to join me, then this one will be very grateful. However, I am puzzled, are you not afraid of provoking the Xia clan and make trouble for the Tianhua Sect?

Brother Jian Chen, you might know this, but although our Tianhua Sect and the Xia clan are separated by a long distance, there was once a clash of conflict between us making our sides fight. Afterward, a few of our Tianhua Sect disciples had mysteriously disappeared, but we could only guess that the Xia clan was the reason for that, we just never found clear evidence of their actions. We wish to exterminate the Xia clan, but if we were to take action, then our Tianhua Sect would suffer greatly as well, so the best we could do was to put this matter off. Now that Jian Chen wishes to fight with the Xia clan, then us three will do our best to help you. Qing Yun spoke.

Haha, so its like that? Then this one truly thanks you three for your help. Jian Chen laughed joyously. With the three of them, their strength would increase several times over.

After that, Jian Chen and the Tianhua Sect disciples didnt waste any more time talking and immediately rode off into the distance on their magical beast mounts.

At this moment it was barely the start of the new morning. The sky was still dark because of the dark clouds in the sky with the moon slightly hidden behind them. Deep within the sky, the distant sounds of thunder could be heard.

Roughly three hundred miles outside of Wake City, there were several hundred tents scattered about with a few campfires starting to be lit up. The campfires danced in the dark light and flickered energetically.

In the center of the campgrounds was a large flag that was hoisted into the air so that everyone could see the giant Xia symbol on it.

By this point, the majority of the group had already rested up, so a few men began to patrol back and forth among the tents while the rest stoked the wood in their campfire.


A sudden crack of thunder illuminated the campground with an ear splitting sound. In that instant, the entire campground was lit up brightly as if it was daytime.

Straight after that, a torrential downpour came down from the skies and immediately extinguished the campfires and threw the campfire into complete darkness. With the heavy downpour, not a single thing could be heard.

What bad luck for us to be under such bad weather. One of the patrolmen cursed as he crawled into a tent to avoid the rain.

Five hundred meters away, the figures of a few men suddenly darted closer with the rain and darkness hiding their figures. The rain muffled their footsteps so that their movements would not be noticed.

This group was Jian Chen and the others from Wake City.

Two hundred meters away from the campground, Jian Chen and the group came to a stop. After taking a moment to talk about the plan, Jian Chen carefully took off toward the campground while the others remain behind.

Jian Chen stopped at the closest tent before carefully entering. Inside the tent it was so dark that Jian Chen couldnt see his hand when it was right in front of him, so his entire figure wouldnt be spotted.

Using his spirit to let him perceive what was in the tent, he could sense three men inside still sleeping. Without hesitation, he flashed his sword and stabbed the three of them before immediately leaving.

Jian Chen was completely confident in his sword technique. In those three blows, he had stabbed all three of their throats and claimed their lives without a single sound.

Under the heavy downpour, Jian Chen traveled from tent to tent as the rain poured down on him. Right now he was completely drenched in water and as a result, he looked bedraggled.

Originally Jian Chen had planned on fighting with the Xia clan in the open, but after this heavy rain, he had decided on a new change of plans. If he could assassinate a few of the Xia clansmen before the battle, then the military might of the Xia clan would be cut down in size. If he could assassinate the Earth Saint Master in their clan, then there would no longer be a heavy threat to him.

However, Jian Chen wasnt sure that he would be able to kill the Earth Saint Master, so he had decided to clean up the lower leveled members to cause the maximum amount of damage to the Xia clans fighting force.

Although assassination wasnt an area that Jian Chen was an expert in, the heavy rain really helped cover up Jian Chens tracks and movements. So no one was able to detect him at all. In a short moment, Jian Chen had already killed a hundred men, roughly thirty percent of the Xia clans total number of people.

After another short moment, the total number of people that Jian Chen had killed was around two hundred. Right now, nearly a hundred of the tents were coated with blood on the inside. Some of the blood made it to the outside, but the rain was starting to wash it away slowly while the stench of blood remained slowly filling up the area.

In the center of the campground within a large tent, the patriarch of the Xia clan sat cross-legged with his eyes closed as he cultivated. His entire body was so still that he seemed almost like a statue.

Then, the patriarchs nose twitched before his eyes flew open and he stared dangerously outward.

Trying to listen closely, his eyes narrowed, How strange, why is there a faint smell of blood? Straining his ears even further, he tried to listen for a brief moment before immediately sensing something and roaring, Wake everyone up, someones here! With that, the patriarch immediately flew out from his tent.

Within the campgrounds, every single person was now starting to wake despite the ongoing downpour of rain before storming out of their tents.

Now that his position was revealed, Jian Chen no longer hid and immediately began to fly about killing the nearest person to him so that he would be able to kill the most amount of people in the shortest amount of time.

Jian Chen was starting to use the entirety of his strength. His Light Wind Sword flew out at rapid speeds and instantly pierced through the throats of those closest to him.

Realizing where Jian Chen was and what he was doing, the patriarch let out a huge roar before bringing out a giant axe to swing down on him.

At the same time, the seven Great Saint Masters and the three men from the Tianhua Sect immediately charged into the camp from two hundred meters away.

The Light Wind Sword in Jian Chens hand began to glow with a hazy silver light that was extremely noticeable in the dark night. A faint amount of intense Sword Qi began to float outward. Those closest to Jian Chen could feel the the terrifying amount of power from it.

Right now, every single person still alive charged toward Jian Chen who bore straight into a group and began to kill indiscriminately. Evading the patriarchs attack, Jian Chen killed another dozen Saint Masters with his fast sword techniques. With even Great Saint Masters needing to be careful against Jian Chen, Saint Masters wouldnt even be able to catch a glimpse of his sword strikes. Thus every Saint Master found that their throats had been pierced and died without even being able to scream.

Against such a large group like this Jian Chen along with the patriarch, there was still another restriction on top of that. With the darkness, Jian Chen wasnt able to see too clearly, but that restriction applied to the Xia clansmen as well. They werent able to see Jian Chen or even predict his movements as he moved about. Even more so, they were afraid that if they made a move, they would hit one of their own.

Seeing how his clansmen were continuously dropping to the ground, the patriarchs chest began to beat furiously as he roared, Everyone move out of the way!

With that order, every single clansmen immediately scattered, allowing their patriarch to fight against Jian Chen. Right after everyone moved away, the patriarch was able to lock onto Jian Chens position, and without hesitation, he suddenly brought down his axe in the direction Jian Chen was heading.

Sensing the sudden gust of wind come toward him, Jian Chens eyes flash dangerously as he brought his Light Wind Sword up. Suddenly, a faint glow of azure and violet light could be seen, allowing Jian Chen to then fearlessly bring his own sword against the patriarchs axe.

Jian Chen was quite familiar with the azure and violet Sword Qi, but now he wanted to test it out to see whether or not if he could break apart an Earth Saint Masters Saint Weapon.