Chaotic Sword God Chapter 261

Chapter 261: Killing an Earth Saint Master
Chapter 261: Killing an Earth Saint Master


The Light Wind Sword and the axe made contact in the air with a clanging sound as an explosion of energy flew out from the impact and scattered the rain around them off into every direction.

As the two Saint Weapons separated, Jian Chens figure couldnt help but be sent flying back uncontrollably with the arm holding his sword trembling slightly. After all, his strength in comparison to the patriarchs was much weaker. The azure and violet Sword Qi was able to strengthen his attack, but it wasnt able to strengthen his Saint Force. With this momentary contact with the patriarch, Jian Chens inner organs felt the shock from the blow so heavily that he felt like vomiting blood.

The difference between an Earth Saint Master and a Great Saint Master was as wide as the heavens themselves were endless. Even a battle skill would not help bridge the gap in any way. If Jian Chen did not strengthen his inner body many times over, then he would have suffered a serious injury.

The patriarch of the Xia clan shook for a moment as his face went white. Then with a dark look and small growl, a small trickle of blood leaked from between his lips.

The patriarch was filled with shock as he brought up his Saint Weapon to inspect it. Despite it being extremely dark outside, with the deep and personal connection he had with the Saint Weapon, he could sense that on the blade of his Saint Weapon, there was a finger sized nick in it.

Howhow is this possible? The man spoke in utter disbelief. At this moment, his heart couldnt help be sent in turmoil. On his face was no longer a calm look, but one of shock.

He was an expert of the Earth Saint Master level with a Saint Weapon that was already incomparably strong. It could be said that anyone below the Heaven Saint Master level without the use of a battle skill would not be able to injure his Saint Weapon in the least. At this very second, his Saint Weapon had been unexpectedly damaged with a finger sized nick. This fact alone caused his very being to be shocked.

Could it be this opponent is an expert of the Heaven Saint Master level? The patriarch of the Xia clan thought in alarm, but just as soon as the thought appeared in his head, he instantly dismissed it to be false. The Jian Chen in front of him felt extremely weak, so there was no way for him to be a Heaven Saint Master.

Then just what exactly happened? The patriarch of the Xia clan began to pale as blood continued to flow. He simply couldnt imagine how his Saint Weapon could be broken. Common sense dictated that anyone that could potentially damage his Saint Weapon was an expert among experts within the Tian Yuan Continent. Experts like those could kill him as easily as killing an ant without him being able to retaliate.

With his Saint Weapon injured, he himself had suffered a serious blow as well.

While the patriarch was stuck in his moment of confusion, Jian Chens sword had already flew at him once more. The hazy light emanating from the Light Wind Sword was as clear as day in the night, As fast as lightning, the sword flew through the rain with a matchless speed as it aimed at the patriarchs throat.

Despite Jian Chens speed, the patriarch of the Xia clan was still an expert of the Earth Saint Master caliber. To him, this speed of Jian Chen meant that he shouldnt see him as a Great Saint Master level threat anymore.

Suppressing his wounds, the patriarch lifted his Saint Weapon and allowed it overflow with a blue colored Saint Force. Suddenly, the surrounding water began to fly toward the weapon as if there was some sort of mysterious attraction. It flew toward the axe in his hands and began to condense at the tip of the weapon. Very quickly, the water began to rotate around before forming a dragon of water that flew toward Jian Chen.

However the azure and violet Sword Qi on Jian Chens sword bore straight through the water dragon and continued to fly at the patriarchs throat.

The patriarchs eyes flashed dangerously and he swung his weapon down onto Jian Chen. The axe in his hand carried such a heavy amount of Saint Force that the sound of it crashing downward caused a thunder like sound that could split the sky. This axes arc carried some sort of profound mystery to it that somehow pressed down against Jian Chens body.

This time, the patriarch had used a battle skill.

Each and every battle skill, if properly used, would bring about some sort of powerful pressure. The higher level a battle skill was, the stronger the pressure. Each time these battle skills were used, it would cause countless people to be shocked, and could even change the outcome of a battle in a split second. Some battle skills could be harmonized to be used with a regular strike so that they would not look out of place. This type of attack style would make it hard to predict and understand as if it was a mystery of the world as well as giving it a formidable amount of power.

The force behind this axe of the patriarch was not ordinary at all; the power was far too strong. As the two Saint Weapons made contact, the overwhelming power of the axe caused Jian Chen to be sent flying away with blood coming out from his mouth.

However, even the patriarch did not escape without a scratch. Vomiting out some blood, he looked at Jian Chen with a look of fear and disbelief. On his axe, there was yet another jagged nick of the same size on his axe. While this latest exchange of blows had caused Jian Chen to be sent flying away, his Saint Weapon had been damaged once more.

His Saint Weapon is far too strange; although he himself is not a Heaven Saint Master, but that attack was comparable to one. I cannot clash against him like this again. The patriarch concluded. He was bewildered yet greedy to find out just what exactly Jian Chen did to make his attack several times stronger, was it a battle skill? Or maybe some sort of treasure? Whatever it was, it would undoubtedly be a priceless treasure, and if he were too grab hold of it.

As he began to trail away, the Xia clans patriarch felt his heart begin to beat wildly before staring at Jian Chen with greed.

Jian Chen leaped up from the ground with his forehead full of sweat. Unable to attend to his wounds, he could only charge at the patriarch once more.

Although the injury was quite serious, the patriarchs weapon had been damaged twice now, making his wounds even more serious than Jian Chens. So compared to the patriarch, Jian Chens wounds could be said to be quite light.

Jian Chens sword cut through the falling rain drops quickly as it flew toward the patriarch.

By now, the patriarch had realized that Jian Chens personal strength wasnt very strong, but his attack had far exceeded his own. So fearing another clash, the patriarch moved out of the way before trying to land a strike of his own.

Jian Chens sword art emphasized speed. Despite the patriarch making a herculean effort to dodge, he was not fast enough to move out of the way completely. Jian Chen knew that an Earth Saint Master had a clear advantage over himself, so it was imperative for him to try to attack the patriarchs Saint Weapon. With this, the patriarchs strength would be limited and so he would not be able to freely attack or defend.

On the other side, Qing Yun, Qing Mu and Qing Shan fought alongside the seven Great Saint Masters of the Flame Mercenaries as they battled the remaining dozen members of the Xia clan. With Jian Chen killing the vast majority of the Xia clan in their sleep, the remaining few people were of the Great Saint Master level, so while they had a disadvantage with numbers, they would be able to persevere.

Qing Yuns strength had already reached the Peak Great Saint Master level and his Saint Weapon had the earth attribute to it, making his battle skill even more deadly when used against the Xia clansmen.

Jian Chen and the patriarch of the Xia clan continued to exchange several blows. Despite the patriarch trying his utmost best to dodge Jian Chens sword, he couldnt help but be stabbed three times and have his axe suffer another five chips. With the increasing amount of damage to his Saint Weapon, the wounds the patriarch himself grew even more severe. If his Saint Weapon were to be destroyed by Jian Chen, not only would his entire strength be thrown away, but so would his life.

Who are you and why are you attacking my Xia clan? Has our Xia clan wronged you in any way?! The patriarch couldnt help but roar in confusion.

Jian Chen didnt cease his attacks, but he replied coldly, Ill let you know before you die. I am the man your Xia clan is currently setting out against.

The patriarchs eyes narrowed as he stared at Jian Chen in concentration, Could you be Jian Chen?

Correct! Jian Chen didnt bother to deny it. His sword strikes grew even more fierce as if he was set on executing the patriarch today. He had no desire for his Flame Mercenaries to be targeted by an Earth Saint Master.

Jian Chen, why dont we just try and talk about this? By now the patriarch was beginning to show his weakness. He was clearly at a disadvantage, and so if things continued this way, then the end would be near for him.

Not possible. Jian Chen refused the Xia clans attempt for a ceasefire.

Hearing this, the patriarchs expression grew dark before staring dangerously at Jian Chen through the dark, Jian Chen, this matter today; I, Xia Fan, will definitely remember this! With that, the patriarch instantly turned around and began to flee.

Immediately giving chase, Jian Chen knew that in this heavy rain and darkness, if the patriarch were to get too far away, he would not be able to catch up.

While the patriarchs wounds were quite severe, he was still an Earth Saint Maser. His inner Saint Force was enough to stabilize himself so that he could run fast enough for Jian Chen to be unable to catch up.

Seeing that the patriarch was getting farther and farther away, Jian Chens eyes flashed unnaturally bright, making it seem as if there were two fireflies in the night. The Light Wind Sword in his hand immediately parted from his hand as if it had been brought to life.


The patriarch simply did not think that Jian Chen would be able to accomplish such a strange feat so he had been caught unaware, allowing the Light Wind Sword to pierce straight through his throat.