Chaotic Sword God Chapter 264

Chapter 264: Gathering of the Mercenaries
Chapter 264: Gathering of the Mercenaries

After seven days had passed, the Radiant Saint Master had finally healed all seven of the Great Saint Masters and the two men from the Tianhua Sect.

In those seven days, Jian Chen and Qing Yun would talk every so often or go about their ways with closed room cultivation. The azure and violet Sword Spirits had helped him during the seven days and allowed his cultivation speed to be a dozen times faster than usual, bringing his speed past the Middle Great Saint Master realm. His inner Saint Force was now past the Primary Great Saint Master level as well, making him much stronger than before.

At times, Jian Chen would go to the city lords mansion in order to hear the most recent information regarding Kendalls family. However, this only made him feel dejected since despite Yun Lis efforts and the high reward, not a single piece of information could be found.

Regarding the final wishes of Kendall that had been entrusted to him, Jian Chen was trying his best to accomplish it. However, he hadnt heard a single piece of relevant information regarding his family which made the task extremely difficult. For now, all Jian Chen could do was worry helplessly without any way of doing anything but to slowly wait.

News of the three hundred men from the Xia clan being slaughtered right outside Wake City quickly made its ways around. The Xia clans might was strong enough to be considered one of the top strengths in the area; their influence was everywhere so this matter had been impossible to contain. The moment Wake City heard about this information, countless of people in every street and every teahouse began to talk about this topic with great interest.

Who do you think the Xia clan offended for them to have three hundred members slaughtered?

The Xia clan is the local power around this area, with a force this large, they must have been preparing to fight a war.

That was inevitable. There is no one in this area that could get away with provoking them and staining their honor. Ive heard that the patriarch of the Xia clan was an Earth Saint Master, who could kill such a person?

Im not too sure myself. While they are the strongest power here, that only applies to the area around here. If a strong expert were to wander into this area, it cant be said that they would be able to fight against the Xia clan, or even make a move against them.

As the group conversed among each other with different conjectures, a good amount of them believed that the Xia clan would suddenly appear out of nowhere afterward to retake their lost honor. After all, their power was almost without rival and in order to protect their own standing, they would definitely have to act.

With this, everyone was shocked to hear that the Xia clan hadnt taken a single step at all in this matter. They hadnt even said a single word relating to how three hundred men died, instead, they resigned themselves to wallow in silence.

The following morning, Qing Yun brought the fully recovered Qing Mu and Qing Shan to where Jian Chen was.

Brother Jian Chen, weve stayed here for quite some time, so this time will be our farewell. There are some matters back at the sect for us to attend to. Qing Yun spoke.

Cupping his hands in respect, Jian Chen smiled back, The everlasting feast of the world will come to you regardless of how fast you walk. We will see each other again in the future.

Haha, your words are true. Brother Jian Chen, if you have time, please come visit us in the Tianhua Sect. Qing Yun bowed back in respect.

Of course, when I have the time, I will come and visit. Jian Chen replied.

A sudden thought came into Qing Yuns mind as he jolted with realization, Ah, Ive almost forgotten. Brother Jian Chen, in another half year is the bi-centurial Gathering of the Mercenaries. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, but it is a very difficult opportunity. Even if you want to participate but you miss the next one, then you will never be able to participate in the one after that.

Gathering of the Mercenaries! Jian Chen let out a surprised look on his face, Brother Qing Yun, what exactly is this Gathering of the Mercenaries? Could you please explain it to me?

Hearing this, Qing Yun a surprised expression covered his face. He didnt think that Jian Chen would have never heard about the Gathering of the Mercenaries before, but he laughed and replied, So it seems brother Jian Chen hasnt heard about this event. Nevermind, then let me explain it to you in detail. With this, he took a deep breath before explaining, The Gathering of the Mercenaries is an event where every single prominent mercenary group in the continent gathers to participate in. This event will be conducted in the general headquarters of the Mercenary UnionMercenary City.

Although the name says Gathering of the Mercenaries, in truth, this is a competition between mercenaries for dominance. This competition only takes place every fifty years; furthermore, the participants must be under the age of fifty. So thats why if ones birth is untimely, then they will be unable to participant. Therefore, whether or not a person can participate within this bi-centurial event also relies on luck.

Each and every time the Gathering of the Mercenaries is held, it is always lively. Practically every single gifted mercenary on the continent gathers to vie for one of the top hundred ranks. After that, they will be awarded with a big monetary reward and honor. If one makes it within the top ten, then the reward will be even more rich. Its even said that for those who make it within the top ten, they will be able to come and go as they please into the arsenal of Mercenary City and select a Heaven Tier Cultivation Method. If one makes it within the top three, then not only will they be able to select a Heaven Tier Cultivation Method, but they will also be able to take a Heaven Tier Battle Skill!

The moment he spoke the words Heaven Tier, Cultivation Method, and Battle Skill, Qing Yuns eyes burned with a fiery passion. This was something he clearly desired, no matter if it was a Heaven Tier Cultivation Method or Battle Skill, the entire Tian Yuan Continent would ravage itself for a chance to be able to lay claim to either of the two.

After third place, the rewards will grow to be better and better. Ive heard that the first place champion can not only choose any battle skill and cultivation method from the arsenal, but they will be allowed to cultivate within the holy grounds of Mercenary City for half a year. With this, Qing Yun took a long deep breath before continuing, The holy grounds of Mercenary City is the place every expert longs to go. Although I personally dont know how good the benefits are, but the holy grounds are something even Heaven Saint Masters yearn to go to. Legends have it that even many Saint Rulers stay around there as well.

Qing Yun exhaled slowly as he spoke with a tremble, For even the supreme beings that are Saint Rulers to laze about in such an area, it can be concluded that the holy grounds within Mercenary City is a divine place to be.

Hearing this, Jian Chens heart couldnt help but begin to beat with an intense ferocity; the rewards Qing Yun spoke of caused his heart to go out of control. The words Heaven Tier Battle Skill alone were enough for his heart to tremble with desire. He did not have an overwhelming amount of desire for the holy grounds, but this battle skill could be donated to the Changyang clan. While the Changyang clan had a single Heaven Tier Cultivation Method, they were still lacking a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Brother Jian Chen, the Gathering of the Mercenaries gives a wealthy reward to the top ten. Even if the absolute experts were to join, I can bet that a good majority of them will not be able to make it that far. I can bet that if brother Jian Chen were to join, then with your strength, I believe that you will enter the top ten for sure. Qing Yun spoke solemnly.