Chaotic Sword God Chapter 270

Chapter 270: Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannons
Chapter 270: Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannons

Weve been poisoned with the Silver Striped Golden Snakes venom, we cant even escape now because of him! A commander roared. Abandoning his attempt to try and suppress the poison within, the Earth Saint Masters Saint Force exploded outward with a fiery red color. With a fire like essence that scorched the ground, some of the nearby grass had almost instantly been incinerated.

The other commander knew that escape was unlikely now, so with a look of determination, a cyan colored light exploded from his body as well. All of the surrounding air around him began to grow lively as it was starting to cycle around him.

Ill let you taste my Fiery Swords might then. The fire attribute Saint Force commander roared. The sword in his hand instantaneously turned red as it became as hot as a branding iron. As he slashed down at Jian Chen, a fierce blaze accompanied it with a force as heavy as a stone.

The other commanders sword instantly flew toward Jian Chens chest in hopes of stabbing through it. The speed of the sword was so fast that Jian Chen had almost no hope to evade the sword.

Against these two unavoidable swords, Jian Chens Light Wind Sword immediately shot forward both swords with an azure and violet Sword Qi enwrapping around it.

Ding! The Light Wind Sword made contact with the sword of the fire attribute commander, but even with the hardness of steel and stone thanks to his fire Saint Force, the commanders sword couldnt help but gain another jaggedy gap.

Jian Chen felt some blood come out from his mouth from the explosive strength of the commander; despite this man being an Earth Saint Master with no battle skill, he couldnt help but be damaged still.

The Earth Saint Master with the fire like essence surrounding him like a protective shield cried out in shock once more. Since his Saint Force was linked to him, his body had once more gained another serious injury.

At the same time, the sword of the wind attribute commander had entered Jian Chens chest before exiting through his back.

Jian Chen gave an angry shout and ignored the pain blossoming in his chest. The Light Wind Sword knocked aside the fire attribute commanders sword and instantly pierced through the commanders heart. With the sharp Sword Qi within the Light Wind Sword, the commanders heart had instantly been shredded.

Shortly afterward, Jian Chen immediately pulled out his sword and with a haze of azure and violet light, the light Wind Sword instantly flew toward the last remaining commander.

With a cold snort, the commander twisted the sword within Jian Chens chest, enlarging the wound. At the same time, a burst of pure Saint Force entered Jian Chens body to wreck havoc before pulling out his sword and jumping backward.

With a grunt, Jian Chen spat out some blood. This pure Saint Force injected into his body had been extremely refined. With it fighting against his own Saint Force, it had already destroyed a part of his vitality since he couldnt contain it.

At this moment, the azure and violet Sword Spirits residing within Jian Chen shook. The pure Saint Force that had invaded Jian Chens body suddenly caught the interest of the two Sword Spirits. The Sword Spirits immediately charged forward and instantly the pure Saint Force was swallowed up by them without a trace.

With the danger within his body gone, Jian Chen didnt hesitate any longer and flew toward the commander. His Light Wind Sword became a silver glow of light as it flashed forward.

The poison within the remaining commander had already reached an extremely lethal dose. His face was unnaturally dark, but when he saw how Jian Chen was still charging for him combined with how the other commanders who had been his equal in strength had been killed, his only desire now was to escape.

If this goes on any longer, it doesnt matter whether or not if I kill him or he kills me first. Even if I kill him, then the poison within my body will undoubtedly kill me extremely fast and everything will be useless. With a spy of the Gesun Kingdom infiltrating our borders and coming after the monster cores were transporting, this cannot do. Even if I die, I cannot die in such an unknown way like this. His majesty must be made aware of this matter! The commander thought to himself. Enwrapped within his wind attribute Saint Force, he flew at a very fast speed that not even a trace of him could be seen. This way, Jian Chen wouldnt be able to chase after him.

If a wind attribute Earth Saint Master was determined on running away, then his speed would most definitely outrank Jian Chens.

Up until now, there had been five Earth Saint Masters tasked with transporting the monster cores, four had been killed and the only remaining one had been dealt a fatal blow.

Unable to continue on with his internal injuries, Jian Chen walked over to the dead corpses of the other commanders and extended his hand to grab onto their Space Belts and Space Rings. Then dragging his injured body over to where the chariots were, Jian Chen immediately set about collecting them all without leaving a trace and would leave straight after.

Coming up to the first box, Jian Chen cut apart the lock on it before throwing open the cover to reveal the contents within. The entirety of the box was filled to the brim with Class 1 and Class 2 Monster Cores.

So there was this many monster cores hidden inside? I can count nearly a thousand of these. Jian Chens heart skipped a beat as he surveyed the sight in front of him. Despite all of these monster cores being of an inferior grade, there was still an enormous amount of them. Moreover, this was only just one box. There was a total of fifteen chariots that each had two to four boxes. If every single one of those boxes contained monster cores, then the total amount of them was an astronomical number that no one would be able to count.

Suddenly, the azure and violet Sword Spirits within his dantian suddenly trembled and a message entered Jian Chens mind.

The azure and violet Sword Spirits wishes to absorb the energy within these monster cores? Jian Chen realized in an instant what the Sword Spirits had wanted and without hesitation, he immediately extended his hand the monster cores.

Although these inferior grade monster cores could be sold for a decent sum of money, but for the sake of helping the Sword Spirits heal, his desire to help the Sword Spirits was stronger as long as it wasnt his own energy. Because of his current goal of fighting against Earth Saint Masters, this was his only chance.

Just as Jian Chens hand was over the box of monster cores, an extremely large force of attraction could be felt from the swords within his dantian. The thousand monster cores within the box began to emit a faint glow. As the energy began to condense, an essence of energy could suddenly be seen as it flowed from the monster cores into Jian Chens arm to his dantian.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed as he felt the extremely large amount of energy flow into his arm, causing it to numb a bit from the pain.

The speed at which the Sword Spirits were absorbing the energy was extremely fast, so in a brief moment, all of the energy within the monster cores had all been completely absorbed. Jian Chen immediately checked up on the situation with the Sword Spirits only to be disappointed. Even after completely absorbing all of the monster cores within the box, there had been no change at all with the Sword Spirits.

It seems that in order for the Sword Spirits to heal, the amount of monster cores needed is far beyond what I had imagined. Jian Chen thought to himself with a bitter smile on his face. The appetites of the Sword Spirits were voracious, and he had no idea just how much was enough to make them satisfied.

After that, Jian Chen opened up the boxes one by one. Each box contained both Class 1 and Class 2 Monster Cores, but the energy within the monster cores had then been greedily absorbed by the Sword Spirits.

After the seventeenth and eighteenth box, Jian Chen threw open the lid only to discover that there were several thousand Class 3 Monster Cores inside.

From this box, Jian Chen only grabbed several hundred cores for his own personal cultivation while the rest were immediately absorbed by the Sword Spirits.

Afterward, Jian chen walked over to another five chests, all of which contained Class 3 Monster Cores as well. This made Jian Chen extremely happy, but instead of taking it for himself, he had the Sword Spirits absorb all of them for the sake of the Sword Spirits hopefully growing stronger.

After absorbing all of the monster cores, the Sword Spirits within Jian Chens dantian finally began to undergo a change. The previously weak glows of light suddenly grew brighter at the intensity of a single lantern that flickered on and off.

At this change, Jian Chen was overjoyed. Immediately using the azure and violet Sword Qi, Jian Chen could tell that the quality of it had gotten richer.

Jian Chen walked over to an even larger steel box that was around four meters long. Opening it up, Jian Chen could see a jet-black iron rod half a meter wide. Around the iron rod was cotton to soften the insides and the outside.
Seeing such a familiar piece of iron rod, Jian Chens heart skipped a beat. Immediately opening up the nearby steel boxes, he discovered that they had also contained various mysteriously shaped objects with cotton packaging.

Seeing these objects, a scene flashed within Jian Chens mind that caused Jian Chen to instantly be shocked. Thisthis is a Magical Crystal Cannon! Jian Chen had seen what a Magical Crystal Cannon looked like from his time in Wake City so he was not unfamiliar with their looks. Thus when he saw the components wrapped up in these boxes, Jian Chen knew that they were for the construction of a Magical Crystal Cannon.

The Primary Tier Magical Crystal Cannons back in Wake City were only two meters long and the Middle Tier Magical Crystal Cannons were three meters long. These ones are four meters long, this must be an Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon! Looking at the cannons, Jian Chen quickly guessed that these were much stronger than the ones from before with a look of joy.

Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannons were something Jian Chen had never seen before. But from what he had heard, Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannons required Class 5 Monster Cores and could shoot up to twenty kilometers away. These could kill an Earth Saint Master if hit and were weapons of mass destruction.

As long as one had an Advanced Tier Magical Crystal Cannon, a Primary Saint would be able to kill an Earth Saint Master. If there were a multitude of those cannons, then even killing a group of Earth Saint Masters would be possible.

Jian Chens eyes grew fiery as he looked at the items in front of them. With this, it could be said that he was in possession of weapons with an incomparably strong might. If any strong faction were to offend him, then he would be able to employ these cannons from up to twenty kilometers away to destroy their headquarters.