Chaotic Sword God Chapter 278

Chapter 278: Lord Tian Jue
Chapter 278: Lord Tian Jue

Jian Chens expression grew dark as he looked at the middle aged man in his path with a sharp glare, Sire, just what is the meaning of this?

As if sensing the ominous look on Jian Chens face, the man gave a bright laugh, Please dont misunderstand me fellow brother. I am a member of the Sidav clan. The Multicolored Stone you just bought is of interest to me. So as the representative of the Sidav clan, I hope that you will sell the Multicolored Stone to me.

By this point, the other men had been brought back to full awareness. Quickly, they all surrounded Jian Chen as they began to bother him with offers to buy the stone. Each price was higher than the last.

Inwardly sighing, Jian Chen had been worried that such an event would occur. With the unique ability of the stone, many people wouldnt be able to stop themselves from trying to buy it from him with exorbitant prices.

Although they had all heard about the explanation from the manager, they hadnt though there was enough truth behind it for the price to be worth purchasing. It was only when the Multicolored Stone had released that strange glow and they all experienced their spirit suddenly increasing that they truly wished to buy this mysterious treasure.

Everyone, I am truly sorry, but I am not selling this Multicolored Stone. Jian Chen addressed everyone

Brother, you might as well sell it to me. I am willing to buy it for 30,000 purple coins. As it is, the Multicolored Stone is useless for you and will lead you to countless of headaches. Dont be so stubborn. A pigtailed elder spoke out in a way that made him feel as if he was only looking for Jian Chens best interest.

Thats right, fellow brother, this Multicolored Stone is not safe in your hands, you would do best to sell it to me.

The Multicolored Stone will attract too much attention for you, who knows if someone will try to kill you for it? The gains do not make up for your loss. You should sell it to my Maple clan, we are willing to buy it for 35,000 purple coins.

Everyone went began to bid even higher and higher.

Suddenly, a loud voice called out from the back, This Multicolored Stone is something I desire, you all shouldnt bother fighting me for it.

Hearing this, the noisy clamor instantly stopped. Everyone turned toward the back of the crowd to see just who could dare to be so arrogant. To dare say such arrogant words in a crowd like this? Everyone that was able to enter the fourth floor of Treasure Pavilion were not ordinary people of ordinary statuses by any means.

Only two men wearing white robes could be seen walking forward before stopping right in front of Jian Chen. One of the youths was around twenty eight years old, around Ming Dongs age. The middle aged man by his side stood with a firm expression on his face. Both of his eyes had a lively glow to them as he stared at the crowd with a powerful expression.

So it was the young lord, Tian Jue

As soon as everyone saw the twenty eight year old youth, their faces all changed. Many of them had even began to smile enchantingly at the youth as if they were good friends. The others had dark expressions on their faces and sighed as they realized they no longer had a chance to obtain the Multicolored Stone.

Ai, how did I come across the young lord Tian Jue here? Its all over, the Multicolored Stone wont be mine any more. Even if this young brother decided to give it to me, Id have to in turn present it to the young lord. A middle aged man spoke dejectedly.

Haha, so its lord Tian Jue, I didnt think to see you here at the Treasure Pavilion today

Since the young lord has interest in this stone, then we wont disturb you any longer.

Everyone began to talk once more, but before where they had been fighting each other to buy the stone, they had now all withdrawn their offers. Not a single one had a displeased look on their faces as they smiled at the young lord.

Seeing how everyone was happy to see him, the youth stepped forward toward Jian Chen and spoke with a haughty tone, Hand over the Multicolored Stone. I will recompense you for your 15,000 purple coins later.

Narrowing his eyes, Jian Chen spoke out with an evenly voice, My apologies, but Ive said that I will not be selling the Multicolored Stone.

Hearing that, Tian Jue grew angry as he stared at Jian Chen with an intense glare. Kid, do you know who I am? Within Walaurent City, I, Tian Jue, am able to get anything I wish for.

Those words of Tian Jue had made even Jian Chen angry a little. Staring back at him with his own intense stare, Jian Chen leaked out some killing intent as he growled, I dont care for who you are, if I said I am not selling, then I am not selling.

The threatening tone in Jian Chens voice had caused the entire floor to become stunned with disbelief. Even Tian Jue himself was speechless for a moment. He had never seen such a person talk to him in such a manner before.

Recollecting himself, he gave a furious smile before glaring at Jian Chen, Good! Very good! Kid, you have guts to speak to me in such a manner. In fact, you are the first in Walaurent City! Tian Jue looked to the middle aged man at his side, Guard Cheng, take this arrogant child in! Hmph, to think that he would dare talk to me like that, he must be tired of living.

Yes, my lord! The man replied before charging at Jian Chen with both of his hands outstretched to grab at him.

With a snort, Jian Chen brought out his Light Wind Sword. With a swish of his right hand, the sword disappeared in a silver arc of light before stopping right next to the mans neck. The speed was so fast that no one had any idea just what Jian Chen had done in that split second.

The middle aged man came to a screeching halt as he stared in disbelief at Jian Chen. His heart began to beat wildly as sweat began to drip down his forehead in a concentrated amount. Even his face had begun to pale.

He hadnt been able to detect Jian Chens movements at all. Against his sword, he was powerless to do anything about it. It was only when he felt the Light Wind Sword come across his neck that he had noticed that Jian Chen had struck out. If Jian Chen had truly wanted to kill him, then he wouldnt be able to do anything about it.

After making a breakthrough to becoming a Middle Great Saint Master, Jian Chen had grown faster in both body and sword. With this man being at the Peak Great Saint Master level, unless Jian Chen had been lazy, there would be no way for the man to dodge it.

Seeing this sight, everyone on the fourth floor had been shocked and looked at Jian Chen with both regret and sympathy.

Outrageous! To even strike at my guard? You are truly asking for trouble. Tian Jue boomed with a furious anger.

Just whos making such a racket? How annoying, even my eardrums are vibrating because of the racket. Just after Tian Jue had roared, another angry voice came from the direction of the stairs.

Upon the new voice, everyone on the fourth floor immediately looked toward the stairs with a pitying glance as they whispered to each other.

Just who said that, is he trying to die..?

Whoever spoke out just now should have looked before he acted. Right now, just a single word could offend the young lord Tian Jue

The lord Tian Jue is already so angry, this newcomer surely doesnt know by now, but he has offended lord Tian Jue. Truly, he has chosen a bitter apple to take a bite of.

As was expected, the moment Tian Jue heard that line, his face grew exceedingly malicious as he started toward the stairwell with some killing intent pouring out of his body. Who dares say such words, hurry the f*ck up and show your face! Now that he had been provoked for the third time, Tian Jues face had grew extremely dark with anger.

Right in front of everyones eyes, a sturdy looking man slowly walked up the stairs toward them.

However, the very moment everyone saw his appearance, their faces all went slack. Each one couldnt find the words to say to each other thanks to their shock. When they had heard Tian Jue speak before, they were all smiling to see what would happen next, but the smiles on their faces had instantly been wiped away and were instead replaced with a look of utmost horror.

Q-QinQin Xiao, so it was you? Seeing the sturdy looking youth walk up the stairs. Tian Jues originally furious self had instantaneously grew fearful.

The person that had walked up the stairs was the young lord of the Tianqin clan, Qin Xiao.

Qin Xiao laughed coldly as he looked at Tian Jue, I was wondering why there was such a racket; so it was you all along. Tian Jue, you have been quite audacious these past few days to even swear at me. Did you wish to receive a thrashing then?

Y-you Tian Jues face turned a paleish green at Qin Xiaos words as he pointed at him with a trembling finger. Unfortunately, he truly feared Qin Xiao enough to never swear at him willingly. He was all too familiar with Qin Xiaos temperament. If he were to talk back, then Qin Xiao wouldnt be afraid to beat him up in front of all these people.

This one greets the lord!

This one greets lord Qin Xiao!

At that moment, everyone on the fourth floor immediately began to greet Qin Xiao excitedly as if he was a dear friend to them.

Tian Jues chest moved up and down violently as his mind raced to think of something since he couldnt talk back to Qin Xiao. Suddenly, a light of realization flashed across his mind as he turned around to look at Jian Chen who was standing right next to him. With a cold sneer appearing on his face, he spoke out, Qin Xiao, this clueless brat has insulted the honor of our Tianqin clan and even dared to strike against my guard! Your timing is just right, we should bring him to heel straight away!

But even as he said that, Tian Jue chuckled to himself inwardly, Qin Xiao, while you yourself are quite strong, I will be able to knock you down a peg in public! He had seen Jian Chens strength personally, so he was trying to borrow Jian Chens strength to offset Qin Xiaos smile.

Hearing this, Qin Xiao looked over to where Jian Chen was holding his sword against the neck of the guard. At this, Qin Xiao didnt even need to know what was happening. Instantly, his face turned red with anger as his fist quickly smashed against Tian Jues chest with a resounding thunderous clap, causing him to stagger back a few steps before falling to the ground.

F*cker, Tian Jue, you do want to be beaten up to even provoke my brother! Qin Xiao roared in anger as he swore in front of everyone else.