Chaotic Sword God Chapter 283

Chapter 283: Increase in Strength
Chapter 283: Increase in Strength

While transforming the Saint Weapon looked to be a simple task, in actuality this process was one of extreme difficulty. If ones control was insufficient, then the Saint Weapon fragments would disappear from ones body and turn them into a cripple. In some serious cases, when the Saint Weapon exploded, the amount of energy would be enough for the cultivator to find himself waking up by the yellow river with no life to return to.

This process seemed to be quite easy in terms on paper, but this obstruction had caused many cultivators to be forced to stop before they could make the breakthrough, at the same time, it had also caused many cultivators to lose their lives. As a result, the success rate of a Great Saint Master making the breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master was ten percent. Each and every single one of those who made the breakthrough were cultivation geniuses who were well known to many.

Jian Chen continued to absorb the energy from within the monster cores at a steady rate. Then at last, the Saint Weapon within his dantian had finally reached a point where it was shaking unstably. The energy pulsating out from his Saint Weapon was so strong that Jian Chen had found it quite hard to control as if an enormous elephant was trying to pull away from him.

A day went by as Jian Chen sat in front of the waterfall. Twenty Class 4 Monster Cores had already been absorbed by him before the Saint Weapon was at its utmost limit on how much energy it could absorb and was on the verge of exploding.

Even Jian Chens body was reaching its limit. Each energy surge within his body moved in such strong amounts that his entire body began to leak blood from his pores. Even the organs within his body were feeling a strong amount of pressure.

The monster cores within Jian Chens hand had all of its energy absorbed, so with that, Jian Chen took out a Class 5 Monster Core from his Space Belt.

A Class 5 Monster Core was even stronger in terms of quality and quantity than a Class 4 Monster Core. The moment the energy from the Class 5 Monster Core entered Jian Chens dantian, his Saint Weapon couldnt handle it anymore and immediately exploded, causing countless of tiny fragments to appear within his dantian.

The very moment the Saint Weapon exploded, an extremely strong amount of energy exploded out from his dantian. Firmly, the energy struck against Jian Chens organs and even his meridians as if a bomb had gone off within his body.

Jian Chen stifled a groan as he spat out a mouthful of blood. Since his Saint Weapon had exploded, he felt an extreme amount of damage to his body as the repercussion. The amount of pain was so intense that Jian Chens body felt numb all over. Even his head began to feel dizzy as he teetered on the verge of consciousness.

It was this step that caused many men to die on their path to become an Earth Saint Master.

Biting his lip, Jian Chen resisted the pain to remain awake. He could feel that the energy from when his Saint Weapon had fragmented enter his main bloodstream. Jian Chens heart clenched as he threw away his hesitation. The thousands of pieces were all closely linked to his spirit, so he could feel each and every single one of them. Immediately absorbing the energy from the Class 5 Monster Core, Jian Chen tried to replenish the energy he had lost.

Jian Chen had already made it past the threshold between life and death. What was next was the most crucial step; the Saint Weapon fragments would only stay within the dantian temporarily They would not be permanent. The amount of energy that moved around the dantian would disappear at an alarming rate, and if all of the energy were to leave, then the cultivator would become a cripple.

The pure energy from the Class 5 Monster Core flowed into his dantian, once immediately inside, the energy would fill up every single fragment of his Saint Weapon.

Thanks to that energy, not only would the energy within each fragment be replenished, but there was even a surplus of energy that would begin to try and refine the fragments once more. Consequently, the fragments would grow stronger as the quality of the fragment increased.

This step of the process required a monumental amount of energy, and so the extremely strong amount of energy from the Class 5 Monster Core entered Jian Chens body via his pores and began to gather within his dantian.

In half a day, the Class 5 Monster Core had all of its energy completely absorbed. Quickly, Jian Chen grabbed another two Class 5 Monster Cores from his Space Belt.

Inside his dantian, the Saint Weapon fragments continued to twinkle with a faint light almost as if they were each a tiny star. The amount of energy they absorbed made them resemble more of a black hole instead as they showed no signs of stopping, however, the light grew stronger with each passing second.

The hardships and troubles of making the breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master were in a far different realm of difficulty than his previous breakthroughs. He had to meticulously control every single step of the way without mistake, or all of his efforts would be for nothing.

Another three days went by, resulting in Jian Chen fully consuming the energy within a dozen Class 5 Monster Cores. Right now each one of the fragments accumulated an enormous sum of energy so that each fragment was absolutely saturated. By now, they had the ability to transform to become like shining gems, making Jian Chens dantian seem as if it was an ocean of shining stars.

With a single thought, Jian Chens spirit transformed into thousands of pieces as he began to reforge the fragments of his Saint Weapon. At the same time, the two Class 5 Monster Cores within his hands continued to supply his dantian with a stream of energy. His dantian was like the cauldron and the energy was the fire that allowed for the fragments to be refined and smelted.


On Jian Chens face, a crack could be seen forming before his entire body suddenly gained several cracks. The spread was accelerating extremely quick so that his entire body had cracks all over. In the end, his skin was almost like that of an elderly person before finally dropping away from him.

On the verge of becoming an Earth Saint Master, his own body would also undergo a transformation. An Earth Saint Master was a huge qualitative leap from a Great Saint Master. It would not only make the body stronger, but it would cause the bodys skin to be cast away and form anew.

The old skin fell away to reveal Jian Chens new skin. The new skin was unblemished like an infants, and there was a strange glow of light flowing around it.

Six hours later, Jian Chens bodily transformation was complete. His Saint Force had been completely reforged so that the Light Wind Sword once more floated within Jian Chens dantian as if it had never been broken in the first place. However, the amount of energy it contained was several times stronger than beforea dozen times at the very least. this wasnt a small increase in strength, but rather a huge jump in quality.

If the amount of energy within the Light Wind Sword before was like a vat of water, then the amount of energy now was like an endless ocean.

If the energy before was like a small fire that could burn only paper, then the energy now was a raging inferno that could melt even steel. The two could simply not be compared to each other in a relatable degree.

Jian Chen didnt stop there. The energy continued to splash into his body and enter his bloodstream, organs, meridians, tissue, and even into his dantian once more.

The previous step where the body transformation was for the breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master. Right now this system of refining his entire body was in according to the Azulet Sword Laws Record of Bodily Refinement method to increase his strength.

By now Jian Chens Saint Force was several times stronger than before. It could be said for certain that the moment his body finished being tempered, then he would go through another leap in strength.