Chaotic Sword God Chapter 284

Chapter 284: The Return
Chapter 284: The Return

Now at least a dozen times stronger than before, Jian Chens Saint Force continued to wash over his skin before assimilating into each part of his body.

Jian Chen had completely finished refining his body, but not a single spot of his body had changed physically. If he were to exercise to strengthen his body, then his body would be deformed into a shape he did not want. He would become sturdier and that would completely squash Jian Chens preferred build. This type of development was not suitable for what Jian Chen needed.

Not a single swordsman should have a stocky build. A sword user must remain thin and slender. This way, it would be more beneficial for the swordsman to be able to swing in any position with the least amount of power or movement. The way the Azulet Sword Laws had recorded the Record of Bodily Refinement would best suit a sword user that fights in the same manner as a fencer.

This method not only strengthened the body without changing the shape of it, but it would continue to strengthen the body. As long as the energy is supplied to the inner body, then the entire body would be strengthened as a whole.

A layer of energy continued to flow over Jian Chens body with a sparkling light. After that transformation, the pure energy harmonized with Jian Chens body improving his flesh and blood immensely.

The energy from the Class 5 Monster Core would be used in place of his own energy. Strengthening his body required a tremendous amount of energy, since Jian Chen had the monster cores he didnt need to worry at all about using too much energy. The awkward event that had occurred back in the Changyang Mansion would not happen again.

The process of tempering and refining his body required a longer amount of time. After seven days, Jian Chen had absorbed another two dozen Class 5 Monster Cores before finally finishing. By now, he was at the utmost limit, if he wanted to increase his body any more, then he would have to use his Saint Force to transform it.

On top of the giant stone, Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes from his meditative state as he finally returned to the land of reality. His ears trembled as the sounds of the roar of a wild beast could be heard from some distance away.

Feeling the extreme change in quality in his Saint Force, Jian Chen couldnt help but have an extremely happy smile on his face. As of today, he had finally made the breakthrough to become an Earth Saint Master, earning his spot as one of the strongest experts on the continent.

Right now my body is far stronger than before. At this point, I wager that it is at least a dozen times stronger. At this rate, even a Saint couldnt hope to damage me with his Saint Weapon. Jian Chen muttered as he poked at his own body a look of joy covered his face as he figured out the results.

Extending his hand, a large concentration of Saint Force began to flow toward Jian Chens arm before quickly forming the Light Wind Sword.

When the Light Wind Sword appeared in Jian Chens hands, it released an intense light that seemed even sharper than before.

The Light Wind Sword of now did not differ in shape or size. The sword had undergone no physical change other than the increased glow to it. It was almost as if it reflected light as clearly as a mirror could illuminate the area around it.

Suddenly, with a single shake of Jian Chens hand, the Light Wind Sword began to shake intensely. With a large sound of a sword moving through the air, a bright silver light came out from the Light Wind Sword and instantly cut all of the surrounding pieces of grass that made contact with it into powder.

An intense glare appeared in Jian Chens eye at that moment as his figure suddenly disappeared into thin air. His body became hard to detect as an ear piercing shriek could be heard. The Light Wind Sword multiplied into a series of mirror images as it filled the air before stabbing outward in every single direction.

His unbelievably fast speed was enough for a large gust of wind to blow into the field. Gradually, the wind picked up in speed before causing some of the loose grass and leaves to fly into the air and swirl around Jian Chen.


The Light Wind Sword continued to ring with a screeching sound as the various mirror images of the blade continued to stab at the countless floating leaves.

This fast movement continued on for some time before Jian Chen came to a screeching halt. Instantly, the wind that had been created due to his speed began to die down. Because of that, the leaves all lost their upward momentum and began to descend back down to the ground slowly.

If one were to look closely, each and every single one of the leaves would have the character Sword etched into it. Each character was of varying sizes, but each one of them had been etched with an exquisite handwriting. Not a single one was sloppily done and each leaf did not have any extraneous damage.

After making the breakthrough to becoming an Earth Saint Master, Jian Chens sword speed had increased once more. When he was still a Great Saint Master, his sword was fast enough to pressure both Great Saint Masters and even Earth Saint Masters without much trouble. With the azure and violet Sword Qi, he was able to defend himself against Earth Saint Masters. Following his rise to become an Earth Saint Master, not a single Earth Saint Master would be able to hold themselves against him if Jian Chen were to use his azure and violet Sword Qi now.

Looking at the fluttering tree leaves around him, Jian Chen had a look of pure joy on his face. After reabsorbing the Light Wind Sword, he took off his clothes and leaped into the comfortable pool of water right next to him. After bathing himself, he took out a new pair of clothes and dressed up before immediately leaving the place.

Half a day later, Jian Chen returned to Walaurent City to where the Tianqin clan was. Walking through the clan compound gates, he saw Qin Xiao and Ming Dong rush toward him, both of them had already received prior notice of his return.

Brother Jian Chen, youve finally returned! After leaving for a dozen days or so, I was starting to worry. I was even beginning to fear that you wouldnt return in time to go to the Gathering of the Mercenaries. Qin Xiao laughed as he approached Jian Chen.

Jian Chen, how come you didnt tell me before you left? You just left me here all alone.
Ming Dong glared at Jian Chen with a grumble as he complained to him.

Jian Chen looked at Ming Dong for a moment before giving a small smile, Ming Dong, you are quite talented! In such a short amount of time, youve already reached the Great Saint Master realm. I had anticipated that you would take a longer amount of time, but youve managed to beat my expectations.

With the support of your monster cores combined with my free time, I was able to spend the entire time cultivating. Of course my cultivation would progress faster than normal. Ming Dong spoke with a proud look on his face.