Chaotic Sword God Chapter 307

Chapter 307: Being Bold
Chapter 307: Being Bold

As the two men saw the girl speak, the sturdy looking man took a look at the beautiful face of hers and immediately stopped right where he stood. Quickly regaining his awareness, he spoke with a depressed expression, The miss is quite lively. Ive traveled for thirty years and yet Ive never seen such a vivid woman before, just what might be your name? I discovered this cave personally and coincidentally someone came in when I just left it. Even then, you are asking me to leave when it should really be you.

Then, the man looked around the cave only to quickly discover that one of the people there was the one they had seen not too long agoJian Chen. When he saw him, he broke out into a smile, How coincidental, fellow brother, weve found each other once again.

Jian Chen looked at both the middle aged man and the sturdy looking man with a sharp stare only to discover that the both of them were Earth Saint Masters.

While those who could make the breakthrough from the Great Saint Master realm to the Earth Saint Master realm was only ten percent, those who could become an Earth Saint Master before the age of fifty was a one percent chance. Several hundred thousand men were participating in this competition, and only a small number of them, that wouldnt exceed the triple digits, would be an Earth Saint Master.

Now this part of the competition was finally reaching a conclusion. By this point, the remaining few people that were completely intact were almost all Earth Saint Masters while a small minority were Great Saint Masters. So it was very rare that two Great Saint Masters would suddenly appear as they did right in front of Jian Chen.

Without even waiting for Jian Chens response, the sturdy man walked over to the side of the caves and sat down with a smile, Fellow brother, since you have two injured men with you, I wont drive you out. We should all protect each other after all. Since everyone should be lively right now, lets talk about something, dont you think so Yun Zheng? The sturdy man asked the middle aged man.

The middle aged man gave a small smile before saying, Senior An is correct. If no one has any objections, then we should all rest. If we come across any piece of trouble, then we can help each other out, after all, the more people the stronger we are. The middle aged man sat down next to the burly man and began to look at the four people in front of him.

The girl continued to maintain her icy facade as she stared at the two men dangerously. Despite the looks of goodwill on their faces, she didnt plan on dropping her guard.

Looking at the girl, Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before nodding his head, Thats fine. Well share this cave for now, but remember this: if someone dares to harm us in any way, then do not blame me for being impolite. With that, Jian Chens eyes frosted over as a dangerous gleam entered them when he said his last sentence.

Hearing this, the middle aged man to the side of the burly one grew uncomfortable for a moment. For a grand Earth Saint Master like him be threatened by a twenty year old child, that didnt seem right. With it as is, the man could conclude that Jian Chen wasnt an ordinary person. For a person to remain with their Space Belt for this long in an intense massacre of a competition without any major injuries was commendable. To also look at the two of them with such an arrogant expression, this was someone a person could rely on.

The man didnt seem to hear Jian Chens threat and began to laugh, I am called Senior An, the man to my side is called Yun Zheng, fellow brother, what is your name?

Seeing the simple and straightforward manner of the burly man, Jian Chen immediately concluded that this man was honest. These type of people normally had no machinations hidden away within them, and even if they had, they wouldnt act upon them.

Memories from long ago were suddenly recalled back into his mind as Jian Chen thought about his eldest brother Changyang Hu and Tie Ta from Kargath Academy. These two were very similar to the Senior An in front of him. Because of this, Jian Chens impression of him was decent.

I am called Jian Chen! Jian Chen spoke with a friendly smile at Senior An.

The girl who was sitting on a rock stared at the smiling Jian Chen with a complex look. Not too long after, the cold hard look on her face receded away and was replaced with a rarely seen gentle look.

Because of his genes and his cultivation methods, Jian Chens appearance was exceptionally handsome and could even be said to be perfect. His smile could stun anyone, and there was not a single girl under the heavens that could resist. Even the girl not too far away from him had been dazed a bit. Quickly, she recovered herself and tore her eyes away from Jian Chen to look elsewhere.

Jian Chen, I can see that you are quite young, perhaps not even twenty five years old. Senior An asked.

Jian Chen gave a small smile but didnt respond to him.

Senior An looked toward the yellow clothed girl and continued to ask, Little girl, youve grown to be quite beautiful, even Ive grown quite astounded. What is your name?

With a snort, the girl turned away from him and leaned against the wall to look at the dusky cave roof.

With an embarrassed laugh, the burly man turned to Jian Chen for help.

Senior An, dont bother, her temper is quite bad, Jian Chen smiled. Even he didnt know the girls name other than the time when Shi Xiangran had called out to her as Luan Er.

Hearing Jian Chens words, the girl immediately whirled around with a furious expression, Youre the one with a bad temper!

Senior An stealthily took a look at the girl with a hand scratching his nose and thought to himself, It seems Jian Chen is correct. While this girl is quite lively, her temper is equally large. This isnt a person we should offend.

Jian Chens eyes narrowed as he looked on with a displeased expression. Then, he took out a few Space Belts with dried blood and a Space Ring.

Woah, Jian Chen, youve so many Space Belts! Theres even blood on some of them, did you steal those? Senior An looked at Jian Chen with a look of shock and his mouth wide open.

Even Yun Zheng who was sitting right next to Senior An looked at Jian Chen with some shock and a strange look in his eyes.

Jian Chen laughed at Senior Ans words and replied, Is it considered stealing if they tried first?

Under the amazed eyes of Senior An and Yun Zheng, Jian Chen began to take out and classify the items within the Space Belt and Space Ring. In total, there were four Purple Cards, three Class 5 Monster Cores, two hundred Class 4 Monster Cores, five hundred Class 3 Monster Cores. There was a small mountain of money that shined with purple, gold, and even silver lights. There was also a small pile of around four hundred tokens lying about.

Seeing the pile of black colored tokens, Senior Ans eyes immediately zoomed in on it and nearly began to drool as he muttered, Wa, theres so many tokens

Even Yun Zheng had been moved by such a sight as his heart began to beat wildly.

Jian Chen didnt lift his head up from the pile and began to divide the items into two smaller piles. Storing them within a Space Belt, he handed them to the girl and said, Take it, these are yours.

The girl stared fiercely at Jian Chen as she took the two hundred tokens from within the Space Belt into her own. Then, she threw the Space Belt back at Jian Chen and said, The other things in here are of no value to me.

Without any more objections, Jian Chen took the remaining items into his own Space Belt. The two Purple Cards, two Class 5 Monster Cores, a hundred Class 4 Monster Cores, and the pile of money, he didnt think that the girl would be so rich that she would disregard this wealth of items.

Senior An stared at the Space Belt thrown at Jian Chen with some disbelief and swallowed the saliva building up in his throat with some difficulty. Turning to look at the handsome Jian Chen, his bald head thumped against the walls of the cave continuously in regret. Why couldnt I have been born a few years later? Ah.why couldnt I have been born handsome? Ive only just figured it out, if one is born handsome and popular, even the beautiful women will take the initiative to give the good items to you

Senior An continued to mutter to himself as if no one was around. The girl sitting on top of the rock began to heave up and down in anger while trying to pretend to ignore the man. But her eyes continued to shoot fire as she stared maliciously at him.

Sitting right next to Senior An, Yun Zheng looked at Jian Chen and the girl with a sluggish look. Seeing how the girl acted shocked his heart. Two Purple Cards, two Class 5 Monster Cores, a hundred Class 4 Monster Cores and a large sum of money was not an easy thing to give away. This sight was far too much for him, the items in that Space Belt were an abundant amount of wealth and would even tempt an Earth Saint Master.

It would appear that despite the age of these two, they are not people of ordinary status. To be able to toss around a Class 5 Monster Core, they must belong to powerful people and hold powerful positions. The man thought to himself.