Chaotic Sword God Chapter 311

Chapter 311: Gathering of the Five Experts (Two)
Chapter 311: Gathering of the Five Experts (Two)

Jian Chens sword struck out immediately as it left behind a single mirror image. Slowly, the mirror image turned into a dense net of mirror images that enshrouded the enemy. Several metallic clangs could be heard as the weapons struck against each other in a continuous motion, the energy scattering around the area and leaving a mess.

This youth is quite strong if hes able to fight Zhe Gu to a standstill. The fire sword wielding youth muttered under his breath with some shock.

This youth is quite complex to be able to fight Zhe Gu on a scale like this without being put at a disadvantage. Geniuses are too scary; when he grows older, he will definitely be a person of major influence and power. My lord, should we go rope him into our grace? The purple-robed man asked the fire sword-wielding youth.

The sword wielder looked on with a flash of killing intent, With his strength, hell definitely try to fight for the number one spot in the Gathering of the Mercenaries; he is a rival.

With that, the purple robed man understood the meaning of the youths words and went quiet.

On the other side, a youth around the age of thirty years old wore a white robe with golden linings. Both of his hands were wrapped up against his chest as he watched the two fight, It seems Jiede Wukangs men have provoked a decent fighter. I didnt think hed be so young though.

Thats right; that youth is quite decent if hes able to fight Zhe Gu to a standstill. If his strength was limited by just a small amount, it would be his defeat for sure. While Jiede Wukangs strength isnt as good as Zhe Gu, with a Ruler Armament, he can only be matched up against others with a Ruler Armament. Otherwise, no one aside from a Heaven Saint Master would be an opponent for him. The white robe man by his side said.

It would seem that the youth will die here. When it comes to Jiede Wukangs temper, absolutely no one in this world can escape from it after provoking him.

That might not be the case here lord Qin Ji. Do you see that yellow-robed girl behind him? The man spoke with a smile.

Hearing that, the one named Qin Ji turned to look at the girl. Unable to move his eyes away from the sight, he said, What a stunning girl; her face is as cold as ice. Her eyes even give off a grim feeling; this is absolutely not a simple girl.

The middle aged man laugh and said, Lord Qin Ji, do you see the golden longbow on her back?

Qin Ji immediately looked away from the girl and onto the longbow on her back. he said nothing after.

The middle aged man said, I dont recognize what bow that is, but I can only assume its not an ordinary one. It isnt her Saint Weapon because I cant detect any Saint Force from it. So, I can only guess that bow is actually a.

Second uncle, could it be that bow is a. Qin Ji spoke with shock.

I dont dare confirm it. The man shook his head


First Technique of the Divine Spears Three TechniquesShadows of the Spear! A voice cried out as the middle aged mans spear began to fill the air with its shadow, stabbing toward Jian Chen. The shadows of the spear were numerous, making it difficult to tell which one was real and which one was fake. Each one of them were like the real one as it released a strong amount of pressure.

This technique was almost parallel to Jian Chens sword strikes.

Thats an Earth Tier Battle Skill! A person cried out.

An Earth Tier Battle Skill? Thats second to a Heaven Tier Battle Skill; I didnt think I would be able to see one today!

Ive heard a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was enough to change the winds of battle and even distort the world. Who knows what an Earth Tier Battle Skill will be capable of?

Jian Chen let out a sneer as he closed his eyes. His right hand continued to blur as the sword in his hand covered the air with phantom images of the sword that rivaled the spears in numbers.

Ding ding ding ding.

Following a series of metallic sounds in a short amount of time, the man and Jian Chen continued to fight for a hundred blows. The two were traveling at speeds so fast they were almost invisible to the naked eye. The only difference was that while the man was relying on his battle skill in order to strike at such high speeds, Jian Chen was relying on his own strength to lash out at equal speeds.

What a fast speed! The fire sword youth cried out in shock.

His sword is too fast; even I find it hard to keep track of the real one. The purple-robed man spoke in amazement.

What a fast sword; just what did he do in order to reach a speed where he could fight against the battle skill of Zhe Gu? Qin Ji asked in amazement.

Even Im curious about this. A Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master with the wind attribute would find it difficult to achieve such a speed. His Saint Force is clearly not of the wind attribute, yet he is still able to achieve such a speed. It makes me feel too astonished; just what is helping his arm swing that fast?

Second Technique of the Divine SpearDivine Dragons Tail!

A bright red spear flew into the air before smashing downward with an extreme amount of force onto Jian Chen. At the same time, an intense amount of pressure pressed down onto him as if it was a heavy stone, causing Jian Chen to feel unable to advance a single step.

Without fear, Jian Chen lifted his sword and with a large amount of Sword Qi, he met the spear head on.


Following a loud explosion, a large ripple of energy surrounded Jian Chen as he was forced back several steps with his arms trembling slightly. Following his backward momentum, two small ditches could be seen from the drag.

As an Earth Tier Battle Skill, the second technique and first technique were equal in strength almost.

Third Technique All Conquering Divine Spear!

Just as Jian Chen regained his footing, Zhe Gu roared once more as the fire red-colored light began to shine brightly. A large amount of compressed berserk energy began to form on the tip of the spear. Jian Chen suddenly felt as if that this spear was undodgeable as if the spear was locked on onto him. The only option left was to take it head on.

Jian Chen closed his eyes slowly as he carefully monitored Zhe Gus position. At this moment, his Spirit and the Light Wind Sword in his hand established a deep connection that caused the sword to grow colder as a bright amount of Sword Qi burst out. As the sword was completely enveloped, it suddenly left Jian Chens hand with a burst of silver light before shooting forward.


Another loud bang could be heard as the compressed energy on the spears tip lost its equilibrium. Exploding violently, the explosion looked as if there was a beautiful flower on the spear. It continued to expand as the bright red light stunned everyone that saw it.

The dirt from the ground went flying as the powerful energy scattered through the entire area and forced everyone around a hundred meters back while Jian Chen and Zhe Gu were drowned within the energy.

In half a moment, the energy dissipated completely, revealing Jian Chen and Zhe Gus positions to everyone else. The two men looked completely intact and had only suffered a small bit of damage from the energy blast with their clothes a bit disheveled. The binding on Jian Chens hair had already been lost, causing Jian Chens long hair to dance in the hurricane-like wind. In his right hand was the same silver Light Wind Sword.

Right in front of him, Zhe Gu remained in his spear-wielding stance while his body continued to remain in that position without moving. The hair that used to reach down to his waist had been severed so that only the hair from the neck up remained.

Suddenly, Zhe Gus throat began to show some blood before a small thin line began to expand across his throat. In a split second, the line became bright red in color, and, in the next second, Zhe Gus entire head separated from his body and fell to the ground.

Everyone looking at this spectacle went into an uproar as they all looked at Jian Chen and Zhe Gus corpse with complete and utter shock.

In that split second, they all didnt know what had happened. They could all see that Zhe Gu had launched the final attack of his Earth Tier Battle Skills, but Jian Chen had neither died nor suffered any heavy injuries. They hadnt expected this outcome where Jian Chen would stand without a scratch after the Earth Tier Battle Skill was released. Even more so, they didnt imagine that the unbelievably strong Zhe Gu would have his head drop to the ground.

Just how did Zhe Gu die?

What happened in that one split second?

Everyone began to think about these questions as they swirled around in their minds.

To dare kill one of our Jiede Clansmen, you are seeking death! In that moment, a furious person roared as a thirty-year-old youth with a meter-long sword flew at Jian Chen. A fire-like Saint Force began to billow out from him, causing everyone to look at him with shock.

What a strong burst of energy!

Could he be a Heaven Saint Master?

A few of the Earth Saint Masters who thought themselves as the strongest began to look on with shock.

Even Jian Chens face grew deathly serious as he saw the Ruler Armament in the the youths hand. This would be the second Ruler Armament he had seen in this place, and the both of them were swords of the fire element.

Die! The youth stared at Jian Chen as he swung down his Ruler Armament.

Jian Chen was already familiar with what a Ruler Armament was, so without daring to meet it head on, he retreated backward. At the same time, a bright golden light flashed from behind as it flew toward the Ruler Armament.