Chaotic Sword God Chapter 320

Chapter 320: Blood Oath
Chapter 320: Blood Oath

After nearly a year, Ming Dong had undergone an extreme transformation. Right now with Ming Dong standing calmly right there, he was exuding a mountainous aura that seemed almost boundless. From head to toe, the aura he was exuding was what a strong individual would display. It was as if he had experienced many different life and death battles and had become a hardened soldier. Unconsciously, he was radiating killing intent that was unlike anything else and made everyone around feel as if their hearts were being pressured by it.

Ming Dong, right now, was almost as if he were a completely different person than the one from a year ago. Jian Chen couldnt help but feel some doubt, was this black robed youth in front of him the Ming Dong he knew?

Ming Dong laughed with an excited look on his face, Jian Chen, I was getting worried about where I should go to find you. I didnt think that Id be able to find you so fast. This must be what the Heavens have decreed or that we were just destined to see each other.

Upon hearing the conversation between Jian Chen and this black clothed youth, Dugu Feng instantly grew extremely ugly. Before, he had been extremely overjoyed to see the large amount of power of this youth, but he didnt think that the two men would somehow know each other. And from the look of things, the two men were on extremely good terms with each other.

Dugu Feng was suddenly stuck between a rock and a hard place. Right in front of him was a tiger and behind him was a wolf. Both of them were extremely fast; especially the newcomers speed. Dugu Feng had already given up on running away since he knew that even if he were to run at full speed, he wouldnt be able to escape from the wind attributed Ming Dong. There was no way for him to run away from the two.

Dugu Fengs face grew deathly serious. He wasnt afraid of death at all, but the Ruler Armament was something he couldnt afford to lose. If it were to fall into someone elses hands, then his clan would be humiliated to the highest degree. Without a Ruler Armament, then his clans power would plummet. That was because if a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master were to use a Ruler Armament, they would be capable of fighting a Saint Ruler. His fighting ability would only be describable as a being able to shatter the heavens and scorch the earth.

Ming Dong, lets catch up later, for now, lets take care of the business in front of us. Jian Chen smiled.

Ming Dong turned to look at the serious Dugu Feng with his own smile, Thats fine, Jian Chen, this guy has a Ruler Armament. That means he has a strong background, you should prepare yourself.

Shrugging, Jian Chen spoke helplessly, Theres no other way, although itll be a headache, but some headaches have to be endured. Ive already killed two other Ruler Armament users, so trouble is unavoidable, another one shouldnt matter too much.

Upon hearing Jian Chens words, Ming Dongs eyes widened in amazement, No way, youve killed two people with Ruler Armaments? Youre too strong now, did those two Ruler Armament users have no barriers to protect themselves?

Jian Chen laughed, Ming Dong, I didnt think you would know about Ruler Armaments or even about the barriers. It seems that youve learned a lot in one year.

Of course! Uncle Tian has treated me nicely and spent a lot of energy to try and bring up my strength from the Great Saint Master to where I am now in the span of half a year. He also taught me many things. Ming Dong pointed at Dugu Feng. Jian Chen, this persons strength is quite decent, could you give him to me to practice? Ever since I left uncle Tian a few days ago, I havent been able to test out my strength properly.

Ming Dongs words left Dugu Feng speechless. He could have sworn that he heard the one called Ming Dong say that within half a year, he went from the Great Saint Master level to a level where he could contend against a Ruler Armament user without injuries and even knock them back. Dugu Feng had found this hard to believe; anyone in the Earth Saint Master level would not be able to rely on their own strength and yet still be able to injure a Ruler Armament person, but this black robed youth was the very first.

Thats fine then, Ming Dong, Ill leave this to you. Let me see just how much youve improved in the span of a year. Jian Chen leaped back and gave the space to Ming Dong. He approved of the speed in which Ming Dong had improved and was not worried that Dugu Feng would be able to run away from Ming Dong.

Wait one moment! Dugu Feng cried out in a hurried manner, turning to look at Jian Chen, he asked, We had some misunderstandings before, but that is only a minor problem and not worth chasing me down without mercy. Did you want the pages of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill or my Ruler Armament?

What do you think? Jian Chen joked as he looked at him with a smile.

If you want the the pages, then Ill give it to you as well as everything else in my Space Belt. But if you try to take the Ruler Armament, then I can tell you right now, it will bring you an endless amount of trouble. A Ruler Armament is something extremely important to my clan and no one in the clan would allow an outsider to take possession of it. Even if you kill me and take the Ruler Armament, then our clan will definitely do whatever it takes to chase you throughout the continent and kill you. Even the ancestor of our clan will personally come after you. Dugu Feng warned.

Jian Chens expression didnt change as he spoke casually, Ive already killed two men who had barriers and Ruler Armaments, do you think Im afraid of that?

Dugu Feng went white as he mentally made that realization. He was afraid that Jian Chen had an equally strong clan supporting him and was even stronger than the Dugu clan. If that clan was too strong, then he was afraid that if the Ruler Armament was taken from his clan, they wouldnt be able to steal it back from that clan. Even if they tried to steal it back, they would still be mocked by everyone else and the entire clan would be humiliated.

Suddenly, Dugu Feng made up his mind. Smashing against the part where his heart was with his fist, Dugu Feng spat out some blood onto his fingers and began to paint in midair. His fingers gently moved through the air as he began to draw a strange type of image. With each stroke, a blood colored trace could be seen still before it all finally became a bloody pattern.

Jian Chen looked at Dugu Feng with confusion at what he was doing. Whatever this strange thing was, this was the very first time he had heard or seen such a thing.

Ming Dong walked over from Dugu Fengs back and watched in amazement at the bloody pattern and a look of utter disbelief.

Jian Chen, I, Dugu Feng, make a blood oath to you today. If you allow me to return the Ruler Armament to my clan, I, Dugu Feng will see you as my king. Wherever you go, I will follow, whatever order you command, I will strive to accomplish to my dying breath. Dugu Feng stared at Jian Chen unwaveringly as he spoke with determination and some reluctance. For the sake of protecting the Ruler Armament, he was willing to follow Jian Chen for his entire life for the sake of his family that he loved. He did not wish to see his family become condemned by everyone, and so, he was willing to give up his own life.

Jian Chen was speechless as he looked at Dugu Feng with a surprised expression. Although he didnt know what a blood oath was, whatever Dugu Feng had said truly surprised him.

Ming Dongs eyes slowly looked at the strange blood pattern left by Dugu Feng as he spoke, A blood oath. Ive heard that from ancient times until now this is a binding promise that is written using ones heart blood as a way for the soul to take form in the oath. It is said that the person who holds the oath also controls the life of the person who made the pledge. WIth just a single thought, the person who made the oath will have their body and soul extinguished. Whats even scarier is that if the person who holds the oath dies, then the one that made the oath will share the same fate. I didnt think that you would know the blood oath from ancient times.

Upon hearing Ming Dongs explanation, Jian Chen finally had some understanding of what a blood oath was. He didnt think that this world would have such a bizarre thing; truly, this strange world was filled with magical things.

Even at Ming Dongs words, Dugu Feng didnt blink and looked at Jian Chen, If you allow me to bring the Ruler Armament back to my clan, then you will be my king, and I will act out your orders no matter what the task is without complaint. If you wish for my Ruler Armament, then I will be dead either way without any form of protection.What is your answer?

Fine, Ill let you bring back your Ruler Armament to your clan, remember your promise. Jian Chen spoke instantly. To him, a Ruler Armament was truly strong, but in the end, it was still just a weapon. Dugu Feng was a living person with room for growth. Furthermore, no one knew for certain whether or not Dugu Feng would become a Saint Ruler.

Dugu Feng looked at Jian Chen intensely before saying, As of today, I Dugu Feng formally separate myself from the Dugu clan. From now on, whatever I, Dugu Feng, do, it will not be related to the Dugu clan. My life and my death will bear no relations to the clan, and I will only obey you on any command but those relating to the Dugu clan. I am no longer a part of the clan, and will not be able to use the clan in any way.

Jian Chen revealed a small smile full of admiration toward Dugu Feng as he spoke instantly, I promise you, you will be you. The Dugu clan will be the Dugu clan. I will definitely not exploit the Dugu clans power and will definitely not pit you against them. I wont force the secrets of the Dugu clan from you either. As long as you are willing, then that is enough for me.

Fine, from here on out, I, Dugu Feng, will serve you as my king. As long as you dont try to bring harm to my clan, then please accept my blood oath. Dugu Feng spoke with a refreshed tone.