Chaotic Sword God Chapter 324

Chapter 324: Collapse of the Immortal’s Cave
Chapter 324: Collapse of the Immortals Cave

What is that good for? Jian Chen had to ask as he looked at Ming Dong with a look of pure concentration for an answer to his question.

At this moment a loud commotion could be heard from behind as the entire crowd finally came into this room. In a flash, the small room was filled to the brim as even more people tried to get in until the room. It seemed as if the room was like a steamed bun and could not fill up anymore. In front of Jian Chen and the others, there was still a small empty space as everyone recognized who they were. They all knew of their strength and while they did not wish to be constantly pushed in from the others behind them, they did not wish to get close to Jian Chen and so they kept their distance in fear that getting any closer would mean their lives would be in jeopardy.

Jian Chen, Ill explain it in full details later. But in short, weve got a treasure. Ming Dong spoke to Jian Chen.

Jian Chen nodded his head calmly without another word as he stared with narrowed eyes at the group in front of them. In a split second, this small room had filled up with people and even more people were trying to get in. This had meant that if they wanted to get out it would be a problem.

Suddenly, the entire cave began to shake as the ground shook as if there was an earthquake. As soon as the tremors started, a single fracture appeared within the cave before quickly expanding into multiple spider web like cracks that filled every single corner of the cave. Dust began to fall from the roof as the cracks spread out, obstructing everyones line of sight.

This sudden development caused Jian Chen to grow startled. Right now, this cave was on the verge of collapsing in on itself. In contrast, those men from the outside had been rushing into the cave almost as if the Heaven Tier Battle Skill was clouding their minds. They crowded inside the room as they shouted out for the battle skill. Despite so many people coming in, they didnt earn a single treasure. That was because this room only had the Saint Rulers skeleton which was claimed by Ming Dong and nothing else.

The tremors within the cave began to grow stronger as many stone fragments began to fall down from the ceiling. Even the walls to the cave were starting to crumble as stone slabs fell from them.

Crap, the caves going to collapse! It seems this cave took one too many attacks, the Saint Rulers skeleton must have been living in harmony with the cave, so once we took the skeleton, the pressure we felt earlier disappeared with it! The cave cant hold itself up any longer, Jian Chen, we have to get out right away! Ming Dong had learned a lot in his one year away from Jian Chen, so he had quickly figured out the relationship between the skeleton and the cave.

Even Jian Chens face grew serious as he looked at the group in front of him and yelled, The cave is about to collapse, everyone hurry up and get out! Jian Chens voice was almost like a horn that blasted everyones ears like a thunderclap as he commanded them all to exit the cave.

Those men who were blinded by the Heaven Tier Battle Skill immediately regained their senses and realized the situation that they were in. Each one took on a look of shock as they all cried out, Crap, the caves collapsing, hurry up and get out or we all die here!

Crap, it really is collapsing! Get out, get out now! I dont want to die here!

Who ever doesnt want to die needs to hurry up and get out of here!

More and more people began to notice the strangeness of the situation and began to pale in the face. After several shouts, everyone began to charge for the exit to the outside world as if their lives depended on it. Many men had even been pushed to the ground and trampled in their rush to run out.

F*cker, who stepped on me? Hurry up and show yourself, do you wish to die

Thats my hand you stepped on.

Dont step on me

In this moment of panic, everyone had forgotten about the treasures in their rush to escape the cave. The cave was already dropping stone fragments from the roof, if they didnt escape soon, they would be buried deep underground.

Following the groups exit, Jian Chen and the others began to fly straight out of the room as well now that the room was more spacious than before.

The four corners of the cave continued to fracture, creating larger and larger cracks as the cave continued to tremble before a secret spot in the cave was suddenly revealed.

Jian Chens eyes flashed as he took notice of this sudden secret. A purple and gold box could be seen sitting inside a small hole. Within the dark and dusty room, the light given off by this box was extremely eye catching.

Jian Chen quickly flew toward the hidden site and quickly grabbed the purple and gold box into his Space Ring. By the time he was done with his actions, more and more secret spots within the walls began to show up.

By this point, Ming Dong, Qin Ji, Tianmu Ling, Dugu Feng, and the yellow clothed girl had already discovered the existence of these secret spots. Without hesitation, each one dove for the hidden spots and began to hurriedly collect the contents within their Space Belts.

The few people that hadnt yet left the room had a few sharp eyed men that saw this with a look of bliss and let out an ecstatic shout. Immediately dashing for the secret spots, one of them pulled out a single animal leather book.

Adv advanced Earth Tier Battle Skill! Good heavens Im Im rich! The person cried out as he looked at the book with joy and unable to restrain his emotions. At this sound, many people turned around to look.

This is an Advanced Earth Tier Cultivation Method, it suits me perfectly! Another person cried out with the book in hand.

Quickly, more and more people began to grab at the items within the secret spots. There were many things within the secret spots like Space Rings, cultivation method manuals, battle skills, and even several precious medicines.

With several men all collecting the items, the secret spots within the cave were quickly cleared out. At that moment, a Earth Saint Master suddenly took out a unknown book before widening his eyes and slowly crying out in alarm, Heaven As soon as that one word escaped his lips, he immediately came to his senses and clasped his mouth shut with with his hand as he looked around himself in anxiety.

A sudden flash of fire could be seen as Dugu Feng appeared by his body with his Ruler Armament straight through the mans chest. Taking the book in his hands, his eyes swept across the title before smiling, So it really is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Hearing those words, Tianmu Ling put away the whip she had only just took out as she complained, You all move far too fast, the good things were already taken away by you.

Qin Ji put away his Ruler Armament as well as he shook his head and sighed. Even the longbow wielder had put away her own bow.

An Earth Tier Battle Skill was something that they all didnt care for, but a Heaven Tier Battle Skill was something entirely different. To them, every single Heaven Tier Battle Skill was capable of indirectly increasing the strength of their clans. Even Saint Rulers would covet Heaven Tier Battle Skills at the same time, those clans with Ruler Armaments would not dare to disregard them.

If it were not for not Dugu Fengs reaction speed, then Qin Ji and his men would have been the ones that would have gained hold of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill since they were the next closest people.

Killing people for treasure after seeing such goods, was a trivial matter that was common within the Tian Yuan Continent.

Seeing Dugu Feng begin to kill people for their items, everyone no longer had any desire to stay in this place and quickly ran toward the exit.

Bang! Bang! Bang!.

Several large pieces of stone began to fall and crash into the ground with a loud bang. Some parts of the cave had already collapsed while other parts of the cave continued to rain stone fragments down onto the ground.

This place cant hold on for much longer, we better leave. Ming Dong spoke out in anxiety.

The group began to fly toward the exit to the cave in a rush.

Bang! A single four meter tall stone fragment smashed into the ground right where the passageway was.

Out of the way! A single roar could be heard from behind as Dugu Feng smashed the stone fragment, with his giant flame sword, into powder.

Without hesitation, everyone charged through the dusty passageway in an attempt to run even faster than before.

Soon enough, the group finally made it through the exit to the cave with everyone looking worse for wear. Not only were their clothes filled with dust, but even their faces had a layer of dirt on them that made them seem extremely dirty.

Huuwere finally out, I thought we were going to be buried alive. Ming Dong exhaled as he dusted himself off.

Right in front of them was the group that had pushed their way out earlier. A good majority of them were all dusty and had a good layer of dirt on them. Some of the more unfortunate Great Saint Masters were even nursing their wounds from when the stone fragments fell on them.

Out of the way, get out of the way you annoying Suddenly, a voice that Jian Chen was all too familiar with could be heard. Jian Chen turned his head to look only to see Qin Xiao pushing through several people in a hurry through the dust.

Whats your rush, didnt you get enough from earlier? Or did you forget that you wanted to die?

F*ck, so a lowly Great Saint Master dares push me? You must be terribly impatient to die.

Immediately, a loud group of men cursed in anger toward Qin Xiao as the group of men that he had pushed began to prepare to find trouble with Qin Xiao and start a fight.

Qin Xiao didnt bother to listen to the angry swears as he hurriedly looked all over the place. Soon enough, he saw Jian Chen and let out a sigh of relief before rushing on over to him, Jian Chen, are you fine now? I heard that the cave collapsed, and since there were a lot of people in there, I began to worry!

Upon seeing that Qin Xiao and Jian Chen knew each other, the ones that had cursed at Qin Xiao immediately went silent and obediently closed their mouths in fear that even a fart would come out of them. As for those who were prepared to fight with Qin Xiao, they all went pale in the face and submissively retreated back into the crowd to blend in with it.

By now, Jian Chens fame and reputation had preceded him. He and the five experts were two matters on completely uneven footing. Jian Chen was someone everyone knew and didnt dare offend. After all, his fight against Zhe Gu was seen by everyone quite clearly. Not only was he able to kill him, but he was able to take on Zhe Gus Earth Tier Battle Skills without any harm to his body. This was an entity that was far too strong for anyone to dare offend.

The most important thing was that Shi Xiangran and Jiede Wukang of the five experts had died from within the cave. While only Qin Ji and a few others had seen the reason for their death, but these two men had grievances with Jian Chen. With that, it did not take much thought to connect the dots. Adding onto the fact that Jian Chen had chased Dugu Feng out of the cave, everyone could see the pattern from there. After all, the majority of the men there were all meticulous people. Although the Heaven Tier Battle Skill had temporarily made their brains numb, this was not be proof that they were stupid. A Heaven Tier Battle Skill was just too strong of an allure for them to resist.

Seeing the deep look of concern on Qin Xiaos face, Jian Chen couldnt help but smile at him, Dont worry, Im fine.

Ming Dong walked toward Qin Xiao with a dusty face as he clasped onto Qin Xiaos shoulder, Hey, brother Qin Xiao! Still remember me?

Qin Xiao quickly turned to look at the dusty and dirty face of Ming Dong, but the dirt concealed nothing from Qin Xiao. His eyes quickly recognized Ming Dongs face and widened in surprise before shouting out loud in amazement, MingMing Dong! We-werent you not going to participate in the Gathering of the Mercenaries? How are you here?

Ming Dong laughed, I wasnt planning to, but then someone was looking for me, so I came along.

Someone was looking for you? Who? Qin Xiao spoke with confusion.

Its a long story, let us wait for us to find an empty place before we talk. Come, Qin Xiao, let me introduce you to everyone. Ming Dong grabbed onto the flame sword wielding Dugu Feng and pulled at him, Brother Qin Xiao, this is the newest member of our group, Dugu Feng. From now on he will be a fellow brother.

Qin Xiao was taken back for a moment before quickly resuming his straightforward attitude and greeted Dugu Feng enthusiastically. Dugu Feng replied with a smile.

Qin Jue who had just pushed his way out from behind had overhead the entire conversation with a look of utter disbelief. He didnt dare believe what he had just heard, but he didnt see Dugu Feng say anything in objection and had even replied back to Qin Xiao with a smile. In the end, Qin Jue could only choose to accept this as the truth, but his heart was still filled with doubts. Dugu Feng was one of the five experts and simultaneously had a clan behind him that had even the Tianqin clans respect. Just how could a person like this suddenly become so close to Jian Chen?