Chaotic Sword God Chapter 334

Chapter 334: The Ten Great Practitioners (Four)
Chapter 334: The Ten Great Practitioners (Four)

Ming Dongs match was right after Jian Chen, so after the announcement, he and his opponent entered the Space Gate.

Almost as if arranged by the heavens, Ming Dongs opponent had been one of the two people that had mocked them, Ka Zhafei.

Before he had left, Ming Dong had a small grin on his face, Jian Chen, I have to chop this guy in half.

Slapping Ming Dong on his shoulders, Jian Chen gave him an encouraging look without saying anything.

Ka Zhafei had a dark smile on his face as he spoke, How coincidental, my opponent is you? It seems that God no longer wishes for you to remain alive and allowed me to take control. Kid, arent you supposed to be mad? Youll be mad soon enough.

Hearing those words, Ming Dong leaked some killing intent into his words as he spoke, Spare me your big words, wait until we get into the arena. Ill make it so you cant even cry anymore. With those words, Ming Dong immediately walked through the Space Gate and into the arena.

Hmph, even with death near at hand, you are so arrogant still. Ka Zhafei spoke in disdain as he walked into the arena.

Begin! As soon as the two men entered, a loud voice called out to them again.

Instantly, a large amount of killing intent flowed from Ka Zhafei as he stared at Ming Dong like a bloodthirsty magical beast. A Radiant Saint Force attributed sword appeared in his hand, forming a two meter long longsword. The longsword emitted a bright milky light that made it seem as if it were a divine sword.

Go and die! Ka Zhafei roared as he flew toward Ming Dong with his sword swinging fiercely toward him.

With a small laugh, Ming Dong took out his cyan colored sword before disappearing from view. In a flash, he flew toward Ka Zhafei and almost as if his sword had blended in with the wind, it streaked across Ka Zhafeis waist with a cyan glow, leaving behind a fierce looking wound.

Ming Dongs speed was unbelievably fast to the point where even Ka Zhafei wouldnt be able to keep up. Feeling the wound on his waist, Ka Zhafei could only see his hand drenched in his own blood.

With an ugly expression, Ka Zhafei tried to figure out just when he had been injured. He had insulted and threatened that Ming Dong wouldnt be leaving the arena alive, but he didnt think that in the very first exchange, he would be the one damaged. This was a shame that could not stand.

Brat, youre dead! Ka Zhafeis glare grew dark before a milky white glow emerged from his wounds at the same time as he was talking, causing his wounds to heal quickly.

Ming Dong sneered in disdain, Ive heard that you cultivators with a Radiant Saint Force are not killable and are called the undying. Today well see just how undying you actually are. With that, Ming Dong flew toward Ka Zhafei and disappeared within the next instance.

What a fast speed!

Heavens, for his speed to be that fast, could he be a wind attributed Heaven Saint Master?

Outside of the arena, many people cried out in amazement as they saw the speed that Ming Dong had just revealed.

Even Ka Zhafei grew deathly serious as he watched Ming Dong flash away. As soon as he grew close, Ka Zhafei immediately shouted out loud as he brought his Radiant Saint Weapon toward Ming Dongs chest. However, he had managed to only cut into an empty space where Ming Dongs mirror image had been.

Crap! Ka Zhafei exclaimed at this bad development. Without a seconds worth of a reaction, a sudden stinging pain could be felt from behind as a cyan colored sword stabbed through his chest.

Ka Zhafei shouted out in anger as he dashed forward so that the sword would be taken out of his body. In the next moment, a large amount of Radiant Saint Force coursed through his body to treat the wound. While the wound on his chest wasnt fatal, it was still a heavy injury that would impact his fighting ability.

Brat, youve truly angered me. Ill definitely smash your body into pieces! Ka Zhafeis eyes grew bloodshot as he glared at Ming Dong with a furious expression.

You truly do think yourself as invincible. If I wanted to kill you, then I would have stabbed your heart earlier and killed you. Ming Dong laughed as if he was playing around with him.

With a furious snarl, Ka Zhafei immediately burst with Radiant Saint Force before forming a silver white armor that covered his entire body sans his eyes.

Caraga and Zhar looked at the armored Ka Zhafei with a look of surprise before Zhar mocked him, What a nuisance, he reaps what he sows. Now that he took out his Radiant Saint Armor, he has truly lost all face.

Caraga stood by Zhars side with an ugly look on his face, but not a single word was spoken.

The other competitors had been stunned by Ming Dongs speed. Although Ming Dong wasnt all that old, his strength wasnt weaker than anyone else here. His speed was especially fast and made everyone think that he was actually a Heaven Saint Master. That was because his speed had already far outstripped the realm an Earth Saint Master could attain, and even a Sixth Cycle wind attributed Earth Saint Master wouldnt be able to reach such a speed.

Seeing the protective armoring on Ka Zhafei, Ming Dong was a bit dazed. This was the very first time he had seen such a thing, but he laughed anyways, Did you think wearing a tortoise shell would protect you? With that, Ming Dong disappeared once more before reappearing behind Ka Zhafei and slashed onto Ka Zhafeis chest.

Bang! A loud sound was heard as Ka Zhafei flew back with a clear imprint on his chest armor.

Ming Dong shook his slightly numb right hand as he muttered, What a thick tortoise shell.

Ka Zhafei glared venomously at Ming Dong as he raised his sword above his head, Brat, youve been aggressive enough. Ill send you on your way now, Absolute TruthFirst Cross! Radiant Saint Force surged out from Ka Zhafeis body as he brought his sword up. At the same time, a powerful amount of pressure suddenly came crashing down on the entire arena, causing Ming Dong to find it hard to breathe. Although the pressure had not affected the barrier, the entire arena was affecting even the outside area, causing everyone on the outside to feel the mountain-like pressure as well. The pressure was so much that none of them felt as if they could move and instantly went pale as their blood escaped from their faces.

This is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, hes using a Heaven Tier Battle Skill! A white haired elder cried out in shock, causing everyone else to pale at the overwhelming power. At the same time, everyone stared in excitement at Ka Zhafei. Regarding Heaven Tier Battle Skills, they were a once in a millennia opportunity to become rich. Not a single person wanted to miss this, even the Heaven Saint Masters were all staring intensely at Ka Zhafei. This was because Heaven Tier Battle Skills were extremely expensive and some Heaven Saint Masters didnt even have a single Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Seeing Ka Zhafeis battle skill, Ming Dong had a serious look at last, Dont think that youre the only one with a heaven Tier Battle Skill, Ill show you the power of an Advanced Heaven Tier Battle Skill. With that, an equally large amount of energy began to ripple out of Ming Dong before collecting together in his sword.

In the next moment, a stronger wave of pressure blew back and returned the pressure given to him by Ka Zhafeis battle skill. Its power had reached even the outside area where countless of Great Saint Masters coughed out a mouthful of blood as their faces grew even more pale.

Suddenly, the entire crowd began to push backward as the ones incapable of enduring the pressure tried to escape. All sorts of panicked cries could be heard.

Heavens, this is a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

Two Heaven Tier Battle Skills are about to clash, whos going to be the winner and who will be the loser?

With two Heaven Tier Battle Skills about to clash, this will cause even the heavens to shake. Who knows whether or not the arena will be able to handle it, everyone get back!

For two Heaven Tier Battle Skills to go head to head, what result will happen, well find out soon enough

The power from the Heaven Tier Battle Skills of Ming Dong and Ka Zhafei had caused a panic as everyone from Great Saint Masters to Earth Saint Masters all flew into an outrage. Not a single of them had seen such a clash like this before.

While the Heaven Tier Battle Skills continued to build up power, Ming Dong and Ka Zhafei both continued to hold back, at their level, they needed to build up power for the full power.

The wind began to grow turbulent as a strong gale was whipped up around the two competitors while they initialized their Heaven Tier Battle Skills. The pressure was enough for Great Saint Masters to be forced back, and even some Earth Saint Masters were forced a few steps back.

By this point, only a few of the Heaven Saint Master experts were within twenty meters of the arena without any pain. However, each one of them had a layer of Saint Force protecting them.

While it took some time to explain, it had only taken a few moments. In the end, both battle skills were fully prepared.

Absolute TruthFirst Cross!

Sword of the TyrantHeaven Shaking Blade!