Chaotic Sword God Chapter 361

Chapter 361: Fierce Battle
Chapter 361: Fierce Battle

Jian Chen didnt hesitate to decline the offer, My apologies, but I am protecting this white tiger. As long as I, Jian Chen, am alive, I will not allow anyone to lay a hand on him.

Jian Chen, why would you go through such trouble? A magical beast usually has an exceptionally slow mature rate. A Class 6 Magical Beast could take at the very fastest ten years, or a hundred years at its slowest to mature. Then if we were to include the countless resources, it would be an extravagant cost. With your talent, it would take another ten or so years for you to become a Saint Ruler Im sure, by then, you could tame another docile Class 6 Magical beast without having to go through the costs of raising one yourself while avoiding any trouble with our Moyun clan. The Heaven Saint Master clearly did not wish to be enemies with Jian Chen and was hoping that Jian Chen would take the initiative to give up. That was because every single King of Mercenaries have always been a Heaven Saint Master at the very least, and a Saint Ruler for the vast majority, meaning that Jian Chen was someone they couldnt afford to offend later.

I, Jian Chen, am not a man who goes back on his words. You might as well give up on those thoughts, I will take this cub away from anyone else. Jian Chens eyes grew cold as he prepared to fight without fear of the Heaven Saint Master.

The ancestor of the Moyun clan gave a small sigh as he spoke, Jian Chen, the Class 6 cub is something my Moyun clan desires. If you wish to continue on with this charade, then you will be offending our Moyun clan.

The fierce glow in Jian Chens eyes grew colder and colder before they seemed to have intensified into a sharp amount of Qi toward the elder, If you dare make a move, then consider your Moyun clan dead to me. There will be no compromise, I will annihilate your Moyun clan.

With that, the ancestors face grew startled for a moment before he too glared back at Jian Chen, Jian Chen, you arent thinking about what you are saying. Although you are talented, but even with your strength, you do not have the qualifications to say such words to me.

Hmph, if you dont believe me, then feel free to see for yourself. All you have to do is make a move, and your Moyun clan will be enemies with me until death. If you do not wish to see your Moyun clan come across any trouble, then take a step back. I, Jian Chen, will naturally do nothing in that case. Jian Chens stare was as sharp as his sword, and his words left room for no doubt.

The Moyun clans ancestor grew dark at the very thought of a tiny Earth Saint Master threatening him. Despite being an extremely talented one, he was still not someone that he could consider an opponent. There was a clear divide between an Earth Saint Master and a Heaven Saint Master almost as different as the heavens and earth themselves.

He had previously been polite with Jian Chen due to his fear of Jian Chens talent and wished to be on good relations with him in hopes that they could one day be friends with a Saint Ruler. But with these threatening words, the ancestor could not have those thoughts any longer. He was a Heaven Saint Master with an illustrious status. On the Tian Yuan Continent, Saint Rulers were existences that even Earth Saint Masters would have no choice but to be extremely respectful to unlike Jian Chen who had decided to give no face toward a Heaven Saint Master.

Not only had Jian Chens attitude failed to cower to the ancestor, but it had instead infuriated him. With a thunderous expression, he spoke, What- what an audacious brat. A Class 6 cub is something our Moyun clan needs! If you do not wish to hand it over, then I will personally come and retrieve it! With that, the ancestor reached out his hand with an frantic amount of energy bursting toward his arm. A giant yellow colored sword appeared, symbolizing him as an earth attribute cultivator, before he swung it at Jian Chen.

With a small whistling sound, the Heavens Stolen Fortune had increased his strength by three-fold, giving him enough strength to out rival even a Fifth Cycle Earth Saint Master and contend against a Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Master. With an impressive aura, he flew at the ancestor with no fear at all.

The Light Wind Sword danced as the earth Saint Force was scattered apart by Jian Chen before reforming straight away. Without any further impediments, Jian Chen shot toward the ancestor and stabbed for the ancestors throat with his sword.

Snorting, the Moyun clans ancestor raised his sleeved hands. In an instant, the energy around him flew gathered on the ground around him before condensing into a two meter earthen pillar that flew at Jian Chens head.

Waving his Light Wind Sword, Jian Chen borrowed the power of the Sword Spirits and shredded apart the pillars like tofu before finally arriving at the ancestors height. With another flash of silver light, the sword flew at the ancestors throat once more.

So you have some skill after all. The eyes of the ancestor flashed once more as the earth attributed Saint Weapon in his hand moved to block the sword.


A crisp sound rang through the air as Jian Chens Light Wind Sword was parried. The sword did not stop there and with a short burst of strength, it disappeared into hundreds of mirror images that stabbed at the Moyun clans ancestor.

The ancestor grew serious at the speed of Jian Chen, this was a speed that even a Heaven Saint Master would have to be cautious around.

In a short moment, Jian Chens sword had already reached an inconceivable speed as it struck out dozens of times, forcing his opponent to be unable to retaliate. Soon after, Jian Chens figure had already dropped down from the air and landed back on the ground.

The ancestor was growing quite unsightly by now as he looked down at his own Saint Weapon. On it, there were a few dozen tiny holes on it. His Saint Weapon to be damaged to such an extent caused him a tidal wave of shock, forcing him into disbelief.

To have such strength like that is quite terrifying. The elder thought with some fear toward Jian Chen.

Right after touching the ground, Jian Chen leaped into the air as he tried to fly at the still floating ancestor with his Light Wind Sword.

This time, the ancestor did not wait around to block and took the initiative to gather even more Saint Force to his Saint Weapon. With another way of his sword, a tremendous amount of earth attributed Sword Qi shot toward Jian Chen as a way of attack.

Since he was in midair, Jian Chen had nowhere to run and could only take the Sword Qi head on. The sides collided, resulting in a large bang as the shockwave sent Jian Chen careening into the ground with an equally loud boom.

Wuuuu wuuuu The tiger that had been wrapped around Jian Chens chest had been shaken awake with a baleful cry as it began to move its four paws against Jian Chens chest. Opening its eyes slowly to reveal the treasure like pupils, it began to look at the outside world with a curious expression.

In order to protect the tiger wrapped around his chest, Jian Chen had smashed into the ground with a miserably pale face. This strike from the Heaven Saint Master had taken a toll on him.

Suddenly, a tremendous amount of pressure originating from the floating elder filled the air. The earth attributed Saint Weapon had already transformed into pure Saint Force and came down on Jian Chen ruthlessly.

However, this strike from the Heaven Saint Master was one that Jian Chen was not willing to accept. Dodging it with his Illusionary Flash, he swiftly blew past the strike.

Bang! The heavens shook as dirt flew everywhere around the trembling earth. Where Jian Chen had once been, there was a five meter crater that was several meters deep.

A black figure appeared to the side; Jian Chen had been completely unaffected by the ancestors show of strength. In an instant, the Light Wind Sword flitted forward and struck out at every single place simultaneously with a speed so fast that the entire area was filled with its mirror images.

What a fast sword! The ancestor thought to himself gravely. Jian Chens sword was truly too fast, and with each collision from the swords, the ancestors own weapon was slowly being riddled with even more holes that in turn caused damage to him. Although it didnt cause enough damage to him at the time, if the battle went on for any longer, then it would soon turn life-threatening and could even handicap him.

A layer of Saint Force wrapped around the ancestors body defensively. Although Jian Chen had his sword with the azure and violet Sword Qi, the Saint Force would still be able to slow it down.

Hurriedly blocking each strike from Jian Chen while retreating, the ancestor tried to widen the gap between him and Jian Chen. With an explosive shout, the sword in his hand burst into a dazzling show of earth Saint Force before immediately filling the entire area and pressing down on Jian Chen. This attack caused Jian Chens body to feel incredibly heavy as if he was carrying a large mountain, making movement difficult.

Jian Chen, youve forced me to use my Advance Earth Tier Battle Skill, you should be proud. The Moyun clan ancestor didnt mince any words and immediately slashed down toward Jian Chen.

Another gleam of light appeared in Jian Chens eyes as he pushed the Heavens Stolen Fortune to the limit. The previously three-fold increase had increased so that he could now beat most Sixth Cycle Earth Saint Masters and smashed his Light Wind Sword into the ancestors own sword. A blast of energy wrecked havoc in the area as the surrounding environment was blown apart. The mud on the ground flew into the air, and the valleys themselves began to shake so much that a fissure opened up on the ground.

The heaven Saint Master that was just using an Earth Tier Battle Skill had instantly been heavily damaged by Jian Chen. His face immediately grew pale as his body flew backward while a trail of blood left his lips.

Wuuu wuuuu The tiger that was still wrapped around Jian Chens chest began to cry out even more as his entire body felt pain from the shockwave.

An intense killing intent entered the ancestors eyes. The recent attack from Jian Chen had caused a flash of fear to enter the ancestors face. Since he and Jian Chen were enemies now, the best method would be to kill him now before he matured any more. This, or else there would be danger for the Moyun clan in the future.