Chaotic Sword God Chapter 370

Chapter 370: Eternal Damnation
Chapter 370: Eternal Damnation

Quick, kill him! The third elder spoke with unconcealed fear and a trembling voice.

The third elders words seemed to have a rousing effect on everyone. Instantly snapping out of their stupor, they all began to charge at Jian Chen.

The closest person to Jian Chen was the fourth elder whose eyes radiated with a fierce glow. Just as he stalked toward Jian Chen to swing his sword, a sudden change overcame his face. This was because he had unexpectedly felt his body being squashed with an unknown amount of pressure from the surrounding air. Like an invisible restraint, he was unable to break free from his confines no matter just how much force he put into his movements.

Jian Chens eyes began to dilate with a strange craze to them. He would not hesitate at all to pay a heavy price if it meant fighting with all his strength. Waving the Light Wind Sword in his right hand, he stabbed the azure and violet Sword Qi infused Light Wind Sword toward the fourth elders Saint Weapon.


As if his Saint Weapon was tofu, the fourth elders Saint Weapon shattered into two pieces. With a muffled cry, a large amount of blood came out of his mouth as his face grew deathly pale.

Even after breaking apart the fourth elders Saint Weapon, Jian Chen didnt have the luxury of being surprised. With a wave of his hand, he brought the Light Wind Sword down and stabbed it straight through the elders chest.

Ah! The fourth elder let out a miserable shriek of pain as the azure and violet Sword Qi stabbed into his body. It was as if an unbelievable amount of power was erupting within him as the fused Sword Qi shot throughout every point in his body. In an instant, his entire body became mutilated and his bones reduced to dust.

By this point, the remaining Heaven Saint Masters had already shot down with their Sword Qi aimed at Jian Chen.

Abruptly turning around, Jian Chens Light Wind Sword tore apart the skies with Sword Qi as it defended itself against the other attacks. Wherever the sword moved, a black fissure followed.

When the seven Heaven Saint Masters Sword Qi struck against the fused Sword Qi of Jian Chen, not a single of them could predict that their attacks would dissipate into the void.

Fourth elder! Upon seeing the mutilated body of the fourth elder, the third elders teeth nearly fractured under the intense grinding. Fury overtook his face as he roared out in anguish.

Even now, Jian Chen continued to spit out blood even his pores had started to leak with it. Not only was the Light Wind Sword in his hand fractured, but several cracks in Jian Chens skin could be seen, slowly oozing blood onto the outside surface.

The amalgamation of the azure and violet Sword Qi amazed everyone with its power. However with Jian Chens current strength, he was unable to control this powerful source of energy. Since Jian Chen wasnt able to control it, he suffered from the repercussions. If this went on for any longer, even if he didnt die from the Heaven Saint Masters, then he would perish by the repercussions.

Ah! The longer Jian Chen wielded the fused azure and violet Sword Qi, the stronger the repercussions would be. The torment on both his mind and body had caused Jian Chen to howl out almost animalistically. Leaping into the air with reckless abandon, he charged toward the closest Heaven Saint Master and scattered the light from his sword onto him. The moment the Heaven Saint Master had the sword pointed at him, he suddenly froze in place.

Feeling the attack of Jian Chen, the eldest Cai brother blanched as he tried to retreat back only to feel terrified when he realized that he was stuck in place. Even the space around him seemed to have frozen in place as he stood firmly in place without being able to budge.

Overwhelmed with shock and terror, the eldest brother immediately tried to use his inner Saint Force in order to break free of his constraints. In the end, it was futile, he made no advancements anywhere.

Right in front of the terrified eyes of the eldest brother, Jian Chens Light Wind Sword speared straight through his chest before the fused Sword Qi exploded within his body. In an instant, his entire body exploded into small pieces of flesh and bone before the eldest brother could even scream. And thus, the eldest Cai brother had his life extinguished.


After killing the eldest brother, Jian Chen let out yet another mouthful of blood. The repercussions were already reaching the limits of what Jian Chen could handle. Blood was starting to drip from all seven openings on his heads, and combined with his extremely pale face, this visage made him seem like a horrifying ghost.

Eldest brother

Eldest brother

El eldest brother

As soon as their eldest brother died, the other three brothers eyes grew bloodshot with anger and disbelief.

Blast it all, just what energy is this?! How could it be this strong? We must kill him quickly, or else we are all in danger! An elder from the Jiede clan cried out.

We cannot delay any longer, unleash your battle skills! The third elder spoke in a serious tone. Two Heaven Saint Masters had already died by Jian Chens hand. This was a result that he had not expected he had never heard of an Earth Saint Master that could kill a Heaven Saint Master.

With a mutual look at each other, the two elders from the Jiede clan immediately began to utilize their Heaven Tier Battle Skills while the third elder began to make his move as well.

Jian Chen, you shall pay for the death of our eldest brother with your life! The third brother roared out loud in righteous fury as he began to use an Advanced Earth Tier Battle Skill along with his other two brothers.

With the Heaven Saint Masters all using their battle skills, the combined power was far greater than the Heaven Tier Battle Skill Ming Dong had used. With just the three Earth Tier Battle Skills, an oppressive amount of power forced itself onto Jian Chens body, causing him to gasp as his bones began to crack under the pressure.

In the form of a large long ranged attack, the three brothers of the Cai family released a flame that seared across the skies and shot toward Jian Chen.

Ah! Jian Chen let out a howl to the heavens as he focused all of his strength into his right arm and brought his Light Wind Sword smashing down onto the attack aimed at him.

The fused Sword Qi had devoured the attack from the three brothers and instantly shattered their Saint Weapons at the same time. At the very moment their weapons broke, the three brothers blood instantly filled the sky.

The glow on Jian Chens sword began to dissipate now that Jian Chen had reached his limit and could no longer handle either the fused Sword Qi or the repercussions that came along with it.

Suddenly, the weather began to grow unstable as a single layer of black clouds began to descend down from the skies. Several flashes of lightning could be seen crackling within the clouds as well. The atmosphere began to grow tense as the entire area was slowly consumed by this new source of power, .

Following soon after, an unbelievably strong amount of pressure descended upon Jian Chen, forcing his bones to crack and shatter.

Facing the sky with an even paler face, Jian Chen could only see the two elders from the Jiede clan and the third elder from the Shi family protect themselves with a layer of Saint Force. Floating high in the sky, the three Heaven Saint Masters were using their Heaven Tier Battle Skills at the same time with a power so large that they had influenced the weather itself.

A sharp stinging pain could be felt all over Jian Chens body as he struggled to keep himself standing upright with a victorious smile. He had already pulled two Heaven Saint Masters to their deaths and shattered the Saint Weapons of the three remaining Cai brothers. If he could take their battle skills, then even death would be worth it!

In a flash, the preparation time for the three Heaven Saint Masters came to an end. In the next moment, three rays of dazzling light could be seen jetting toward Jian Chen with a speed that shook the air around them. The three Heaven Saint Masters were all extremely cautious and did not want to use their Saint Weapons to clash with Jian Chen.

Unconsciously, Jian Chen had readied his already fractured Light Wind Sword up in a guard stance. Following a loud bang, the three Heaven Saint Masters battle skills struck Jian Chens weapon and body.

Without any sort of resistance, Jian Chens Light Wind Sword shattered. Filling the air with the pieces of the sword, it began to transform back into the energy of the world and return to the void.

Like a kite without an anchor, Jian Chens body was blown back fifty meters and fell to the floor ruthlessly. It had taken him another twenty meters before his body had came to a rest after tumbling like a ball in motion.

There was already a large hole in the cavity of his chest, leaving behind just plain air where his inner organs should be. From head to toe, Jian Chens body was covered with blood and not a single part of his body was left untouched by blood.

An azure streak of light could be seen as the third elder flew to Jian Chens side. He had no plans on going easy on Jian Chen and immediately stabbed into his heart with his machete, running through his chest completely.

The light in Jian Chens eyes began to grow dimmer. He couldnt help but struggle to keep his eyes open before ultimately closing them for good.

In the next moment, Jian Chens consciousness returned to a formless state. His own spirit had already begun to depart from the world and his senses grew dull to the outside world. At the final moments before his spirit would disappear for good, Jian Chen couldnt help but think back to memories of his mother Bi Yuntian, his father Changyang Ba, his eldest brother Changyang Hu, his eldest sister Changyang Mingyue, his fellow student Tie Ta from Kargath Academy, and the close friends he had made, Qin Xiao and Ming Dong.

This is this the feeling of death?

Mother Im sorry. Your child was not able to pay respect to you in the end

Eldest brother, second sister, thank you for taking care of me in the past. In the next life, I, Jian Chen, will definitely repay you

Captain Kendall, forgive me I couldnt fulfill your final wishes

Ming Dong, Qin Xiao, my brothers. This is goodbye I wont be seeing you again

Jian Chens mind continued to flash with memory after memory as his state of mind grew even more chaotic. He could tell that his time was growing to an end.