Chaotic Sword God Chapter 371

Chapter 371: Escape from Calamity
Chapter 371: Escape from Calamity

The two Jiede clan elders and the third elder from the Shi family all gathered by Jian Chens body. Although they had managed to kill Jian Chen, their faces did not seem very healthy.

That was because they were still frightened out of their minds from the battle. The frightful amount of energy that Jian Chen managed to release, and used to kill the fourth elder and the eldest brother of the Cai family was quick and simple. In the end, even the three Cai brothers had their Saint Weapons destroyed. This was a show of power that was far beyond what a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master could accomplish. This left the three remaining survivors terrified since Jian Chen was only an Earth Saint Master.

Jian Chens final burst of energy came from nowhere, just how strong was that blast? One of the Jiede clan members gravely asked.

Silently, the third elder began to ponder for a moment, Jian Chen is quite the strange individual. He must have cultivated some sort of secret technique that is unknown to us.

It would appear Jian Chen is no ordinary figure. Let us hope that no strong clan supports him. The other Jiede clan member worriedly spoke.

That is unlikely. If Jian Chen truly did have a strong clan secretly supporting him, someone wouldve come to his rescue when we were chasing him ages ago. It is my guess that Jian Chen was fortunate enough to come across moments where he had gained unbelievable power boosts. The third elder spoke.

Thats true. Weve killed him already, so there is no need to talk about this. Lets take back our Ruler Armaments then. Most likely, Jian Chens Space Ring will hold items of value. If we come across some sort of extraordinary battle skill or miraculous cultivation method, I propose that both of our clans share it in order to avoid a monopoly. The elder from the Jiede clan spoke.

Without any hesitation, the third elder replied, Of course. For now, let us take Jian Chens Space Ring and take back what is ours. The third elder didnt wish to take Jian Chens Space Ring without the consent of the other two factions since his Space Ring would also contain the property of the Jiede clan.

After the two elders from the Jiede clan nodded their heads, the third elder took Jian Chens Space Ring. Silently he put up his guard against the other two elders, he carefully began to inspect Jian Chens Space Ring.

After a while, the third elders face blanched as he cried out in shock, This is terrible, the Ruler Armaments arent inside!

What! The two elders cried out in shock as well.

Let me see! One of the elders took the Space Ring from the third elders hand and began to rifle through it impatiently before his expression became extremely ugly.

That scoundrel! The elder cried as he flung the Space Ring to the ground with a displeased look.

The third elder looked at Jian Chens body with a furious look, What a rogue Jian Chen is. With the Ruler Armaments hidden, they will be difficult for us to find them.

This is troublesome, where could the Ruler Armaments be? If they are within a Space Ring, it has to be within ten meters for our secret method to sense it. Is it possible that well be forced to plead the ancestor to use his energy to search for the missing Ruler Armaments? The second elder from the Jiede clan spoke as he glared daggers at Jian Chen.

The third elder let out a sigh as he slowly tried to calm himself. Back in Mercenary City, I could still detect that the Seal of Treasure Mountain was located on Jian Chen. It would appear that after leaving Mercenary City, he was able to hide them somewhere. Finding a ring that doesnt emit any energy fluctuations within such a large area would be as hard as scaling the heavens.

It appears that we can only report this matter back to the clan. Let them hire a few people to trace Jian Chens steps to look for it. If they really cannot find it, then the ancestor will have to squander some of his strength to recall his Ruler Armament. The Jiede clan elder said.

Thats the only thing we can do.

After the three men had discussed what to do, the two elders from the Jiede clan quickly left the area. They had to make sure this information would get back to the clan quickly. After they left, the third elder took the three crippled brothers and the two corpses before leaving as well.

Jian Chens body gradually began to lose heat as his life continued to fade away. Right now, even his powerful soul was already close to disappearing due to all of the serious wounds he had sustained. The third elder had even stabbed through his head with his machete. If this had been anyone else, they would have died long ago.

The world began to grow dark, and the surroundings grew quiet. Only a mess remained where Jian Chen had fought, like evidence of how bitter the great fight had been.

Suddenly, an azure and violet glow began to drift up from Jian Chens body. These were the two Sword Spirits that had resided within Jian Chens dantian. They were trying to escape from Jian Chens body and to the outside world, and within the two glows was a single stone that continued to shine a bright, multicolored spectrum that was dazzling to the eye.

It was the Multicolored Stone that Jian Chen had bought back in Walaurent City. The volume of the stone has already shrunk down to the size of a finger.

The azure and violet Sword Spirits and the Multicolored Stone began to float toward Jian Chens eyebrows. Slowly descending downward, the Multicolored Stone began to fuse into the space between Jian Chens eyebrows before disappearing from view.

The moment the Sword Spirits entered Jian Chens head, an indescribable amount of attraction could be felt, pulling Jian Chens drifting soul back into his head.

Thanks to the Sword Spirits, Jian Chens incessantly dissipating soul temporarily stabilized. Afterward, the three began to combine together in Jian Chens conscious, fusing with Jian Chens soul

An hour later, a figure could be seen flying through the air. When he passed this area, he suddenly stopped in midair, then quickly descended to where Jian Chens body lay. Giving the body a quick look, the figure couldnt help sharply inhale as he muttered, What a tenacious life force. With even his head stabbed, his soul has yet to fade away. Bah, since youre not dead with such serious injuries, Ill take you home. With that, the man waved his hand and enveloped Jian Chen with a gentle Saint Force, bringing him along through the air.