Chaotic Sword God Chapter 377

Chapter 377: Executing a Class 6 Magical Beast
Chapter 377: Executing a Class 6 Magical Beast

After testing it out, Jian Chen had a better understanding of his own strength now. With a wave of his hand, a few hundred blades of grass flew up and stabbed into the bellies of the wolves. With a strong thought, he managed to pull out all of their monster cores. After taking off a portion of his clothes, he began to wrap up the cores and store them behind him.

After collecting the monster cores, Jian Chen decided to leave the forest. Turning around to face the way back to Longevity Valley, he knew he needed to calm down for a bit and digest the changes to his body. These bizarre changes were far too sudden for him, and the new power he had received made him feel like he was stuck in a dream. He needed to rest so he could adapt to his situation.

Aoo! Suddenly, the howl of a wolf could be heard, shaking the entire forest with its cry.

Jian Chens body suddenly stopped as a look of concentration overtook his face. Slowly turning around, he spread out his senses for a kilometer, only to see a ten meter long, three meter tall blood red wolf flying in his direction at breakneck speeds.

Jian Chen didnt run, nor did he have any plans on running away. Although he was still as strong as ever, in the end he still didnt have any Saint Force anymore. His speed would only be a little faster than a normal person. He couldnt even use the Illusionary Flash or the Heavens Stolen Fortune since both battle skills required the use of Saint Force.

The blood red wolf quickly came to a stop in front of Jian Chens position fifty meters away. With eyes that were bigger than the fist of an adult human, they glared at Jian Chen menacingly.

Concentrating, Jian Chen immediately began to gather all of the earth elements in the world around him to form a five meter tall dirt wall. Continuing to gather, the dirt wall began to compress before finally forming a wall of hard rock. At the same time, Jian Chen held up a finger, causing a single tree nearby to burst out of the ground and float beside Jian Chen while twinkling with the azure and violet Sword Qi.

With Jian Chens body hidden behind the stone wall, the wolf was unable to see what Jian Chen was doing. However, Jian Chen could fight against the wolf with his omnipresence like ability.

From its gathered knowledge and wisdom the wolf had already guessed that Jian Chen was not going to be an easy opponent to fight due to his actions. With a snarl, a large amount of energy began to gather in the wolfs mouth. Then, with a puffing motion, the ball of energy flew toward the wall with a whistling sound.

At the same time, Jian Chen had already already fashioned the tree to become a long spear that flew forward to stab into the ball of energy from the wolf.

Following a large bang, the ball of energy suddenly exploded, causing the energy to wash over the area. The wooden weapons that Jian Chen was using were unable to withstand the energy and disintegrated into ashes.

The man and beast had only been testing each other at that moment, but the destructive aftermath had completely reshaped the landscape around them.

Both of Jian Chens eyes shined bright with an azure and violet glow. The left eye flashed with violet and the right azure. Suddenly, countless blades of grass flew up around the wolf and instantly transformed into sharp sword like shapes before flying into the wolfs body.

Caught off guard, the blood red wolfs body was suddenly riddled with holes, but it did nothing to hinder its strength or speed as expected from a Class 6 Magical Beast. The azure and violet Sword Qi was unable to pierce through the entire body as it had with the Iron Beetle. This time, it was only able to penetrate three inches in before stopping.

Despite this, it was still a decent amount of damage inflicted. The pain it felt all over its body caused the wolf to howl in pain before energy began to leak out from its body, forcing all of the embedded blades of grass away from its wounds.

Ao! Even after all of the damage, the wolf had no intentions on retreating. On the contrary, it had instead grown even more berserk and transformed into a bloody red streak of light as it charged toward Jian Chen.

Even more blades of grass flew up from the ground and took on the shape of a sword. With the azure and violet Sword Qi infused, they flew out to stop the blood wolf once more.

But because of the large amount of energy rippling out from the blood red wolfs body, all of the blades of grass began to slow down as they approached. Even the Sword Qi in the grass began to weaken as well. Thanks to the shroud of energy protecting the wolfs body, the Sword Qi grew dimmer and dimmer.

At the same time, the azure and violet glow in Jian Chens eyes began to grow stronger and stronger in intensity. All of the trees surrounding him exploded and caused countless of splinters to fly up into the air, protecting his entire body. With a single thought, Jian Chen instantly transformed the wood splinters to form a draconic shape before flying to hit the wolf.

The very moment when the Sword Qi infused wooden dragon struck against the wolfs shroud of energy, the wolfs forward momentum began to slow down noticeably. The energy protecting its body was pushed farther and farther back before the wooden dragon was finally able to strike its head, dealing a tremendous blow instantly.

Aooo! The wolf let out another howl in pain as a large ball of energy shot out from his mouth. At the same time, the wooden dragon that had slammed into the wolf was scattered by the ball and the pieces dispersed into the air.

Jian Chen let out a sneer as he muttered, You are truly strong, lets see if you can handle my strongest attack then. Jian Chens finger formed a sword, allowing the special energy from the Sword Spirits to extend out a meter from his fingertips. This was a blade made of pure Origin energy from the Sword Spirits something stronger than the wooden dragon from before in terms of Sword Qi.

In that moment, the Origin energy extended out to fly at the wolf. Knowing just how strong the azure and violet Sword Qi was, the wolf instantly lashed out with his claws to bat away the Origin energy from the Sword Spirits. But the very moment the two made contact, its claws were split in two.

In that instant, the wolfs eyes revealed a panicked air. Unfortunately, the Origin energy was already far too close to the wolf so that it wouldnt be able to dodge. In the end, the attack stabbed into the wolfs head.

A heaven shaking howl could be heard as even its soul had been annihilated by the Sword Spirits. With a bang, the wolfs carcass fell to the ground.

Seeing the dead wolf on the ground, Jian Chen let out a sigh in relief. This one battle had made him realize just how far his strength had improved. With his ability to use his mind to control every living thing with his Sword Qi, he was able to easily kill a Class 5 Magical Beast, but a Class 6 Magical Beast was a little harder to kill. If he wanted to kill one, he had to use the Origin energy of the Sword Spirits. In the end, it could be said that Jian Chen had already reached the level of a Heaven Saint Master in terms of battle strength!

Collecting the Class 6 Monster Core from within the wolfs body, Jian Chen immediately began to drag the body back toward Longevity Valley. The body of a Class 6 Magical Beast was far too precious to waste here. If he could present it to the village in the valley to dine on such a high class meat, then it would prove very beneficial for everyone.

Suddenly, Jian Chen felt something in the air. Looking up into the sky, he could only see a muddy middle-aged man flyover before landing next to Jian Chen.

This person was the father of fatty and was also the very same person who had rescued Jian Chen.

With a stunned look, the middle-aged man looked at the carcass of the blood wolf behind Jian Chen, Jian Chen, did you kill this Bloodwolf King?

Revealing a small smile, Jian Chen felt a sense of satisfaction from this achievement. Yes, I killed it.

The father clapped his hands in applause, Not bad, not bad at all. The Bloodwolf King is a Class 6 Magical Beast of the Third Cycle. I didnt think that you would be able to kill one. Just what method did you use to kill it? Now that youve lost your Saint Weapon, you shouldnt have any energy left in your body. There was a good deal of confusion on the mans face.

I used the power of my mind! Jian Chen didnt bother to hide the truth at all since it wasnt necessary. Using his right hand to cut the air slightly, a handful of grass suddenly jumped upward before forming a sharp sword. With the azure and violet Sword Qi infused in it, they shot toward the body of the Bloodwolf King. Despite it being dead, its body was once more riddled with holes.

The fattys dad could only stare in utter shock before speaking absentmindedly, What a mysterious power. This power is your mind? Unfathomable! Just utterly unfathomable!

Jian Chen smiled but decided to not dwell on the subject anymore. Uncle, are you heading out to the outside world?

He shook his head, My father told me to come here he was afraid that you would be in danger and told me to look around. However, it seems that my fathers worries were unfounded. Despite the loss of your Saint Weapon, you didnt lose your strength.

Lets go back, Jian Chen. Its almost time for the noon meal. With that, the man flew into the air before quickly disappearing from sight.
Seeing the man disappear, Jian Chen showed an envious expression. The ability to fly through the sky had always been one of his goals.

Suddenly, the fattys father came back. Seeing how Jian Chen was still on the ground, he asked with concern, Jian Chen, are you not able to fly?

Shaking his head, Jian Chen replied, I havent yet grasped the way to do so. Flying is a difficult challenge for me. It should be no problem for me to look into it when we return to the village however at this moment.

Ah, is that so? Then allow me to take you back. The noon meal shouldnt take too long to finish, so by the time we return, it should almost be ready. With that, the man waved his hand, enveloping Jian Chen within his energy before bringing both him and the carcass of the Bloodwolf King up into the air and through the valley.