Chaotic Sword God Chapter 386

Chapter 386: Recovery of the Sword Spirits
Chapter 386: Recovery of the Sword Spirits

A moment later, Jian Chen awoke from the comfortable state he was in only to feel himself many times stronger than before. Without delay, Jian Chen grabbed the bottle and began to chug it.

This time, Jian Chen swallowed a large amount of the wine, finishing off a good amount of it quickly. Soon after the last drop had been swallowed, he began to relish in the comfortable feeling once more.

Two hours later, Jian Chen had finally absorbed the rest of the wine. At this moment, Jian Chens ability with his thoughts had increased by another third. His omnipresence now allowed him to spread his senses to at least thirteen kilometers.

Jian Chen was incomparably happy. Jian Chen would have never believed that such a feat could be accomplished in such a short amount of time with his strength boosted and even his body had been affected.

This Hundred Grass Wine is truly a blessed item! Jian Chen sighed in admiration before drinking even more of the bottle.

In a flash, the wine bottle given to him by the Ape King only had a small portion left. Carefully sampling it, Jian Chen closed his eyes and began to allow his mind to strengthen.

The vital energy within the Hundred Grass Wine continued to swirl around Jian Chens dantian before quickly dissipating. The azure Qi from the wine quickly soared up into Jian Chens head before entering Jian Chens consciousness.

Within his consciousness, the Sword Spirits that were revolving around the Multicolored Stone pulsated with happiness as the light coming from them began to flicker. When the azure Qi ascended into Jian Chens consciousness, the spirit that Jian Chen shared with the Sword Spirits benefited greatly. The weakened soul of the Sword Spirits began to grow stronger with the light around them growing richer in concentration.

After an unknown amount of time, the Hundred Grass Wine had been completely absorbed by Jian Chen and his spirit felt complete bliss radiating through it. Suddenly, Jian Chen felt a tremendous change that he had never felt before. Without even spreading his presence, he was able to detect the wind blowing on the grass a hundred meters away.

At this moment, Jian Chen realized that his spirit had harmonized with the world. Without even needing to plan carefully, he had already entered a state of harmony with the world. He was able to clearly sense everything within a hundred meters almost like he could control everything. It was as if this area was his domain.

Spreading out his omnipresence, Jian Chens senses had instantly covered the valley. All of the villagers currently working out in the fields could be seen like a painting within Jian Chens mind. Despite the actual distance between them, Jian Chen could see their every movements down to the finest detail.

All of the villagers had been taught how to cultivate by Xiu Mi, so they had all been able to cultivate to a certain degree. Although the strongest ones werent even a Great Saint Master, the good majority of them were Saints or just Great Saints. Some didnt care at all about cultivating and thus hadnt even condensed their Saint Force to form a Saint Weapon yet.

Following that, Jian Chen spread his presence out to the farming elder Xiu. Immediately, he could feel that elder Xiu was not a person, but rather the entire world fused into a person. Even as he brandished the hoe over and over again, all he could sense in elder Xiu was the immeasurable amount of profound mysteries of the world.

Jian Chens omnipresence continued to spread until it reached fifteen kilometers before he had finally hit his limit. After drinking the Hundred Grass Wine, Jian Chens mind had improved by leaps and bounds. To him, this was certainly something to celebrate over.

Master master Suddenly deep within Jian Chens mind, he could hear a faint voice. Soon after, he felt just where the voice was coming from and was instantly shocked.

Master, I can finally communicate with you. It was just then that Jian Chen could heard the inexplicable joy in the voice.

You youre the azure and violet Sword Spirits? Jian Chen spoke with a bit of a stammer.

Master, I am Ziying, you may call me Xiao Zi. Spoke the Ziying Sword Spirit. Its voice sounded rather masculine and youthful.

Master, I am Qingsuo, you may call me Xiao Qing! Suddenly, another soft voice could be heard, this one was as pleasant sounding as a skylark.

Jian Chen couldnt help but submerge himself into his consciousness. At that moment within the chaotic space of his mind, the Multicolored Stone could no longer be seen floating around. In its place were two strange people: both were around the age of two while one was a handsome male, the other was a beautiful female that complimented the male perfectly.

The male had violet hair that seemed to droop all the way down to his chest. He wore a classic violet changpao and had eyes that glowed with a curious violet shade.

The female wore an azure cheongsam that suited her long azure hair quite nicely. Her appearance was unrivaled and her azure eyes would cause any male to choke up.

Jian Chens chest began to heave and his tongue started to stop working as he looked at the golden couple. It was finally with a stammer that he spoke, You you two are you two the Sword Spirits?

Yes, master. I am Ziying, she is Qingsuo! The violet robed man spoke with a smile.

This Jian Chen was speechless. He knew about the situation regarding the Sword Spirits, but he still found it hard to believe that the Sword Spirits would unexpectedly gain a human form within his consciousness.

After a moment, Jian Chen sucked in his breath and attempted to calm himself once more. Staring at the Sword Spirits, he spoke, I didnt think that we would met in such a manner. Has your energy been fully recovered?

Ziying went silent for a moment before shaking his head, Master, we are still very weak; it is only because of the Hundred Grass Wine that we were able to recover enough strength to take on physical forms and talk.

Call me Jian Chen, not master. I am no master to you, we can just be fellow friends. Jian Chen grimaced at the word master.

Master, when we entered your body, we submitted to you. You are the master of Ziying and Qingsuo. Qingsuo spoke with a pleasant sound.

Qingsuos words had caused Jian Chen to think back to when he had originally died. It was after that moment that he was born in such an unfamiliar world, Thats right, I can still remember when I died. Was it because of you two that I was reincarnated into this world?

Hearing this, Qingsuo and Ziying both looked at each other in silence before Ziying opened his mouth, Master, at that time it was indeed Qingsuo and I that brought you to this planet. In the previous planet, you had suffered a tremendous wound and the Qi of the world began to escape your body. If that continued then you wouldnt have been able to make any improvements, at the very most, you would never reach the strength of a Heaven Saint Master of this world. Because of that, Qingsuo and I took you from that planet, but when we entered the crack in space, the both of us suffered tremendous damages. With not much strength remaining, we were unable to deliver you to where we intended and thus we were only able to relocate you to a planet that was just stronger than your original world.

So it really was because of you two! Jian Chen muttered. In truth, when he found out about the existence of the two Sword Spirits, he had already came to such a conclusion as a guess.

Master, are you going to blame Ziying and Qingssuo? Qingsuo spoke with a timid voice.

With a cordial smile, Jian Chen replied, If it werent for you two, then I wouldnt have been able to experience such a magical world or come across such a large amount of strength. Youve allowed me to grow strong and expand my world. I dont even have enough time to say all of my thanks, so what reason would I have to blame you two?

After his reply, Qingsuo immediately sighed in relief.

Continuing to speak, Jian Chen said, Ah, what should we do so that you can recover as soon as you can?

Master, we cannot recover to our full strength in this world. The Qi of this world is far too weak; at the very best, we would be able to recover a small amount of it. Ziying said.

Although he had heard what Ziying had said, Jian Chen still didnt quite understand. Since he was prioritizing the recovery of the Sword Spirits, he didnt pay any more attention to what he said. Then what could we do to recover your health for now?

Ziying pointed at the Multicolored Stone floating some distance away, Master, this Multicolored Immortal Crystal is the only thing that can help us for now. For the past few days, Qingsuo and I have been absorbing the Immortal Crystals Spirit Qi.

Multicolored Immortal Crystal? What is that item? Jian Chen asked.

Master, the Multicolored Immortal Crystal is a crystal formed from the condensation of an Immortals Qi after millions of years. It is not an item of this world, so the fact that we were able to come across it is an inconceivable matter.

Millions of years Jian Chen sucked in a deep breath of shock.

Master, if only we were able to find more heavenly resources like the Hundred Grass Wine. Otherwise, we will only be able to use the Multicolored Immortal Crystal in order to heal. Seeing how weak the Qi of this world is, it serves no use to us.