Chaotic Sword God Chapter 392

Chapter 392: Using Chopsticks as Weapons
Chapter 392: Using Chopsticks as Weapons

Xiao Hans words caused Qin Jis face to instantly grow dangerous. But before he could say anything, Qin Yubing spoke out toward Xiao Han with an icy glow, Xiao Han, whomever we drink with is of no concern to you.

Thats correct. Xiao Han, you are overstepping your boundaries. Whatever we wish to do has nothing to do with you. Qin Shuang said.

Xiao Han, you think too highly of yourself. If it were not for your grandfather, you wouldnt even be qualified to step within the Qinhuang palace. You think that you are amazing, or terrific even so that even elder brother is below your station? Your grandfather has wasted all those magical panaceas, but you are only a Great Saint Master, what a waste! The princess of Funan lashed out verbally, not caring for Xiao Hans honor.

Hearing this, Xiao Hans face began to grow darker and darker and his eyes frosted over. Qin Shuang and Qin Yubing were both princesses of grace and beautywoman that he had constantly chased after. Once he had even announced his affection for the two, but he had been rejected without mercy. Xiao Han did not give up his pursuit because he believed that with his position within the Qinhuang Kingdom, it was only a matter of time before he and one of the two would be engaged. Having his grandfather propose to His Majesty for this arranged marriage would not be too difficult. He had never thought that the two people he had always chased after would unexpectedly go with a stranger unknown to him and speak such unpleasant words for him to hear. To the boisterous noble, this was an unwashable insult.

The princess of Funan had especially spoke words that were as sharp as a sword before piercing into his heart. It was a deep insult to him, causing him to grow speechless and pale.

Seeing how offended Xiao Han was, Qin Ji began to smile in delight as he spoke, Xiao Han, right now my brother and the three princesses are eating a meal. Ive already planned for my fathers present, so there is no need to discuss it. You may leave! With that, Qin Ji looked outside, Take Xiao Han back to his place!

Immediately two maids came forward and courteously brought Xiao Han away from the palace, Lord Xiao Han, if you please!

Xiao Han let out a violent snort of air as the anger within his heart combusted. All of his extreme anger and envy was forced straight upon Jian Chens head and had already reached the highest point of anger.

Good, good, good! Princess Funan, you say that I am not equal to the third prince, I, Xiao Han, recognize that. That is because compared to the heaven gifted genius like the third prince, I am inferior, but let me ask you. Could that stranger right there be any more amazing? He has only his looks to fall upon. His status, his position, his power, where does he compare to against me? Xiao Han spoke, emphasizing each word, his anger and envy had already caused him to lose all reasoning.

The princess of Funan revealed a sneer as she looked at Xiao Han with scorn, Xiao Han, your position only came to be because of your grandfather and not your own strength. As for strength She paused for a moment as her vibrant eyes turned to look at Jian Chen while ignoring Xiao Han, As for this mans strength, if you cannot compare to the third prince, then you cannot even hope to stand against Jian Chen.

Hmph, he is nothing. I wont believe that he is stronger than me. Xiao Han snorted in anger as he stared at Jian Chen vehemently, Kid, I, Xiao Han, challenge you. Do you dare to accept?

Jian Chens eyebrows furrowed together. This Xiao Han was not at all pleasant to talk to.

At this moment, Qin Ji spoke, Xiao Han, the princess of Funan speaks the truth. You are not an opponent for my brother, so save yourself the disgrace. You two take lord Xiao Han back. Qin Ji spoke flatly toward the maids. He too did not have a favorable impression of Xiao Han and didnt bother to honor him.

Yes, third prince. Lord Xiao Han


The two maids tried to lead Xiao Han out of the palace but he immediately pushed them aside and glared dangerously at Jian Chen. A strong amount of Saint Force began to form around his right hand before forming a giant broadsword before pointing the tip at Jian Chen, Do you dare accept?

Xiao Hans provocation caused Qin Ji to explode with anger. Slamming the table, he exploded, Xiao Han, the Flowing Clouds Palace will not accept this behavior. If you continue this behavior, then dont blame Qin Ji for not sparing your face.

Xiao Han had already lost his reasoning to his anger so the third princes words had gone in one ear and out the other. Pointing his sword at Jian Chen, he repeated, Do you dare accept!

Impudence! Qin Jis palm slammed on the table once more in anger as if he was about to prepare to deal with this himself.

Jian Chen lifted his hand to stop Qin Ji as he stared at Xiao Han. Brother Qin Ji, if this brother here wishes to challenge me, then I will comply.

Qin Ji hesitated for a moment before nodding his head, Brother Jian Chen, then please do be lenient.

Please be what? Hah, teach him a good lesson. He annoys us everyday to death almost! Qin Shuang spoke in discontent.

Thats right, I hate him. Qin Yubing had a look filled with disgust.

Jian Chen looked at Xiao Han, Make your move then.

Lets go outside. This palace is too small and I have no desire to destroy the third princes palace. He snorted.

No need, Jian Chen shook his head. I dont feel like moving. You may rest assured, we wont be breaking any part of this place.

Jian Chens casual attitude toward him caused Xiao Hans anger to explode three times over, How arrogant, Ill make sure you pay the price then. With that, he raised his giant Saint Weapon and charged straight toward Jian Chen.

Qin Shuang, Qin Yubing and the Princess of Funan let out a small cry of alarm as they tried to move back to avoid the energy wave.

With a snort, Jian Chen waved his hand. The chopstick from the table began to float up into the air with an azure and violet glow to it before shooting straight toward Xiao Han.

Ah! Following a miserable cry of pain, the chopstick burrowed its way into Xiao Hans right arm to where the bone was, rendering mobility in it impossible.

Wa, Jian Chen is quite amazing

Too amazing, just too amazing. Jian Chen, how strong are you if you could use a single chopstick to beat a Great Saint Master?

Jian Chen, you absolutely must teach me

The three princesses all clapped their hands in adoration of Jian Chen, their eyes were already seeing stars.

Seeing the wound on Xiao Hans body, Qin Ji had let out a sigh in relief. This was the man that the Shi family and the Jiede clan had their young lords killed by. Because of that, he was worried that Jian Chen would have taken Xiao Hans life in a fit of anger.

Take Xiao Han to treat his wounds. Qin Ji waved his hand for the two maids to take him.

Xiao Han was unable to take the pain in his arm and could only stare poisonously at Jian Chen. Without another look back, he walked out from the palace, even his honor would not allow him to stay here.

After Xiao Han had left, Jian Chen looked to Qin Ji, Brother Qin Ji, just who is this Xiao Han?

Qin Ji sat back down, Xiao Hans position is truly quite unique. Within the palace, there are very few that are equal to the stature of the princes. His grandfather is the imperial tutor and has an illustrious position as a result. His grandfathers status could rival even my fathers. Xiao Hans father was also the imperial armys captain five years ago. One time when my father had been a target of a raid, it was Xiao Hans father who had taken the blow for an attempt on his life, causing his death. Because of this, my father has come to love Xiao Han dearly, causing his status to rise up to the rank of a prince.

So thats the story. What realm has Xiao Hans grandfather reached? Jian Chen asked.

Heaven Saint Master! He is a Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master! Qin Ji spoke seriously.

A genius that has reached the Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master realm. Jian Chen muttered with a gentle smile.

After the meal, the three princesses finally parted paths with Jian Chen, allowing him to return to his own place to rest. Sitting on top of the bed to think, he knew that it would be the celebration of His Majestys birthday. He didnt know just what type of present to give to a king.

Aside from a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, heavenly resources, and a Class 6 Monster Core, Jian Chen had essentially nothing to give. The Heaven Tier Battle Skill was definitely not an item to be gifted, and a Class 6 Monster Core would not be an item worthy of being gifted to a king of the Qinhuang Kingdom.

At this moment, a light went off in Jian Chens mind as his hand blurred, causing a small pill to appear in his hand. This was the second Class 8 Radiant Spirit Pill given to him by Elder Xiu. He wasnt too willing to part with it just yet, so he began to debate on what to do.

But this Class 8 Radiant Spirit Pill is the only item I could give. Jian Chen muttered. His Radiant Saint Force was far away from being equal to a Class 8 Radiant Saint Force. Plus, with his controlling method, it would be impossible for him to mass produce them anyways.