Chaotic Sword God Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Strong Assisting Army (Three)
Chapter 407: Strong Assisting Army (Three)

The Hidden Dragon Kingdom looked at each other first and then the group. They knew neither if they were friends or foes, or even if they were just random travelers.

We are the Hidden Dragon Kingdom, where might your group be from? A Hidden Dragon Kingdom Heaven Saint Master asked with a polite voice, already sensing just how strong they were.

We are from the Qinhuang Kingdom. The middle-aged man spoke.

Qinhuang Kingdom? Several of the men from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom looked confused for a moment since they had never heard of such a Qinhuang Kingdom.

Suddenly, an elder from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom realized something and spoke out in awe, The Qinhuang Kingdom, the very same one as one of the Eight Great Powers on the Tian Yuan Continent, the Qinhuang Kingdom?

Immediately, every single person was in awe. Even Chang Wuji and Khafir both looked at the five men from the Qinhuang Kingdom in surprise.

Within the Tian Yuan Continent, the Three Great Empires reigned supreme among the strongest nations within the continent. Each and every single one of the three were terrifyingly powerful, and under the Three Great Empires, there were the Eight Great Powers with influence that was just as awe-inspiring. The Qinhuang Kingdom were one of these Eight Great Powers and had a wide influence that allowed it to remain at the top of the pyramid.

The elder with the tiger cub in its hand nodded, Correct, we are the Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom.

After verifying their identity, the Hidden Dragon and Pingyang Kingdom immediately began to compliment and flatter them since they knew that an Imperial Advisor of the Qinhuang Kingdom was surely a very high status.

Within the Eight Great Powers, the Imperial Advisors of the Qinhuang Kingdom were especially amazing. Only those with an outstanding talent within their generation would be able to become one, and they were formidable opponents to those within the same level of strength. Furthermore, each one had at least a single Heaven Tier Battle Skill, meaning their level of military might was beyond the Heaven Saint Masters gathered here.

Now knowing the identity of these five, Chang Wuji and Khafir were both astounded. They never would have thought that they would meet five Imperial Advisors from one of the Eight Great Powers, this was truly a rare encounter.

They didnt say anything since the Imperial Advisors were most likely just passing through the area. After all, the quarrel between the Gesun Kingdom and Hidden Dragon Kingdom was beneath the notice of such a kingdom. As one of the Eight Great Powers, the Qinhuang Kingdom had many vassal states that were already stronger than the Gesun Kingdom. It could even be said that every single one of the vassal states could defeat the Gesun Kingdom if need be.

Smiling, the four Heaven Saint Masters from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom began to greet the Qinhuang Kingdom Imperial Advisors respectfully in hopes that they could somehow form some sort of relationship with them. If they could pull this off, then they would gain many benefits from such a friendship.

But the men from the Qinhuang Kingdom looked around without a smile. With a simple glaze around himself, the elder holding the tiger cub spoke, Is this the stronghold of the Gesun Kingdom?

Everyone was confused on why such a high ranking noble from the Qinhuang Kingdom would ask such a question. Despite their confusion, no one dared ask why. Instead, the Pingyang Kingdom Heaven Saint Master spoke, Correct, that is the northern fort of the Gesun Kingdom.

Who are you? The elder with the white tiger cub asked.

This one is Xiong Baotai from the Xiong family of the Pingyang clan. The Heaven Saint Master smiled.

Instantly losing interest, the elder with the tiger cub looked to the pale faced and seriously injured Chang Wuji and Khafir, Then you must be the men from the Gesun Kingdom.

Khafir and Chang Wuji looked at each other with confusion as they tried to figure out just why an Imperial Advisor from the Qinhuang Kingdom would ask such a thing. Their Gesun Kingdom was far beneath the notice of such a great kingdom, and the Imperial Advisors wouldnt even bother with such a tiny conflict as this one.

Correct, we are from the Gesun Kingdom. Chang Wuji spoke. Although their kingdom was on the verge of destruction, he did not wish to offend anyone.

Still holding onto the tiger cub, the elder finally let out a kind smile, It seems that we came just in time then. By the order of our Imperial Protector, the five of us are here to provide assistance for the Gesun Kingdom. If there is anything you need, then we will follow your orders.

At the words of the Imperial Advisor, everyone was immediately stunned as if they had heard something unbelievable. Both the Hidden Dragon and Pingyang Kingdom Heaven Saint Masters both instantly blanched as their faces grew dark. They never would have thought that the Gesun Kingdom and the gigantic power that was the Qinhuang Kingdom would have a friendship between them to the point where the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom would even send five Imperial Advisors to help assist them. This was an earth-breaking piece of information that would stun anyone.

An Imperial Protector was a status that left no doubt on peoples mind regarding their power. With an Imperial Protector standing right behind the Gesun Kingdom, then even the four kingdoms fighting against it would obediently retreat.

That was because the ire of the Qinhuang Kingdom was far too much for them to try and provoke. While each one of the kingdoms had two million soldiers and a decent amount of Heaven Saint Masters, it was nothing in comparison to the Qinhuang Kingdom who would only need a handful of elite soldiers to completely overwhelm them.

Chang Wuji and Khafir were speechless and utterly dazed by this response. They could have sworn that they misheard something; these five Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom were here to assist them? Furthermore, they were ordered to by an Imperial Protector?

Then, the two felt suspicious. Just how did the Gesun Kingdom establish a friendship with one of the Imperial Protectors of one of the Eight Great Powers?

Were going! The four Heaven Saint Masters from the Hidden Dragon Kingdom had no other alternatives. With a low growl, they began to retreat while the Pingyang Kingdoms Heaven Saint Master followed behind without hesitation.

But the elder with the tiger cub suddenly gave a look to the men behind him, signalling them silently. Immediately, they chased after the five Heaven Saint Masters.

The Heaven Saint Masters blanched before one of them spoke out impatiently, Honored Imperial Advisors, we have no grievances with you, why must you chase after us? There was a hint of panic in his voice.

They had received no verbal response. Instead, the four Imperial Advisors burst into action and the nine began to fight in a spectacular fashion. At this moment the soldiers from the Pingyang Kingdom had begun to feel the aftermath from the extreme ripples of energy above, killing the masses in large amounts.

Those who were able to become an Imperial Advisors were the elite among the elite and had many skills that allowed them to easily fight against those of the same level. Even a Third Cycle Heaven Saint Master could kill a regular Fourth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, despite it being a five versus four match, the Qinhuang Kingdom held the upper hand and were winning against the five.

Chang Wuji and Khafir were now staring at the battle with eyes wide open. They could only describe this sensation they were feeling as inconceivable, as if they were dreaming instead of living. In the middle of nowhere, the Gesun Kingdom had suddenly obtained a strong assisting army along with the Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom.

As for the walls of the stronghold, many of the gray armored soldiers had their fighting spirits roused once more. Their eyes lit up with emotion before turning sharp like swords as they began to shake with excitement.

The battle in front of them was extraordinarily fierce and caused waves of Saint Force to splash over the battlegrounds. Not too long after, the Heaven Saint Masters from the Pingyang and Hidden Dragon Kingdom were injured, and shortly after that, they were captured.

Seal their inner Saint Force. An elder called out before melding his fingers into a seal and then using a strange technique to seal the fives Saint Force.

With their strength sealed, the five Heaven Saint Masters had gone ashen with fear. Now that their strengths were gone, they were like a group of sitting ducks with no chance of escape.

The four Imperial Advisors took the five sealed men to the elder with the white tiger cub. Everyone had attributed him to be both the strongest and the leader of the group.

Flying over to Chang Wuji and Khafir, the elder with the tiger cub spoke, This elder is named Xiao Tian. From here on forth, we are yours to command for whichever purposes you need us for, so dont hold back. These Hidden Dragon Kingdom people are yours as you see fit.

Chang Wuji and Khafir were both paralyzed with emotions. Profusely thanking the five Imperial Advisors, they later sent the five sealed Heaven Saint Masters from the opposing kingdoms to the guillotine to cut off their heads. Afterward, a total of 9 Heaven Saint Master heads hung from the walls of the northern stronghold.

These Heaven Saint Masters had the blood of countless of soldiers from the Gesun Kingdom. They had also killed two experts from the eastern stronghold, making their sins utterly unpardonable. If they werent killed, then the people within the kingdom would bear a grudge for all eternity.

Within the stronghold, the commanders of the northern stronghold all gathered together in order to pay their respects to the five Imperial Advisors from the Qinhuang Kingdom.

Four hours later, the Imperial Advisors had all split ways. Xiao Tian carried the tiger cub with him to the eastern stronghold while the four others split into groups of two headed toward the western and southern stronghold.

Before leaving, they had left behind several Radiant Spirit Pills so that Chang Wuji and Khafir could both recover their strength and continue protecting the northern stronghold.