Chaotic Sword God Chapter 425

Chapter 425: Saving a Life
Chapter 425: Saving a Life

The grieving shop owner did not take note of the abnormality in Jian Chens words and continued to bawl, My lord, I beg of you, you must save my only son! If anything happens to my child, then I have no desire to live anymore! The shop owner was an ordinary citizen with no strong backing, meaning the Yangji Sect had no problems dealing with her. Right now she could only hope that Jian Chen would help her. She knew that he did not fear them, meaning he had some sort of power or background.

Jian Chen grabbed onto the shoulders of the shop owner and stared carefully at the shop owner. What did you just say, Kendall? Are you talking about Kendall the mercenary? Could you be his family members? Jian Chens body began to tremble with emotion. The family of Kendall had always been his biggest regret, and weighed on his mind heavily. At several points, this regret had ate away at Jian Chens mind, but now that he had finally news on Kendalls family, Jian Chen couldnt help but feel overjoyed.

Reacting to Jian Chens words at last, the shop owner wiped away her tears and spoke to Jian Chen skeptically, My lord, do you know of my Kendall? He is my husband and father to my Sans.

Jian Chen sucked in a sharp breath of air before trying to calm himself. Closing his eyes slowly, he couldnt help but think back to uncle Kendalls appearance before slowly bringing his hands up from the shop owners shoulders.

Suddenly, the energy of the world began to rush into the inn before forming a brilliant glow of light around Jian Chens hands. In a moment, the entire inn was filled with this energy.

Looking at the magical glow that Jian Chen seemed to be doing, the shop owner had never seen such a sight before. She could only stare with wide eyes as Jian Chens act of magic continued to captivate her.

Not too long after, the face of a man could be seen in the light. By using his control of the world energy, Jian Chen was able to use the energy of the world to recreate a picture of Kendalls face.

Jian Chen slowly opened his eyes and looked at the shop owner. Just as he was about to speak, the shop owner cried out in shock, Kendall, that is my Kendall! My lord, have you seen my Kendall? The shop owner was beside herself with joy. She had not seen Kendall for many years now and was still deeply concerned for him.

Upon seeing the shop owners recognition of Kendall, Jian Chen finally confirmed the mothers identity. Trying to stay calm, he spoke to confirm it one more time, Aunty, please look carefully, is this truly your husband?

Theres no doubt, no doubt at all! He is my Kendall! My lord, have you seen my Kendall? Do you know where he is? Why has he not come home in so many years and callously left his wife and child alone to fight for their own survival? The shop owner cried out once more with a new wave of tears.

Jian Chens attitude toward the shop owner drastically changed now. Hastily holding the shop owner up, he spoke with concern, Aunty, please sit down first. Are you wounded, did they do anything to you? Jian Chens tone became warmer, and when he looked at the footprints on her clothes, Jian Chen felt a righteous fury wash over his entire body. Right now, the woman in front of him was the family of Kendall. The family he had bitterly searched for so long. Jian Chen would not stand for any wrongs or abuse that happened to them.

My lord, please, have you seen or know where my Kendall is? Why has he not return home? The shop owner dearly missed Kendall and continued to ask about his whereabouts.

That is Jian Chens face fell as he began to stutter, not knowing what to say. How could he say that Kendall exchanged his life for Jian Chens when the Golden Fur Tiger King had chased them through the Magical Beast Mountain Range? Or even that Kendalls skeleton could no longer even be found?

After a split moment of hesitation, Jian Chen immediately changed the topic, Aunty, we can talk about this later. Let me save your child first.

Yes yes, please save my Sans. He is my only son, he cannot have anything happen to him! My lord, I beg of you, please save him! The mother pleaded once more, deeply hoping that Jian Chen would help her.

Jian Chens face grew serious as he asked, Aunt, where did the Yangji Sect take Sans. Ill bring him back.

The Yangji Sect took him somewhere, but I dont know where. The shop owner cried.

Thinking for a moment, Jian Chen responded, Then, aunty, lets find one of the Yangji Sect. In such a short amount of time, they shouldnt have left the city. Jian Chen quickly took her outside.

Seeing how willing Jian Chen was to help her, the shop owner was overjoyed. When she realized that Jian Chen was just a single person, she couldnt help but feel some doubt. My lord, the Yangji Sect is one of the strongest sects in the Qiangan Kingdom. They have many people, so we should get some people to help first.

Jian Chen smiled, Aunty, you neednt worry. I will definitely bring Sans back, so come with me. Jian Chen pulled at her to follow.

One moment then, I need to lock the inn

The Yangji Sect was extremely well known in the Qiangan Kingdom. Practically everyone within the kingdom knew of them. By now, it hadnt even been four hours since the Yangji Sect came, so Jian Chen could easily ask the people on the streets for their whereabouts.

Quickly taking the shop owner to the temporary residence of the Yangji Sect, Jian Chen and the mother could only see a large and luxurious inn.

Dear customers, would you like a room for the night or a meal? As they entered, a waiter of the inn immediately greeted them with a curious look as he saw the footprints on the shop owners clothes. Seeing how sorry she looked, he didnt know whether to drive her out, since she didnt seem like a guest who could even afford a meal here.

Ignoring the waiter, Jian Chen spread out his omnipresence to cover the entire inn. In a flash he discovered the location of the people from the Yangji Sect and took the shop owner with him.

Honored customers, might I ask how to serve you? The waiter spoke as he moved alongside the two with a nod of his head.

Jian Chen tossed a gold coin to the waiter, Theres nothing, go back to your own tasks.

The Yangji Sect were all residing within their own special courtyard. Jian Chen walked along a passageway to get to this courtyard before being finally stopped by two middle-aged men at the doors.

Sire, this is the territory of the Yangji Sect. Without permission, you may not enter. A man said.

Yangji Sect, Ive been looking for you. Jian Chens eyes flashed brightly as the energy of the world gathered in his hands. With the speed of lightning, he slammed his hand against the two mens chests.

The two men were Saint Masters in strength, meaning they were ants in the eyes of a Heaven Saint Master like Jian Chen. They simply had no strength and could only be blasted ten meters back with a trail of blood escaping their mouths.

Aunty, lets go in. Jian Chen spoke as he walked in.

The shop owner quaked with fear as she followed behind Jian Chen. She looked at Jian Chen in a new light now. She hadnt thought that this youth, who wasnt much different in age to her son, would be strong enough to send two decently strong men flying without a problem.

How audacious, who dares cause trouble here?

Right as Jian Chen entered the courtyard, a low shout could be heard. Ten uniformed men came charging forward to greet both Jian Chen and the shop owner.

Jian Chens eyes swept across the group with a cold smile. However, the woman behind him was not as calm and collected as he was. She couldnt help but look down at the ground with an extremely timid expression as if she couldnt stand looking at them.

Kid, who are you. Why have you come into our Yangji Sects territory? A middle-aged man spoke with a chilly voice.

Jian Chens hands folded against his chest, causing the tiger cub to leap onto his shoulder. With a bright look, the cub began to look around the area.

Have your boss come on out. Jian Chen spoke expressionlessly and with a detached voice.

The middle-aged man grew furious, Impudence! Youngster, who do you think you are to talk to us this way. Do you not see us at all? Arrest him and await the third masters orders.

Yes! The group replied as twenty men brought their Saint Weapons out, one after another, to charge at Jian Chen.

Snorting, Jian Chen looked to a nearby tree. Twenty leaves from the tree broke away and shot toward the group with blinding speed.

At that moment, the previously weak leaves instantly transformed into sharp pieces of steel, spearing the throats of the twenty men.

The twenty men from the Yangji Sect hadnt even traveled a few steps before falling to the ground dead.